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Working during high school Essay

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Learn the real world


Make an extra coin

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Introduction Many teens in high school get thrilled at the idea of working part time while still in school. The opportunity to make money is good and some parents give their children the liberty to work while still in school. For others, they would hear none of it because to them it is a complete waste of time. Whichever opinions parents may have the issue of students working throughout high school should be thought through carefully before making any decisions.

Some students might find that their expectations about their prospective jobs are very different from the reality on the ground. However, if the students are open minded they will adjust well into the work place. Students should be allowed to work throughout high school to learn life skills and get a greater understanding of how the world operates once they are legal adults.

Networking Working while still in school presents students with a golden chance to start networking early in their life. The students who do part time jobs in companies get the opportunity to meet their future employers and if they become good employees while doing their stints as part time employees they will improve, their employability levels in the future because they will not be strangers in the same work places.

Moreover, their former employers can offer them valuable assistance in case they need a reference from their current or former employers.

The employers can also guide them in the right direction to take if they proof to be worthwhile employees. Students should also not shy away from working as volunteers in non profit organizations because such services might provide them with an opening in the future through making connections with people who might play a major role in their future careers. However, that should not be the primary goal of volunteering because one should give expecting nothing in return.

Learn the real world Students who work while still in high school get an opportunity to see how the real world operates and thus are better equipped than those who do not venture in the business world earlier. Working enables the students to integrate some of the things they learn theoretically in class in a real environment and makes them develop analytical skills as they deal with the challenges they encounter in their workplace.

This increases their understanding, which may translate into better grades. Moreover, they gains skills that one cannot get in the classroom such as interaction with different clients or customers and thus they are equipped to deal with people from diverse backgrounds. Such students can comfortably work in any part of the world because their interactions with various people prepare them to become global citizens (Anderson

Letter by Galileo to a Friend Creative Essay

Nursing Assignment Help My Dear Castelli,

It is my hope that you are fairing well and progressing favorably with your works on hydrodynamics. As for me, I feel that I have come to the end of my life’s journey and I reckon that I have at the most a couple of days before my life is over. I therefore wish to share with you, my beloved student and colleague, some thoughts on my discoveries and experiments which I have involved myself in over the years.

While I have had many inventions in my time, I concede that my discovery of the use of the pendulum for the measurement of time is the most significant one and while this blindness that afflicted me has prevented me from seeing my work to completion, I believe that my ideas will be utilized by others.

As you my friend are aware of, I have dedicated many years of my life in analyzing the motion of the pendulum. I first proposed the use of the pendulum to keep time while I was trying to solve the longitude problem that had been advanced by his excellence King Phillip III. My thesis was that by use of the pendulum regulated clock, the hours, minutes and seconds that have elapsed since noon could be established.

Through many experiments, I have come up with a number of claims about pendulum motion which I believe will be consequential for the use of pendulums in time keeping. All of my discoveries have been made not only by observation but also by mathematics since I am firm believer that mathematical reasoning should be used to establish conclusions in physics (Matthews, 2000).

My idea for a clock is to attach a stylus to a solid pendulum and each time the pendulum passes the vertical, the stylus should strike an elastic bristle fixed at one end and resting in the tooth of a horizontal crown wheel. This would result in the movement of the crown wheel forward one wheel therefore acting as a counting device.

As of the present, I have invented the dead-beat form of the pinwheel escapement and although the importance of this invention is not obvious today, I harbor strong suspicions that it will someday be the basis for an accurate mechanical clock (Matthews, 2000). I am confident that in the near future, the pendulum will be the mechanism used for time machines and I have no doubt that it will replace the water clock and sundials.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, I do concede that the water clock has been one of the greatest aids in my scientific experiments. In my calculations of the speed of falling objects, the water clock provided me with the means through which I could accurately time the fall of objects from different heights (Hopwood, 1947). By use of my water clock, I have conclusively shown that some of Aristotle’s mechanics are greatly flawed. While the great Aristotle proposed that different bodies fell at different rates, it is not obvious that all body fall at the same rate.

My experiments have been in a bid to find a law which governs the increase that is exhibited by bodies as they fall. My inclined-plane experiments for relating time of fall to distance travelled have been most success. For the measurement of time, I employed a large vessel of water which I placed at an elevated position.

At the bottom of the vessel, there was placed a pipe of small diameter which gave a thin jet of water which was collected in a small glass (Gilbert