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Warriors Don’t Cry Analytical Essay

Table of Contents Social issues in Warriors Don’t Cry

How social issues were dealt with

How social issues are dealt with today


Warriors Don’t cry is a book by Melba Pattilol. It mainly focuses on the challenges African students faced in white schools. The level of injustice that was present in these schools. Melba was one among the nine black students that were first to join white schools. Her life in this school was not easy. White students together with their parents were not happy about integrating students.

According to them, Africans did not deserve to learn in white schools. These students faced mobs frequently from their fellow students. It is due to this that president Eisenhower came up with a plan for protecting these students. Melba tries to explain how a student nearly blinded her by use of acid. All these persecutions did not make her give up on going back to Central High. She has clearly indicated in her Warriors Don’t Cry that she still hoped to go back to this school.

Governor Faubus, however, shut her dreams by passing laws that restricted blacks from integrating with white students. This paper analyses different social issues that have been addressed in Warriors Don’t Cry. In addition, it analyses means through which these issues were addressed in the 1950’s and today

Social issues in Warriors Don’t Cry Melba together with her African friends did not give up fighting for their rights even after going through racial discrimination, death threats, abuse and bombs.

They called themselves Little Rock Arkansas a name that bound them together as Africans. They were not allowed to study in Central High because of their black race. The whites considered the black people as inferior a fact that made them despise Africans. The black people were denied access to public amenities such as education, transport and health. Little Rock Arkansas, therefore, hoped that they would try to bring change.

Segregation was another challenge that faced the Africans. They were not allowed to integrate with the whites. White people attended prestigious schools while the blacks had to attend low schools. All these issues are similar in the sense that they led to humiliation of the black people. It is because of these social issues that Africans could not develop compared to the whites

How social issues were dealt with The main reason why Melba together with her friends was persistent in staying in Central High was to promote integration between the whites and blacks. They wanted the whites to give them a chance to learn in the white school regardless of their race. Persistence and trust in God helped them in dealing with the social issues that faced them in Central High. Melba’s grandmother India played an important role in helping her deal with challenge she faced in Central High.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More She advised her to shun violence at all cost. According to Melba’s grandmother, violence promotes hatred and cannot help in achieving one’s desires. Some Africans due to the level of inequality witnessed in America decided to go on strikes demanding the government to help in protecting their lives. Others used demonstrations and boycotts. Melba did not only receive support from her grandmother, but also, a friend by the name Link.

Link was the only white who opposed the actions of students in Central High. According to him, it was not wrong for Africans to learn with the whites. He, therefore, decided to protect Melba from her attackers. Grandma India, the Little Rock 9 and Melba, were trying to do the right thing in order to ensure Integrated Central High and educational equity.

How social issues are dealt with today It is evident that our society is full of social issues. Melba together with her friends are not the only individuals that faced these challenges. Inequality is still witnessed all over the world. Freedom to choose is not a privilege for every individual in society. In addition, freedom of expression has been a major challenge in most countries.

There is nothing important as having the freedom to choose what is wrong and right. Everyone would like to have the freedom to express themselves without being held back. This is the same freedom that the Little Rock 9 was fighting. They were interested in receiving fair treatment and acquiring quality education. Research indicates that the struggle to promote equality in America is not yet. Africans still fight for equality in different places.

Today, people would try to fight for their rights in different ways. There are those who take a violent approach while other would advocate for peaceful demonstrations. In cases of poor pay, for example, workers would go on strikes in order to receive an increase in payment.

Other violent approaches used by individuals in dealing with social issues are riots, strikes, demonstrations and boycotts. Most people argue that the only way they can receive democracy is by use of force and not diplomacy. Dialogue proves to be the best approach that can help individuals in receiving their rights. In most cases, violent approaches lead to hatred and massive destructions a fat that promotes economic degradation

Conclusion Warriors Don’t Cry is one among many books that have tried to address the challenges that faced the African Americans in the 1950s. Warriors Don’t Cry defines the author’s pain due to the level of discrimination Africans faced due to their race. They were denied access to most public amenities just because they were black.

We will write a custom Essay on Warriors Don’t Cry specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More It is through their struggle that most Africans are able to enjoy certain privileges like the whites. Through these struggles, we get to understand that nothing come easy. One can only achieve his goals through hard work and determination.

Unemployment as Sosial Problem Report (Assessment)

Nursing Assignment Help The whole world seems to recover from the 2009-2010 crisis and the development of different types of manufacturing and other spheres should improve. However, looking at the announcements from the Euro zone, the economical situation there is much worse than it was expected. The Euro zone has always been the example of stability and growth.

The economy of its region has never appeared in too complicated situation and difficulties. Having created the united zone and the same currency, the Euro zone has been developing and its economy has been flourishing. However, even such stable and constantly developing country could not hide from the crisis. David Jolly in the article “Unemployment and Inflation Rise in Euro Zone” published on March 1, 2012, dwells upon the main problems which has raised in the Euro Zone.

The author stresses on the level of unemployment and quotes some specialists who try to predict the level of the problem and the particular measures which may be taken to improve the situation as soon as possible. Many specialists predict that the problems are going to last for some period of time and the countries which are included in the Euro zone should try hard to remove the problem and to return to the pre-crisis activities.

Looking at the economics of European zone, it is easy to notice the increased unemployment rates. Different source announce that the unemployment rate has increased since the end of 2011 and it continues to rise in 2012. 17 countries in Euro zone report about rapid increase of the unemployment (Figure 1).

The official sources report that there has never been such critical situation from the day of the united currency implementation in 1999 (Figure 2). The unemployment in Euro zone has a lot of consequences which may lead to unpredicted situations and may result in greater disasters for other countries.

Considering the situation from aside, it is possible to state that the banks and the governments of the countries which have appeared under the critical consequences try to do all possible to reduce the number of unemployment. However, the situation becomes more and more complicated. If to check the situation from the side of the number of those who are involves in the manufacturing processes, it is possible to conclude that the increased rate of unemployment has reduced the manufacturing volumes.

Therefore, each company involved in the manufacturing processes is to reduce the pace which does not support the recovering from the critical situation. Therefore, the manufacturing activity is reduced to minimum and if nothing is going to happen, the reduction of the manufacturing activity may reach the critical level.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Additionally, there are many other factors which do not help the economy of the country to raise. Two main factors, the increase of the unemployment and the reduction of the manufacturing activity, lead to the predicted result. People begin spend less money as they are unable to allow the expenses they could make in the times with the normally functioning economy.

The regime of economy people have to follow leads to the fact that hey spend less money, of course, and it constrains the economy of the Euro zone. Therefore, it seems that there is no way out as one of the problems raises another one which does not give an opportunity for the first one to rehabilitate and continue its normal functioning.

Of course, the banks and financial establishments do not stay away from the problem and do all possible to improve the situation. The loan for three months of a sum of about $1.3 trillion is great money, however some specialists consider that this loan will help the Euro zone to improve its situation and recover from crisis.

However, some skeptics correctly announce that the intensive money supply may increase the inflation. It should be stated that he unemployment in the Euro zone is supported with inflation which creates additional difficulties on the way to the stabilization of the economics in the region. Therefore, one of the fears of some economists remains the rapid grows of money supply which may cause additional difficulties on the way to the economy recovery.

Of course, no one says that the problem the Euro zone suffers now from are too crucial to be solved. The situation is going to improve if much attempt is directed at the problem. However, there is no need to wait for too fast results as it is impossible to correct the problems which are impacted by the world issues. The problems in the economical situation in the Euro zone are caused by many factors and only the application to those factors may help to improve the situation.

Among some of the most complicated and unregulated factors which impact negatively the economic situation in the Euro zone remain the increased and rising prices on energy. These factors cannot be effected, therefore, it is important to make all possible to adjust to the situation and to create additional factors which may help the economy of the European zone to improve its positions.

Figure 1: Unemployment rates in January 2012, seasonally adjusted (Jolly n.p.)

We will write a custom Assessment on Unemployment as Sosial Problem specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Appendix 2 Figure 2: Euro area and EU27 unemployed (in millions)

EA 17: Belgium, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia and Finland (Jolly n.p.).

EA 27: Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, Spain, France, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Hungary, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom (Jolly n.p.).

Works Cited Jolly, David. “Unemployment and Inflation Rise in Euro Zone.” 1 March 2012. Web.