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Vegetarian or carnivorous diet Argumentative Essay

Such phrases such as “we are what we eat” has gained prominence today as people engage in debate on the best eating habits that we need to embrace. Everything that we eat has consequences in as far as our overall health is concerned. It is therefore our responsibility to make informed choices when it comes to choosing dietary alternatives.

Dieting is a means of maintaining a good healthy body. A well balanced diet includes both vegetarian foods and carnivorous or meat based food. Vegetarian diet totally excludes meat or any animal products. While nutritionists propose a well balanced diet, substituting meat and other animal products with vegetable equivalent reduces chances of lifestyle diseases, which are a major concern today. The purpose of this paper is to highlight how a vegetarian diet is more beneficial for better health.

Smith (para. 2) argues that meat is a very healthy source of high quality proteins, which builds our bodies. Essential amino acids necessary for our bodies growth are contained in diet rich with red meat. Phosphorous found in meat is easily absorbed in our bodies than phosphorous found in vegetables. Meat is a source of important micronutrients such as iron, selenium, vitamins A, B12 and folic acid, which are not available in plant based foods.

Further, Anderson, Konz and Jenkins (1243) state that meat-based products are helpful in short term weight loss. Therefore, meat and animal products play an essential diet supplementary role. Meat contains essential amino acids and micronutrients. In addition, it also plays a vital role in the regulation of energy metabolism processes (Koebnick et al 3215).

However, a diet rich in meat and animal products has been found to have severe detrimental effects to people’s health. Smith (para. 3) argues that people retain the hormones fed to dairy animal to accelerate growth. When they meat and animal products these hormones lead to an increased weight gain. Uncontrolled intake of roast meat is also a major cause of gout and arthritis. He continues to argue that fish and other edible marine foods are preserved using boric acid.

A sustained intake of this chemical may cause brain and liver damage Biesalski (1243) argues that continued intake of meat exposes one to risk of contracting cancer, obesity and metabolic syndrome. Anderson and colleagues (1243) report that increased intake of meat increases serum cholesterol levels, which put people at the risk of contracting cardiovascular and coronary diseases. Therefore, meat should be consumed in controlled portions to avoid such negative implications.

Vegetarian diet too has its own disadvantages. Smith (para. 5) report that important vitamins responsible for formation of red blood cells (for example, vitamin B2 and B12), are absent in vegetarian diets. A fiber rich vegetarian diet may also lead to malnutrition as victims lack other food supplements available only in meat-based foods.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If a vegetarian diet is not properly planned, a person may miss several nutritional intakes such as proteins iron zinc calcium vitamin B (12) and essential amino acids. This can however be overcome if a well balanced vegetarian diet is observed.

Despite these shortcomings, Lietzmann (148) argues that a wholesome vegetarians diet offers more advantages compared to meat based diet. Well balanced vegetarian diets are essential in all stages of human development form childhood, adolescent, pregnancy stage, adult hood to old age. Anderson et al (1244) states that low fat vegetarian diets are responsible for improving cardiovascular status.

Smith Biesalski (510) says that vegetarian diets reduce the level of cholesterol intake to the bare minimum. Vegetarian diets have been found to play an important role in the prevention and treatment of life threatening diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes, cancer osteoporosis among others.

Low fat vegetarian diet is responsible for altering serum cholesterol intake for improved health in pre menopausal women. Lietzmann (149) reports that research in England have found that vegetarian diet is responsible for reducing diabetes and heart disease. All these benefits explain why vegetarian diet is gaining a worldwide popularity for its health benefits.

Vegetarian diet goes beyond health concerns (Lietzmann, 2005). Vegetarian diet has more benefits to a human being than meat based diet. Some religious denominations such as the Adventist strictly follow a vegetarian diet as a religious culture (Levin and Vanderpool 70).

Despite all the advantages of a herbivorous diet a carnivorous diet is still essential to humans as it contains essentials nutrients absent in plant food. A well balanced diet that incorporates both meat and vegetables is essential. To achieve proper health and reduce chances of contracting life threatening diseases, intake of meat and animal products should be reduced to a minimum.

A balanced diet that contains both the animal sources of nutrition on the one hand and those from the plant sources is more ideal. This is because some of the nutrients in the plant sources are in a bound form and for maximum absorption they need to be supplemented with their equivalent from animal sources, and vice versa.

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The Historical Progression of African Americans During 1865-2011 Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction This paper is aimed at showing the understanding and application of American history by bringing out historical concepts that played a major role in shaping America as it is known to day from 1865-2011. This paper will look into some of the social, cultural, economic, literary, political, and religious challenges that brought about the changes that have occurred in American History over this period.

The historical progression of African Americans during this period in America is a keystone historical event that greatly impacted the United States, in all areas socially, culturally, economically, literary, politically, and religiously.

The proclamation for emancipation in 1865 by Abraham Lincoln was a stepping stone for African Americans to rise up and fight for their rights. This also set in motion different aspects that shaped America during the period between 1865- 1976.

This paper will look at American history through the years and the study of its history has been grouped into five areas: 1865-1876 (post-civil war), widely known as the reconstruction era (implemented by congress with an aim at restructuring the southern states by outlining the means by which whites and blacks could live together in a non-slave society; 1877-1920 (post-reconstruction era), characterized by vengeance against African Americans by the southerners as a result of the reconstruction era; 1921-1945 (Harlem Renaissance period), emergence of strong civil rights; 1946-1976 (post world); and finally 1976-Present.

This paper is aimed at describing the historical progression of African Americans since the end of the civil war up to the present period. African Americans have experienced a lot of changes in terms of political, economic, religious, literary, and socially, all this influenced by a number of prominent figures.

Historical Progression of African Americans Unit One (1865-1876)

In unit one, the life for African Americans was one characterized by oppression inequity and ironically, with triumph. This covers the years 1865-1876 and is filled by a huge sadness over the distant memories of homelands left behind. Life was not that easy for them, as they were slaves and theirs was not the classic history of earlier immigrants who embraced and got integrated into the American lifestyle.

Their sweat, tears and blood is what built America. These actions are a contradiction from the values and principles (equality and freedom) that the founded the United States of America (Weiner