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Value of Research Report

Bad survey Questions and their Rewards Research use questions to conduct research. In addition some of these questions may be good bad at times bad depending on how they are formulated.They should not have vague words i.e.

Do you consider yourself liberal?, The questions should not use abbreviations e.g. which is the determining factor for GDP growth?, the questions should not use jargons or technical terms e.g. should a strict fertility policy be formulated?, the should not exhibit double negatives e.g. should Kenya not oppose the ICC? The language should not be slang e.g. how do maparoz view the youth? Lastly, there shouldn’t appear any ambiguous phrases i.e. the money laundering policy should not be legal at all(Zikmund 2010). Research questions should be rewarded in a way that they don’t directly lead the respondent to a defined answer.

They should give the respondent a clear way to respond very independently. To avoid these controversies the questions should be formed in such away that they start from the least sensitive to those that are most sensitive. They should also emanate from questions that are quite general but geared towards being more specific. The research questions are geared towards finding out about the reality hence there is need to formulate questions which tends to find out about facts to those which tend to seek opinions.

Moreover, the questions are again rewarded by placing them in the best sequence and alignment possible. Neutrality in the research questions is a virtue that has to be upheld in the research questions. This allows for independent thinking of the respondents (Zikmund 2010).

Rating vs. ranking comparison Words like rating and ranking are commonly used words; they are normally subject to confusion of the same meaning a notion which is never true. The areas of application of the two tools can be to conduct the evaluation on employees or assessing on the satisfaction of the consumers.

The difference now comes in a situation where ranking does the evaluation using a numbering scale. They compare one question to the other directly and in different ways to arrive at the conclusion. It is mostly used by those involved in the collection of data to analyze and tabulate results.

Rating on the other hand uses a comparison mode where they collect items and compares them using a common scale(Zikmund 2003). The scale to be used is graduated and the judgments are exact. Ranking is the best at measuring customer satisfaction due to the following reasons: – they are consistent in their modes of tabulation of the responses that they are striving to seek.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Consistency is an aspect that is brought about by the fact that there are set standards of comparison and therefore fairness in operations are achieved; ranking is highly objective in its efforts to measure consumer satisfaction. This is brought about by the mere fact that the scales are graduated in numbers and therefore the results are highly objective (Zikmund 2003).

The other advantage that ranking has is that it is highly flexible and allows for the use of a variety of methods to collect information by way of the ranking scales. The methods range from use of telephone surveys, face to face conversations or even through mail. The method of collection highly accepts the personal variations and vast integration of aspects. They use highly simplified means to analyze and do presentations on the aspects of investigation.

The ranking scale is of much importance to organizations since they are future oriented; they do investigation focusing their questions into thefuture. Like what is likely to take place in the future and how is it likely to impact on the organization in such times (Zikmund 2003).

How can a research project be reliable but invalid? Whether a research project is reliable and valid is a subject of a wider discussion. When conducting research it would be of no use if the terms reliability and validity are not mentioned. This is because these are the aspects of research that needs assurance for the outcome of the research to be generally accepted for consumption otherwise the research work would be rejected hence a waste of the constrained resources (Hair 2003).

Reliability is the measure of consistency of measurements so as to avoid the possibility of the respondents being confused. Research has the possibility of being valid without actually being reliable;the resultant effects of these may be the use of wrong tools and the making of wrong assumptions in making conclusions.

This may bring about poor administration whose outcome is wrong interpretation and presentation of inadequate results. Reliability is due to appropriateness and consistency in character and the analysis and information should be handled very comprehensively to attain reliability alongside validity (Hair 2003).

Summary 1- Questionnaires Well constructed questionnaire are a fundamental for obtaining perfect data for analysis to aid good research findings.

We will write a custom Report on Value of Research specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A well-constructed questionnaire must possess the following elements without which they may not be in the position of bringing positive outcomes; the questionnaires must be as short as possible, this is because most of the targeted respondents in a research exercise are busy, therefore to obtain comprehensive data for analysis within a short time short questionnaire are appropriate. This is obtained by being exact to what is required and avoiding wordiness.

The respondent should carefully be targeted for a questionnaire to be effective; this is because if a wrong target is approached then they may be discouraged once they can’t respond to the introductory questions. This is a waste of both valuable research time and limited resources. Confidentiality is paramount and the anonymity of the respondents needs to be upheld always. Questionnaires should also not be inducing and mouthwatering to the respondents since this would bring bias (Creswell

Letters from the Earth Essay (Critical Writing)

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Letters of the Earth by Samuel Clemens narrates about Satan’s visit to earth after banishment from heaven for one heavenly day. One heavenly day is equals one thousand earth years. He is punished by God for talking sarcastically about his creations in the universe. Having being deported to space, he decided to visit the earth to determine the progress of God’s experiment. He wrote private letters from earth to his fellow archangels, St. Gabriel and St. Michael to informing them the development of God’s creation.

Analysis In his first letter, Satan found the man as a curious being who believed he was a masterpiece crafted by God. Satan found this to be sarcastic since he viewed man as a low graded angel yet God viewed him as his masterpiece. Clemens elaborates how Satan criticizes the way human beings pray crudely to God. He believes God does not enjoy the praises and worship by men nor does he answer their prayers. Clemens believes humans are taught by “salaried teacher” about hell and everlasting fires which will be used to punish sinners.

In his second letter, Clemens critics’ man’s ideology of heaven as a place filled with activities that he hates while on earth. According to man, heaven has people singing, playing musical instruments and praying yet only a handful of men on earth can sing, play instruments or pray. In heaven, people from all nations and races live peacefully with each other, yet these people dislike, oppress and hate each other while on earth.

Clemens sees it ironical for men to enjoy a variety of life while on earth, yet they all aspire for life in heaven which is full of monotony. Ironically, man forgot to include sexual intercourse as an activity in heaven, an act people enjoy while on earth. According to Clemens, man will risk everything he values on earth only by the thought of sexual intercourse yet he does not believe it will be in heaven.

In the third letter, Clemens criticizes the current Bible as lacking the originality of the earlier Bibles. He believes the earlier Bible contained imposing events unlike the current one which contains only hell and heaven.

According to Clemens, Adam and Eve never understood what God meant when he told them not to eat the forbidden fruit. He believed it would have been fair for God to show Adam and Eve of what would have happened if they ate the fruit. The forbidden fruit contained knowledge on how to identify ethical and evil ways to engage in evil acts.

Clemens believed God has different a moral code for himself and another for the people. He punished Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit yet the snake which was responsible for their actions escaped unpunished. He believes that God should have given them another chance since the Bible requires people to forgive each other.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to the Bible, humans lost everything they had after eating the forbidden fruit. In the fourth letter, Clemens believes humans walked away with the “Supreme Art” which is valued higher than what they had before. Currently, this art is no longer forbidden since God allowed sexual intercourse as a way of filling the earth.

Clemens believes the animals learned the “Supreme Art” after watching Adam and Eve. He believes that they avoided the knowledge of morality without eating the forbidden fruit. According to Clemens, God would have made his reputation had he followed the teachings of the Bible as required by men. He believed God was responsible for the behavior of the human beings since he created them.

Instead of saving Noah and other few people, he should have saved or killed all of them without showing any favoritism. Clemens believes Adam ate the forbidden fruit and learned the “Supreme Art” of multiplying the world’s population.

Conclusion In the first letter, I found Clemen’s view of man as a low grade angel to be unconvincing. According to the Bible, God created humans in his own image thus he views us as his masterpiece. God also answers prayers as it is written in the Bible, “…Whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive” (Matthew 21:22).

Clemens is also wrong with his believes that salaried teachers teach people about heaven and hell. The bible clearly states the existence of heaven and hell where sinners are punished by eternal fire. The salaried teachers teach only what is written in the Bible.

In his second letter, I found his views on the way people treat each other as convincing. I believe that humans cannot fight their neighbors while on earth and yet when they pretend to be friends while in heaven. His arguments on people singing, playing instruments, praying and monotony in heaven are unconvincing since no one is sure if people will do these activities while in heaven. I believe the activities in heaven will not be monotonous to human beings.

In the third letter, Clemens argues that the current Bible lacks originality. I find this unconvincing since over the years, the Bible has been translated to different languages, but the contents have remained the same over the years. Clemens argument that Adam and Eve lacked the knowledge of morality is unconvincing. The Bible clearly states that even though they were sinless, they could choose what was right or wrong. Contrary to Clemen’s belief, the snake is punished to crawl on its belly for its role in the Garden of Eden.

We will write a custom Critical Writing on Letters from the Earth specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In the fourth letter, Clemens argues that humans lost everything except the “Supreme Art”. I find this as unconvincing since God only punished Adam and Eve but they did not lose any other thing. I find Clemens argument that the animals watched Adam and Eve having sexual intercourse as convincing. The Bible is silent on how the animals came to learn the “Supreme Art”; thus there is a possibility that Clemens argument is true.