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Thinking, Language, and Intelligence Analytical Essay

Thinking is the capability to manipulate words and images. It requires understanding, recalling, processing information as well as the ability to communicate. According to cognitive psychology, mind is involved in perceptions organization, processing information as well as interpreting experiences.

Thus, development of concept help one to simplify thing through grouping together the available information of events, ideas, objects, persons among other which have commonalities.

As a result this enables priming of other networked information when one concept is activated. When one event comes in mind there is connection of other related event. For example, when one thinks of golf, other related games like tennis prime out. When a problem arises, either through image or words, one tries to figure out possible solutions and test them out to see how they would work out.

Success in solving them enable one’s life to go on but failure makes one to return to selection of solution models for new ideas. The strategies used in solving problems include; trial and error, algorithm (involving solving problem step by step), Heuristic (the mental shortcuts in solving problems) and insight (where a solution click out of mind automatically) (Myers, 2004).

Language on the other hand entails a formal system of communication in either written, spoken or in gesture form. Spoken language has distinguished elements, which include; phoneme- which are basic sounds; Morphemes- the smallest unit which have meaning; and phrases- which entails the combined morpheme to bring out clear meaning.

The acquisition of language begins out as a simple way and progress to complexity. This begins from birth as the child learns distinguishing sounds in speeches, start producing sound through imitation, sound becomes clear words which the child deduce its meaning.

One factor that makes individuals to be able to learn language is the fact that the brain has the capacity to change the neural networks on bases of experiences, for instance exposing a child to a particular language will make its brain to change the neural network and conform to the structure of that language.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More However, if the child is exposed to another different language in early age, he is able to learn it better than at older age. For example, at my childhood, my parents were settled on a different tribe location from our own tribal land, I had no trouble speaking and understanding the “foreign” language. However, we moved to our local home and with no time I had learn clearly our language and gradually forgotten the other (Greenspan

Trans- Atlantic slave trade history Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help The Royal African Company of London was initiated by King Charles II in his ambition to expand the slave trade of England. King Charles II together with the duke of York invested their own funds into the company to establish it. Miers (45) explains that it was “Initially it was known as the Company of Royal Adventurers Trading to Africa company and was only involved in gold trading and was created by the Stuart family and London merchants once the former retook the English throne in the English Restoration of 1660.

The company was given a monopoly over the English slave trade by a charter issued in 1660 and was given the mandate to capture any English rival ship carrying slaves.” The company later collapsed since it could not meet the due huge demands of slaves in England among other issues.

“England first got involved in slave trade in the 16th century; a move pioneered by John Hawkins an English man whose business was to deport Africans from the west coast of Africa to the West Indies” (Walter 72).

At first, trading directly with other European countries was common in Virginia, but the Navigation Act of 1660 brought such relations to an end and only English-owned ships could enter colonial ports. It was at this time that the Royal African Company was formed to supply Virginia planters with labor since England had realized there was a lot of wealth in the trade.

The Royal African Company transacted basically for gold and slave and the majority of which were transported to English colonies in the American. “Its headquarters was located in Cape Coast Castle, modern-day Ghana; it also maintained many forts and factories in other locations such as Sierra Leone, the Slave Coast, the River Gambia, and additional areas on the Gold Coast” Weeden 63).

The Royal African Company failed to maintain its monopoly in 1698, although it continued with the slave trade until 1731, it was taken over by the Company of Merchants Trading to Africa in 1752. In the 1680s it was exporting approximately 6,000 slaves per year (Blackburn 212). Some slaves were identified with the corporation’s initials, RAC, on their torsos, while others the Duke of York initials, DY.

This trade’s profits made a major contribution to the increase in the financial power of those who controlled London “The British greatly benefited from this lucrative enterprise and approximately 1.5 million, people were enslaved by the them, London was the biggest trading centre because of its transport links provided by river Thames and the London docks (Alpers, Campbell