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The Role of Melatonin in Determining the Sleep-Wake Cycle Expository Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Melatonin and Sleep

Regulation of Melatonin



Introduction The pineal gland that is positioned in the brain produces the hormone melatonin (Blask, 2009). Melatonin plays a significant role in the circadian control of sleep as well as in restraining the development of malignant cells. In addition, melatonin improves the performance of the immune system (Blask, 2009). This paper is a patient education material on the role of melatonin in determining the sleep-wake patterns.

Melatonin and Sleep The human body undergoes regular cycles every twenty-four hours. These cycles, which entail sleep, secretion of certain hormones and regulation of body temperature, are referred to as circadian cycles. The suprachiasmatic nucleus in the hypothalamus contains a rhythm-creating system that regulates the secretion of melatonin (Jarvis, Russell

Facing the problem of market positioning for Qatar Airways bran Report

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Statement of the problem

The current research addresses the problem of positioning of corporate brand of Qatar Airways through strategies for improving customer satisfaction. This problem is significant since brand development and brand management encompass one of the important aspects for making an organization gain global competitive advantage

Purpose of the study and delimitations Purpose of study

The purpose of this study is to aid in resolution of the problem of determining ways of positioning the corporate brand of Qatar Airways through strategies for improving customer satisfaction. It seeks to draws knowledge from the body of literature on techniques of marketing research and their applications in solving marketing problems and formulating marketing strategies in helping to resolve likely marketing problem of positioning the corporate brand image for Qatar Airways

Limitation and delimitations

In the quest to achieve this concern, this research has a major limitation since it uses a small sample size (34 respondents). However, this limitation is countered by random distribution of questionnaires to persons of different demographical characteristics so that the responses to questionnaires reflects general customer views about Qatar airways

Theoretical perspective

Research findings such as Wirtz and Chung Lee (2008) and Yelkur (2007) contend that customer satisfaction comprises one of the most important aspects for incorporation in the marketing planning strategies for organizations considering global growth plans as a measure for securing competitive advantage. Qatar airline is one of such companies

Research hypotheses

It is hypothesized that Qatar Airways has poorly positioned its corporate brand Image by building strong local customer relationships, but insufficient customer relationships to global clientele. Various factors and variables may affect satisfaction of consumers depending on the industry within which a business operates. For the airline industry, it also hypothesized that independent variables such as product (which include services, quality and brand image) offered by Qatar Airways affect perceived satisfaction and hence customer satisfaction.

Literature review Research on the best strategies for positioning cooperate brand of an organization has yielded huge body of literature on organizational brand inventories and brand elements to induce customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a critical element of retention of existing clients for an organization coupled with attraction of new ones (Yelkur, 2007).

Customers possessing good organizational reputation share it with other people. This aspect creates the urge amongst potential customers to experience the service or product offered by an organization. Brand inventories are aimed at availing comprehensive profile of the manner in which products coupled with services that are sold by a given organization are branded and marketed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Hill and Ettenson (2005) note that profiling a product or a service “requires marketers to catalogue visually and in writing various products or services sold, the names, logos, symbols, characters, packaging, slogans, or other trademarks used” (p.86). Outcome of any product profile requires accuracy, high precision, comprehensibility, and reflective of the status of a product or service brand for a given organization.

Brand inventories should highlight the brand elements utilized to build brand loyalty and the manner in which this goal is accomplished coupled with how it is reflected on any necessary marketing program. Qatar Airways’ competitive brand profiling is done to unveil the probable points of difference coupled with points of parity. In these extents, brand’s inventory is valuable at Qatar Airways, as it helps in determining the platforms anchoring customer perceptions.

A brand identifies and distinguishes an organization from other organizations even though two or more organizations offer similar products or services. Organizations not only sell products or charge for their services, but they also sell their brands (Hill