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The Rise of Business Science Essay

Nowadays, business plays a very important role in almost each sphere of life, and the citizen of any country becomes an integral participant of business science. The changes, which happen in our world, touch business science and require certain improvements and shifts almost every day. This is why business as a maturing science demands more attention to the skills and practices of people, who have an immediate influence to this sphere.

Business feels considerable pressure because only really sophisticated graduates get a chance to find a good job; in spite of the fact that business gets benefits due to technological progress and people participation in computerization, the requirement for graduates create numerous dangers to business development: inability to get necessary practice, troubles with checking own experience, and high demands of employers.

Our world has flattened considerably within a short period of time, and the development of technologies provide people with a chance to reduce own efforts and to get more benefits[1].[2] Technological development requires business and its practices to become more scientific, and this very requirement leads to numerous benefits and challenges within the sphere of business simultaneously.

First of all, business as a science undergoes certain improvements with its management, because good management with good manufacturing and production is the ground number one for the development of successful business. With the help of technological progress, people may concentrate on such points like healthcare system, personnel communication, and environmental conditions. This technological breakthrough creates new conditions for people to get their jobs.

Students have to concentrate on both studying the concepts of the chosen business sphere and studying computing activities, which are indispensible in business. As a result, students, who chose business as their major, become educative in two disciplines business and computing. This requirement is one of the major benefits, resulting from scientific business practice.

Secondly, business as a science creates clear conditions, under which people’s employment takes place. The financial side of education always creates numerous challenges as for students as well as for their further employers. Education in many developing countries costs much money,[3] and some people face considerable difficulties to pay for their education.[4]

Rich students can study easily, pay money, and get necessary grades. And those students, who want to gain recognition in the sphere of business, have to pass numerous tests and competitions in order to get necessary resident tuition and continue studying.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is the first reason of why businesses feel difficulties to find out graduates, who have high level of knowledge and really comprehend the material. If a person finishes his/her studying process, it does not actually mean that this person is an expert in business science. It only means that a person gets some general information about business and is ready to use this knowledge at practice.

Taking into consideration this fact, employers cannot be sure about the rational development of business strategies, because they have to work on improving their tactics, explain everything to the chosen graduates, and discover how superior graduates’ skills may be. In general, the inability of graduates to demonstrate their skills and knowledge after they leave universities and the necessity to train these graduates create a difficulty and a kind of pressure for numerous businesses.

Finally, the definition of business admits that successful business has to consider three major rules[5]: to present good organization, to meet all kinds of needs, and to earn profits.[6] These three points should also have some connection to business ethics, important moral standard[7], and the concept of fairness.[8]

Comprehension of moral standard and values of business ethics and simultaneous attitude to business as a developing science makes many people become confused and fail to work rationally. The dangers of businesses failures lead to loss of benefits, inability to control own positions, and difficulties to develop necessary communication.

Technological breakthrough may distract businessmen from all these moral duties, and people just simply forget about the concepts of fairness and honesty. Their activities have only one direction – to comprehend how this or that technology may improve the current development of events and what further innovation may improve their work and help to achieve higher results within the business sphere.

The benefits, which come from the fact that business practice becomes more scientific, are all about connection of computing to business development. People have to pay more attention to their technological skills and software awareness; people have to spend more money to gain understanding of computing technologies and activities. This is why benefits and difficulties within the sphere of business have the closest connection ever.

Businesses feel considerable pressure while employing graduates, because now they have to deal with not only business professionals but also with computing technologies, who are able to develop business tactics and strategies by means of technologies and software. Business practices becomes more eventful and interesting, and in spite of the fact that numerous dangers and challenges appear, they actually motivate people to develop, to study, to enlarge their knowledge, and to improve skills.

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Marketing Analysis of the Consumers Behavior Term Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Marketers must have a careful consideration in analyzing the behavior of consumers as they usually decline what seems to be a winning offer. The buying behavior is complicated as various factors influence it.

Understanding these behaviors is an important break through to the marketers. Consumer behavior is rationale and target oriented. Marketers may think that they have completely understood their consumers but the decisions to purchase seem to be irrational. What is perceived as an irrational behavior to a marketer is very rational to the buyer.

The consumer is liberal.

The buyer is not obligated to consider the marketing strategies of the marketer. Consumers process information carefully and in most instances they have the upper hand in selecting the best product to choose from a variety of other available products. Consumer behavior is progressive. The consumer progresses to ensure that the products they get adequately satisfies their needs. Marketers are to come to terms with this process.

Consumers differ in preference.

Individuals who have the same roots in terms of culture, rank in the society, and means of livelihood may depict very diverse lifestyles. A lifestyle is an individual’s way of life as depicted in his or her actions, views, and interests. These diverse consumer lifestyles affect their purchasing power.

The role that a consumer plays in the society affects his or her purchasing power.

An individual constitutes diverse groups such as family, unions, and associations. A person’s task in each grouping is related to his or role and status in the particular group. A role is defined as a list of tasks that the individual is expected to accomplish according to the other people who directly or indirectly depends on either him or her.

Consumer behavior is influenced by his or her financial status.

This greatly influences the buyer’s ultimate product choice and the decision to exchange his or her money for the particular commodity. The end users usually restrict expenses on the eating-places, entertainment, and holiday at the times they are experiencing financial constraints. They cut back on the kinds of expenditure they want to make. It is essential that marketers pay close attention to the flow in personal incomes and savings.

Adaptation of products

It is essential for marketers to choose on the level to which they will modify their commodities and marketing strategies to fulfill the distinctive requirements of different end users in a variety of markets.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The variance of international markets

Marketers can opt to standardize their commodities and for the reason of reducing the operation costs and benefit from economies of scale. However, modifying marketing strategies in each country gives rise to better products that adequately meets the needs of the local end users.

Consumer behavior is strongly controlled by cultural diversities.

For example, in the West, an efficient product’s brand name will be brilliant and short to the point, suggesting the purpose of the commodity. However, the same product in Asia must have qualities of luck to fit in this culturally different market.


Advertisement can change the behavior of a consumer. Advertising adds the appeal to the commodity hence enables it to get to the target end user. Advertising relay the information about a commodity to a consumer hence ease the process of transaction. The target audience gets the information about the commodity before making the final purchase decision.

Trends in globalization and its influence on the behavior of consumers

The changes due to globalization have increased the exposure of the consumers to varied influences. These influences could arise from technological improvements. Motivating a consumer affects his or her purchasing ability


An individual usually has more than one need at a time. A number of needs are natural such as feeling of thirst and hunger while others are psychological such as want for recognition and satisfaction. Motivation often ignites the different needs of a consumer . Marketers often work on arousing this need in order to reach the consumers.

The role of perception in consumer choices

Perception is the method through which individuals choose, categorize, and deduce information to come up with a significant view of life. An individual that has been stimulated is prepared to act. The action taken depends on how the individual perceives the situation.

Learning and consumer behavior

The behavior of a person often changes after learning through experience. The use of efficient motivational techniques and different marketing strategies can make consumers to develop loyalty to similar brands if they like the utility they get from it as compared to dissimilar brands.

We will write a custom Term Paper on Marketing Analysis of the Consumers Behavior specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Beliefs

These are mainly acquired through actions and learning routines. A belief refers to thoughts that an individual has formulated to represent something. If some beliefs about particular products are false, marketers often engage in campaigns to reverse these beliefs.


Attitudes appertain to an individual’s constant feelings and tendencies in relation to different objects and opinions. Attitudes places individuals in a fix situation of either loving or hating things, going towards them or getting away form them.

Marketers ought to understand the consumer behavior before embarking on selling their goods and services as the end users vary in many aspects of their purchasing behavior.