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The Renaissance and Religion Essay

Table of Contents Background Information

The wakeup call



Background Information The renaissance is a very interesting era in the history of humanity. It is an era which has been associated with many discoveries and changes in the life of mankind. To have a clear picture of the significance of the renaissance it is better to slightly examine the way of life just before 1400.

Before 1400 and actually the early part of 1400, the Roman Catholic Church had a great influence on the society. The church was supreme in every way and commanded unrivalled authority on both religious issues and politics. The pope wielded immense influence on political leaders and kings likewise. What was communicated from the pope was final regardless of who the subject was.[1]

The Catholic Church was the only church in the world and its branches were in many countries. It is also worth noting that the church was the wealthiest organization and this wealth was acquired by means which were later found to be unacceptable.

Payment for services rendered by the church was very frequent actually there was not a single activity that the priest would preside over without any payment being done weather it was a funeral, baptism or any other. Selling of indulgence and some pieces of artwork representing saints was a common practice.

This sounds ridiculous and this is where the Renaissance man comes in. The church had used some weird philosophy to tame the thinking of the society to view the pope and the church in general as divinely superior to them and that the pope had the power to determine whether a person could access heaven or not. With this nature of thinking people were subjected to a rigid way of life where everything started from and ended with the church.[2]

The wakeup call The Renaissance period can be said to have stirred people to wake from some kind of sleep they were in. The renaissance period was a time when humanism for the first time was experienced. It must be pointed out that renaissance was very secular but not necessarily evil as such. It has also been pointed out that the renaissance weakened the influence of the church but helped to spread it further; the roman church was weakened as reformations broke up all the over Europe.

The renaissance was an invitation to reason and question issues about life – the church was questioned about some of its practices and it was found wanting.[3] According to Kreis (2008), “the return to favor of the pagan classics stimulated the philosophy of secularism, the appreciation of worldly pleasures, and above all intensified the assertion of personal independence and individual expression.”[4]

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More It is recorded that man started to appreciate the pleasures of this world and less depended on supernatural teaching from the church. This period has often been described as the “germinal period of modernism”[5] with the Renaissance man being said to have “stood at a point midway between medieval supernaturalism and the modern scientific and critical attitude.”[6]

The renaissance brought in great surprises to humanity as reasoning and thinking was put to test producing great works in the fields of “art, literature, exploration, mathematics, science and religion.”[7]

People were able to think independently testing new ways and ideas which originated from their minds and not from the church. Some of the achievements of this period are still a great inspiration today for instance the great Mona Lisa was an art work of this period. The renaissance brought in secular thought to people helping to reduce the influence that the church had on their lives.

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A Comparison of Organized Crime around the World Compare and Contrast Essay

Nursing Assignment Help You here of human trafficking, drug trafficking, gambling, forced prostitution, fire arm dealings just to mention but a few. This is all the handy work of organized criminal groups.

Organized criminal groups have spread through the world in the recent past. These groups have used different ways but mostly illegitimate ways to do business in different countries for financial gain. This paper will look at organized groups in Japan, Russia, China, and Mexico and compare them to organized criminal groups in the united stases.

In definition, an organized criminal group is a planned group of three or more persons who have existed for a long period with the aim of committing offenses for financial or material gain (Abadinsky, 2000, p. 4).

Organized crime in labor have expanded their business beyond narcotics into kidnapping, migrant smuggling, and extortion. The trend at which it is growing is alarming. In Japan and China, the relevant authority is reluctant to crack down on commercial sex trade. This is because they don’t want to loose money from the tourists who visit.

In China the gravest organized crime problems are drug distribution that is characterized by the large number of heroin addicts. There is local and foreign based drug syndicate that does the distribution and purchases. The second is gambling and prostitution that is thriving. There is also an increase in violence.

The under world cartels are getting into legitimate business without recognition and armed groups engaging into political activities. Examples of such groups is Tong and triads also

Abadinsky (2000) argues that in Japan, there is a group called the Yakuza who are involved in gambling, prostitution, importation of drugs and victimization of legitimate businesses.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There is a large population of illegal immigrants involved in organized criminal activities and heavily armed and dangerous. This groups use their wealth to lure people into sex, drugs, human trafficking. The only problem is that there is no pressure from any one to catch up with them

Mexico has been known for their hard drug that gets all over the world. Drug trade is the major booster that causes the money laundering syndicate to flourish in Mexico. According to (Rios and Sabet, 2008), drug trafficking is the fifth largest employer in Mexico. The drug barons have organized criminal groups that will lure the young and unemployed who will want to become rich within a day. There are major cartels that are in the form of criminalized groups that control the market.

These groups deal in weapons, human trafficking, brothels, and control the labor. They offer little incentives and promise for better life but in real sense they gain more. The government is fighting to end the organized criminal groups but forces within it derail the process.

The organized criminal groups are motivated by money and will do anything to safe guard their interests. Organizations from Mexico, for instance, abduct, torment and put to death members from whom the United States border agents have confiscated the consignment of drugs.

In the Russian federation, the approximated number of groups that stick themselves to the Russian mafias is 200 that are said to undertake their operations in virtually sixty states in the entire globe. These groups are embodied to be postulated in racketeering, hoaxing, revenue enhancement, hazarding, trafficking in drugs, starting fires, looting as well as execution. These kinds of persons enhance their businesses with the capital acquired from amerceable trade. They take oil and also are funded by militants.

Women’s trafficking is also carried out in order to make them prostitutes. They are forced into this trade and are put in brothels under tight security. Another major activity which many of these criminals are drawn in is arms trafficking and the subsequent money laundering of the proceeds from that traffic.

These proceeds are used to set up business empires in other countries like African countries. The kinds of persons found in this group are responsible for activities such as extortion, execution, weapon looting and arms smuggling.

We will write a custom Essay on A Comparison of Organized Crime around the World specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More One might think of which organized crime groups are found in the United States. The answer is simple. These same groups found in China, Russia, Japan and Mexico are in full operation in the United States. They have set up bases without being noticed and undertake to do illegal business at the expense of anything so long as they get money and material gain. The change that is evident is only that they are thought to be the cause of terrorism to the people of America.

The other contrasting thing is that the groups in America are not protected by government machinery unlike the groups found in Japan, Mexico, China and Russia. In fact, the federal government is on the hunt to fight down all these groups that are perceived to be a strain in the economy and integrity of the American nation.

The groups in their respective countries are given some protection by some top government officials who in return are given lump sum money to ensure the smooth running of their business.

The above mentioned groups acting in their respective countries are all in full operation in the United States. These groups have an impact on the federal government by weakening the economy with its illegal activities. The cause is that they evade paying taxes.

Organized crime networks operating inside the United States include, the Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia, Japanese Yakuza, and Chinese Tongs not forgetting the Mexican cartels (Stoecker