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The Question of God’s Existence from the Viewpoints of William Paley and David Hume Essay

The debate on the existence of God has been the subject of discussion by philosophers, theologians, moral theorists and scientists for several millennia now. However, this debate continues to elicit more philosophical questions than answers due to a lack of universally acknowledged description of God or existence (Swinburne 2).

There exist many positions that argue for and against the existence of God. It is the purpose of this essay to analyze William Paley and David Hume’s views about the existence of God.

William Paley was a British philosopher and apologist who used the teleological argument of the watchmaker analogy to argue for the existence of a supernatural being. He was engaged in the pursuit of natural theology. The watchmaker analogy entails comparing some natural phenomena or experiences to a watch, with the premise that a design must have a designer (Paley, Eddy

Business Ethical Issues Research Paper

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However, business practices have been brought to the realization of the importance of business ethics and how it can influence the community and organization either positively or negatively (Newton,