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“The Odyssey” by Homer Essay

The Odyssey is the story of an old man (Odysseus) returning home and a young man (Telemachus) venturing out in search of himself. Telemachus, throughout the story, considered the heroic Odysseus as his model.

Throughout the story, there is a constant struggle of the growing Telemachus to imitate the actions of his father and then eventually become like him that he comes to an end of his journey. In the beginning of the poem, Homer does not give any indication to the readers that Telemachus will eventually go on a journey like his father.

Telemachus’s headway towards this goal actually shows how difficult were the goals and ventures of Odysseus. The text of The Odyssey presents a single framed narration of the hero, Odysseys, and the journey of a child, Telemachus, into manhood. This essay will demonstrate the comparisons and contrasts the tale draws between the two central characters of father and son.

There are distinct similarities between the character of Odysseus and Telemachus. The resemblance are so close that in one account Penelope had to reverse the procedure in identifying the true identity of her visitor as Odysseus.

In Odysseus 4, Helen’s description of Telemachus actually shows the close physical resemblance between the two characters. However, as a character in the book, Telemachus is often found to move under the shadow of his father’s heroic feats.

More about The Odyssey What’s the Role of Phemius in the Odyssey? 5 264 Which part of the Odyssey is about learning patience and humility? 5 216 What does Mentor do for Odysseus in the Odyssey? 5 63 Which excerpt from The Odyssey best shows that the ancient Greeks greatly valued the idea of home? 5 268 Which excerpt from the Odyssey best demonstrates the importance of perseverance in Greek society? 5 119 What are some of the apparent values in the Iliad and the Odyssey? 5 98 Odysseus is hailed a hero for his heroic adventures and conquests in the battle of Troy. Telemachus too tries to emulate his father, and like him, goes out on a voyage, but fails to attain full respect like his father. Therefore, a continuous struggle is observed in the text wherein there is continuous comparison between the two characters.

The writer, the readers, does it and even by Telemachus himself who felt that, he could never match up to his father’s valor. In Odyssey 2, the episode in which Telemachus leaves a sword in unlocked room that helped the suitors to possess arms to combat the former.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Odysseus, though had made mistakes, could not be expected of making such a careless mistake. Eurymachus states that Telemachus could never muster the courage and conviction to face the threats of the suitors. In another instance, Leocritus points out that Telemachus may not venture out in a journey even after continues encouragement from his elders.

Homer’s epic poem portrays the character of Telemachus as a son who takes change of situation due to an absent father. Only till the father returns to take back the reigns. Therefore, to a great extent the character of Telemachus and his adventures hs been belittled in the text. However, Telemachus does show a sense of pride in his family and blood when he says that he will not shame his family.

Odysseus is critical of Telemachus when they reunite after the former’s return to Ithaca. Telemachus expresses his doubt on their reunion if the man who had transgressed from a beggar to the state of a hero could really be his father, to which Odysseus answers with impatience that had he not been the real father he would not have returned to Ithaca after twenty years of toiling.

In general, the characters of telemachus and Odysseus reflects on that of an obedient son tied by his duties and a gentle father happy to reunite with his family.

The poem stresses on equality and a cordial relation between Telemachus and Odysseus. However, it cannot be overlooked that the poem is more about Odysseus, who fought at Troy, and his grand heroic adventures and that of a mediocre son who lived a mundane life in the island of Ithaca encompassed by his family duties.

International Legal and Ethical Issues In Business Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Legal and ethical issues in any business practices are essential and vital aspects in determining the future prospect of the business. Most considerably, the legal factors will not only determine the going concern of the business but will also resolve the operations of the business by solving any conflicting factor which may arise.

On the other hand, ethics is an aspect which should never be dropped or ignored for the success of the business. Therefore, while addressing the international legal and ethical issues in decision making; an accord has to be reached which in this case is international.

The contract made between the different nations should be legal and the terms of the contract should also be enforced. Building on the contractual terms is a critical issue in deciding the right laws that will govern the business decisions. The decisions arrived at may at times be hindered by diverse obstacles which may either be external or internal (Gershman, 2008).

External factors in this case may be political and economical factors while the internal factors may comprise the environmental and the ethical issues. Therefore, this paper shall carry out a comparative analysis on two firms in different countries carrying out business transactions and the drawback that may influence their management decisions.

In this case analysis, we shall analyze Shell Company in USA, as one of the largest oil producing and importing company at international level and this will be compared to Topshop Company in the United Kingdom which is also viewed at the same.

Oil Production in USA (Shell Company) United States has been at the forefront in the production and importation of oil and this has accounted for a greater contribution in boosting of the nation’s economic status.

Internationally, it has been accounted that U.S is the leading Oil producing Nation and in particular, Northern America has been affirmed to be on the lead. On the recent times, US is said to be consuming the largest volume of oil which has been approximated to be around 19.6 barrels in a day (Yeoman