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The influence of culture on accounting

Introduction Many studies have demonstrated that culture diversity had influenced accounting practice within national and international borders. Accounting can therefore be said to have been influenced by its environment, which includes the culture of the country in which it is being operated (Nobes

Carrefours Measurement Of Strategic Objectives Accounting Essay

Now Strategic Management Accounting or say SME has been distinct as “a form of management accounting where emphasis is placed on data which relates to attributes external to the company, in addition to non-financial and financial information and internally produced information.”
According to Ken Smmonds, this is the collection of information related to management accounting which can be used for monitoring and formulating strategies. This has main emphasis on trends of cash flow, costs, revenue structure and stewardship of the property and resources accessible to the business. (Inman, 1999)
We have different Strategic Management Accounting Techniques such as Key Performance Indicators, balanced score cards, value chain analysis etc. (Carrefour, Key indicators, 2010)
Carrefour Introduction: Over the last 40 years, the company has grown to turn into one of the globe’s leading distribution company. The globe’s second-largest retailing company and is also largest in Europe. Carregour group at present operates four main types of store formats: Supermarkets, hard discount, hypermarkets and convenience stores. The Company currently has more than 15,500 stores which are either franchises or company operated. In UAE, Carrefour has large presence and has the business similar to its international business domain described above.
Business Strategy: Carrefour is a retail endeavor, having its own manufacturing and distribution chain in Middle East which is innovated by EMKE Group. The business strategy of the company is to provide things of daily necessity to common people at reasonable price and earn profit for increased market share. The profit is supposed to be magnifies and retailing units as a result of low buying price in bulk purchase of material. The company has its own manufacturing unit for number of products to reduce the purchasing cost. (Author, Our group, 2010)