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The facility operations department

Facilities Operations Management
The Facility Operations Department mission is to safely provide a high-quality physical environment and core services in support of operations. This is to be accomplished through an adaptive and diverse support team of dedicated and well-trained professionals whose purpose is to meet the facilities needs of the Computing Division, its members and the people and organizations that we serve.
Effective facilities management, combining resources and activities, is vital to the success of any organisation. At a corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives. On a day-to day level, effective facilities management provides a safe and efficient working environment, which is essential to the performance of any business – whatever its size and scope.
The purvey of OM ranges from strategic to tactical and operational levels. Representative strategic issues include determining the size and location of manufacturing plants, deciding the structure of service or telecommunications networks, and designing technology supply chains. Tactical issues include plant layout and structure, project management methods, and equipment selection and replacement. Operational issues include production scheduling and control, inventory management, quality control and inspection, traffic and materials handling, and equipment maintenance policies.
Facilities Operations Management in Macdonald’s
Facilities Management acts as the landlord responsible for all facilities maintenance functions in support of the core marketing, engineering, operational and manufacturing in Macdonald’s. Programs and Services acts as a liaison between facilities management and the operating divisions; makes sure facilities management is meeting customer needs and expectations.
“Facilities management is the integration of processes within an organisation to maintain and develop the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities”
(CEN the European Committee for standardisation)
MacDonald’s – an Introduction
The world’s major chain in fast-food restaurants is “McDonald’s Corporation” that was firstly introduced in 1940 by two brothers Dic and Mack. Its logo was introduced in 1962 by Jim Schindler and that resembles to “M”a shaped sign and this sign can be seen on the side of the McDonald’s but its name added with the logo in 1968. McDonald’s branches are more than 31,000 with the leading of global food service retailer and so this restaurant serving more than 58 million people in 118 countries each day. There are more than 1190 restaurant of MacDonald’s in UK and 1.5 million workers are working in all over the world. Ray Kroc became the first franchisee appointed by Mac and Dick for McDonald in San Bernardino California in 1954 after that with the passage of time in USA and other countries in the world it franchised. Independently More than 75% of McDonald’s restaurants in the worldwide are owned by local men and women.
Responsibilities of facilities managers for staff engaged in facilities operations
At Business Link we believe that skilled, motivated and committed employees lead to revenue growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. This can be achieved by knowing how to effectively engage with staff and create an environment that encourages personal development. Facility Manager knows and understand very well this issue e.g. he awares..
Understanding employee needs and wants
How to create a stimulating and challenging role
Civilised treatment and working environment
Exposure to and recognition of senior management
Encouragement and praise for good performance
Support and mentoring
Respect for work and life balance
Training to improve skills
Encouraging job advancement
Managers Responsiveness in Operational Aspects
Facilities management is an essential strategic discipline because it operates the high-level, strategic change required by senior decision makers into day-to-day reality for people in their work or living space. Facility managers have following responsibilities for Macdonald’s.
Deliver effective facility management of Macdonald’s assets
Enhance the skills of people within the FM sector and provide identifiable and meaningful career options
Enable new working styles and processes is vital in this technology driven age
Enhance and project for Macdonald’s identity and image
Help the integration processes associated with change, post-merger or acquisition
Deliver business continuity and workforce protection in an era of heightened security threats
Example of Responsibility the Facilities Manager hastowardscustomers Administrative services managersplan, coordinate, and direct a broad range of services that allow Macdonald’s to operate efficiently. They might, for example, coordinate space allocation, facilities maintenance and operations, and major property and equipment procurement. They also may oversee centralized operations that meet the needs of multiple departments, such as information and data processing, mail, materials scheduling and distribution, printing and reproduction, records management, telecommunications management, security, recycling, wellness, and transportation services. Administrative services managers also ensure that contracts, insurance requirements, and government regulations and safety standards are followed and up to date. They may examine energy consumption patterns, technology usage, and personal property needs to plan for their long-term maintenance, modernization, and replacement.
Impact on Facility Operations to Employers or Agencies
The role and responsibilities of agency managers and supervisors in protecting their employees from harm through the identification and control of workplace hazards. The main focus is on personal protective equipment, including selection, training, enforcement, and program review.
Facility Managers must provide a safe work environment for their employees, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Virginia Executive Order 52 Workplace Safety and Health; good business practices, and employee families place similar demands on employers. To do this, the agency must determine what hazards are associated with its operation and what is needed to protect employees from being injured by these hazards or eliminate the hazard altogether.
Assessment of Saturatory Regulations in Macdonald’s
Statutory regulation exists to protect the publicagainst the risk of poor practice. It works by settingagreed standards of practice and competenceby registering those who are competent to practise and restricting the use of specified protected titles to those who are registered.
Facility operational manager’s need to tell to his staff about rules and regulations e.g.,
definitions, permit requirements e.g., general, inspection or investigation, references, permit requirements, exceptions to the standard; about enforcing regulations e.g., probation, consultation, inspections etc; about enforcing actions e.g. general, violation classification etc; about enforcing action e.g. general, in service training, health statics etc; about reporting procedure e.g. emergency call number, medical call numbers etc; about fire presentations e.g. arrangements for fire departments response , inspection, evacuation plan, fire response training etc; about facility accommodation, mobile units, severability and general etc etc.
Health and Safety Rules Measured by Facility Manager
Information from health and safety performance measurement is needed by
the people in the Macdonald’s who have particular responsibilities within the
health and safety management system. These will include directors, senior
managers, line managers, supervisors, health and safety professionals and
employees and safety representatives. They each need information appropriate to
their position and responsibilities within the health and safety management system.
There needs to be overall coherence in approach so that individual measuring
activities are aligned within the overall performance measurement framework.
In effect this results in a hierarchical set of linked measures which reflect the organisation’s structure.
“Each organisation must create and communicate performance measures that reflect its unique strategy” ( Kaplan)
Health and Safety is a very important part of any business and various Acts place varied responsibilities upon employers. This pack addresses many of the basic issues but we do not profess to be experts in this field. As different companies have different methods of operation so facility manager advises that always obtain independent expert Health and Safety advice prior to implementation or use of any CGD document
Required Documentations with Saturatory Regulations for Measuring Health and Safety
The Health and Safety of all our employees, members, guest, clients, customers, patients, contractors, visitors and members of the public, etc. is the paramount importance to Hughes, MacDonald