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Tell My Horse – A Travelogue by Zora Neale Hurston Term Paper

An offspring of the first African American migration from the South to North and Northwest, the Harlem Renaissance spanned roughly twenty five years (1910-1935). With literature, art, and music as the primary vehicle, the epoch was characterized by racial pride and desire to “uplift” the race (Bean, 1991). Proof of humanity, the demand for equality, perseverance, belief in self and ability, teamwork – the corresponding counter-balance racist circumstances – permeated the ideological core of this movement/ era.

The Harlem Renaissance birthed many iconic African Americans figures with Zora Neale Hurston being among the cadre. Hurston’s literary repertoire comprised four novels, fifty plus short stories and plays as well essays with her 1935 short story “Mules and Men” and novel Their Eyes Were Watching God (1937) as her magnum opus.

An ardent folklorist of African American culture, her studies in anthropology and ethnography exude her work. Hurston’s extensive travels throughout the American South and Caribbean furthered her folkloric scope/lens. So called unrefined speech patterns or dialect permeate her work.

Use of such idiomatic dialect as well as lack of political and even racial focus placed her at odds with Renaissance contemporaries and intelligentsia such as Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, and Hughes, etc. who felt it was stereo-typical and fueled racist fodder. The conflict was only indicative of the dualistic nature of the era in terms of depiction of the African American experience in the United States and the Diaspora.

A travelogue – whether in the form of documentary, film, literature, or journal – describes a journey. Chronicling her ethnographic journey in Haiti and Jamaica is Hurton’s 1938 travelogue Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica.

Opinion divided among literary critics and devotees, Tell My Horse is deemed her worst and most insignificant work or a fascinating guide and invaluable resource depicting Jamaican and Haitian culture, in particular the mysteries and horrors of voodoo. The fascination element is intensified because Hurston provides a vivid and authentic depiction in part due to not being a mere observer but rather a participant/initiate.

Irony intertwined with allegory and incoherency characterizes the underlining message/theme and aura of the work. In the first chapter, Hurston provides a list of thought provoking and witty proverbs in which the surface meaning has an encoded dormant meaning. For example, the proverb “Rockatone at ribber bottom no know sun hot” Hurston translates as “The person in easy circumstances cannot appreciate the sufferings of the poor (Hurston, 9).”

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The proverbs and her interpretations have a duel purpose – they illustrate irony, humor, and most importantly the richness of the Jamaican philosophic culture and are Hurston’s self-reflexive commentary on her narrative. The title itself supports the narrative strategy in terms of the double voice nature. Tell My Horse (‘Parlay cheval ou’ in French) is a popular form of figurative speech in Haiti.

The Horse symbolizes the voice of powerless speaking without repercussion. “Under the whip and guidance of the spirit-rider, the ‘horse’ does and says many things that he or she would never have uttered unbidden…. That phrase ‘Parlay cheval ou’ [tell my horse] is in daily, hourly use in Haiti and no doubt it is used as a blind for self-expression (Mikell, 221).” The narrative style is indicative of a pervading and coexisting dichotomy – freedom and constraint, self expression and vulnerability, the powerful and the powerless.

Tragically Hurston died in obscurity and poverty. Much acclaim/focus on her work, however, has surfaced in the past thirty years. Capturing the pure simplicities of African American life and the Diaspora, Zora Neale Hurton’s literary contribution leaves an indelible mark on African American literature and the literary world as a whole.

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The Role of Political Marketing in Politics Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Marketing is essential in any aspect of our daily life. Politicians, as decision makers, market their manifestos with the aim of gaining popularity. It is therefore important to have marketing in politics. This paper focuses on how politicians can market themselves to the public when they are seeking a political office.

Marketing is vital because the public cannot vote for a candidate who is not known to them and thus this paper explains the various strategies that politicians employ in order to have an upper hand on elections day. This because a politician cannot just register with a political party and sit back and expect to win the elections.

Political marketing start early enough like two years before the elections year because if one waits until the official campaigns begin he/she will not be able to convince voters to vote for him/her. By then every candidate is at his/her peak of campaigning and the public is most likely to vote for the candidate who has been with them long before the campaigning period.

A politician should participate in public initiatives frequently by responding to the present problems of his voters to be, because that way they will feel he/she has their interests at hand and they will have confidence with him/her according to how he handles the present situations at grass root levels.

A chief campaigner should be identified because he/she will be accorded the duty of sensitizing the area residents on the manifesto of the political candidate. Most people can be influenced by somebody who interacts with them on a daily basis to vote for a particular candidate.

The candidate can also air his wish to vie for a political seat through radio and television programs. During such interviews the candidate should give voters to ask him questions because it will foster a good relationship between him/her and his voters.

Political candidates can also utilize social gatherings such as weddings and parties to air their manifestos. This is because most people don’t have time for political meetings hence such gatherings will provide an appropriate platform to air their manifestos.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More But before the candidate is given a chance to address such a gathering he must have been active towards the success of that gathering because people cannot allow a person to come from no where and start addressing them. A manifesto is a written document that explains the problems that will be dealt by a political candidate thus voters usually listens to a candidate’s manifesto to gauge his suitability to represent them in parliament.

It is therefore important for a candidate to prepare a manifesto that addresses the problems of common people because after all they are looking for someone who can address their needs while representing them in parliament. The candidate should indicate the procedures that will be followed in solving the present problems. For instance if the region in question has so many youths who are unemployed the candidate has to state how such youths will be assisted to access gainful employment.

In African states political candidates are very aggressive because they use all the available means to market themselves. It’s common for political candidates to address any kind of a gathering even if it’s a funeral gathering. The lifestyle of the voters can be very influential in selecting the mode of marketing.

For instance, in societies where women come together during their monthly meeting candidates attend such meetings in order to mingle with these women. It is believed that if you want information to spread like forest fire just leak it to the ladies. Women are the first to know when something new is coming up. Women are the ones who know the cheapest shopping stores and the best doctors and etcetera.

Nowadays the world has been turned into a village by the emergence of the World Wide Web and thus social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter are the in thing. These sites attract many people because they are used for socializing and since the number of visitors to these sites has increased they are being used as a marketing tool. Barrack Obama is one of those presidential candidates who utilized these sites and since his success other political leaders and candidates are using these social networks to market themselves.

In conclusion, the effectiveness of the model applied in marketing a politician will depend on some factors such as the literacy level and poverty level. This is because he/he can not use social networking sites when most of his targets are not computer literate. Again the same mode of marketing may fail if his targets can not access internet and computers due to poverty. It is therefore important to have a good marketing strategy when someone is involved in politics; marketing is a vital undertaking for politicians