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Team Building and Team Development Expository Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

First and Second Stage

Norm Stage

Justification of the Opinion



Introduction The stages of team development are formation state, storming, normalizing, performing and transforming stages. Each of these stages has a special challenge especially for a group of people who are struggling to function as a unit. Some unique or special features/actions particularly from the individual entities strengthen the cohesive forces that ought to guide team members towards a team mission.

First and Second Stage According to Guttman (2008), the first stage of formation involves coming together to form a group that has a shared vision or mission. The group aims at mainly accomplishing a certain purpose.

The second stage of storming emerges because the team members get to know each other, but may have some conflicting views that can stain the relationship. For instance, they may fail to agree on the procedures to follow towards attaining the set goals or disagree against the set vision /mission of a firm. The case sample of members of a medical facility has passed these two stages.

Norm Stage The norm stage is progressive since members are able to share ideas and form working relationships that cater for the team’s objectives and progress. The current team has harmonized its prior strained or competitive relationships. It is thus able to work harmoniously towards development goals. However, some cohesiveness of the team still lacks some collaboration, thus the reason it is still in the norm stage.

The team has to attain the next stage of the development life cycle, which is the performing stage. The team lacks strong collaboration and team unity thus affecting harmonization. Lack of synchronization in the team is thus the reason why members or team leaders fails to bring out a successful functioning team.

Justification of the Opinion A new colleague joining the team at this stage must expect to meet members who can either cause team conflicts or enforce work harmony. The members may also feel secure and express their opinions freely due to existing spirit of responsiveness, kindness and affirmation.

Openness and members cooperation also promotes members’ listening skill. By listening to one another, they are able to understand the importance of maintaining an effective form of communication. They have various measures of enhancing communication as an effective tool of combating conflicts or disagreements.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The working techniques and strategies are well established. The reason for easy establishment is due to collaboration and as a result, members are in a position to choose a leader amongst them and establish the role of each affiliate. However, effective performance often fails to take place due to lack of enough trust or honesty among members. The team is thus not yet reasonable, since there are no evident justifiable procedures to quantify the team.

Expectations In line with Boone and Kurtz (2010), a real team in the performing stage is very effective and productive. The members act honestly with each other, thus strengthening their interaction and ability to have synchronized objectives for success.

The members of this team at a medical facility also lack confidence and members may fail to believe that the group is strong enough for anticipated success.

Member’s collaboration still fails to trigger personal impressions that their team is the best and the most successful experience. At the initial stages of development, a team is expected to engage members to pursue goals or projects.

Conclusions The new member should also understand that his/her presence might cause either progression to the next stage or regression to previous stage. The progress therefore depends on experience and skills of the team members. At this stage, the team cannot analyze their current performance level and have a basis for future projections.

The team always disbands after accomplishing goals, but it is a difficult process due to the already formed strong links between members. Perhaps one question that can assist in analysis of the stage would be how fast or easy the team can break up.

E-Business, Telecom

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

The Internet

E-business in Brazil

Implication of E-business environments


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Introduction E-business is the use of the internet to create and implement business transactions. The internet provides many opportunities that enable businesses to create markets and serve their customers in extraordinary ways. It is a new area in global trade that involves trading of goods and services across borders electronically. It is the use of telecommunication networks to produce, advertise, or sell goods and services.

With the advancement in technology, electronic business has been growing drastically calling for the attention of the government and technology industry to ensure that it does not go out of hand. This paper looks at the internet as a medium for business transactions, highlights the e-business environment in Brazil, and gives the implication of e-business to the telecoms and technology industry in Brazil.

The Internet The internet is a worldwide system of computer networks. Information posted on the internet can be accessed by anyone who knows how to use it. It is worth noting that when businesses decide to sell their products online, they are attracting some risks which may come about as a result of exposing some of the crucial information.

This information can be used by fraudsters to imitate the company’s products or to destroy the reputation of a business. To prevent this, every e-business has to install software known as 3-D secure protocol (Conway, Ward, Lewis and Bernhardt 2).

This ensures that unauthorized people are prevented from accessing the critical systems. This is done by the use of a merchant plug-in (MPI) which is connected to the centralized directory for authentication of enrollment of a card holder. With MPI, a cardholder browses through merchant shop to select goods or services for purchase. After identifying the products, the merchant shop initiates a new payment transaction.

The merchant shop then receives card details through an encrypted SSL and it passes them to the MPI. If enrolled, the issuer is located by the MPI and he is requested to authentify the card holder and the resulted are transmitted to the merchant for purchases. If the card is not enrolled, the merchant has a right to continue or stop the transaction.

E-business in Brazil Modern E-business started in the year 1990 when the World Wide Web. (WWW) was discovered. However, commercial trade was prohibited until five years later when security protocols were discovered. These protocols allowed companies to trade using the internet and by early 21st century, many companies in Brazil were offering services and products over the internet.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Today, over one thousand businesses in Brazil are trading over the internet and this is owned to the development of information technology. Customers have a wide variety of goods and services to choose from and purchases and payment transactions have become easy over the internet. Brazil is the 7th largest software producer in the world.

It is already leading in e-business. In 2005, services worth more than US$2 billion were traded electronically in the country. Brazil’s software exports increased drastically from US$ 10 million in 1997 to over US$ 200 million in 2005. This increase was a result of the growth in soft companies which generate almost 200, 000 jobs (Torquato 9).

The most important thing in E-business is obviously the use of a website. This is where products are advertised and marketed. It contains all the information related to a product, including their design, how they work, what they cost, and their importance, among other things. The website needs to be properly designed and promoted to ensure that it is up to standard. To do this, one requires hiring an expertise who can design and maintain it regularly.

This creates business opportunities for the telecom and technology industries. With the current technology, there are many programs available for the technology industry that can be used in designing websites for different companies. The future looks more promising because we now have a new protocol called the Hot Java which makes use of video clips thus enhancing marketing (Andal-Ancion 2).

Implication of E-business environments With the advancement in technology, millions of people are now relying on the internet for their day to day activities. This means that there are millions of customers who are likely to get exposed to the services offered by telecoms and technology industry.

This increases the chances of this industry succeeding in the current economic hardships. Recent research shows that, there are approximately 10 million people who are using the internet today, and this is expected to increase to 100 million in the next five years.

With the high number of potential customers, Brazil is assured of success in the global world which may not be so if the products were sold locally.

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