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SWOT Analysis of School-Community Partnerships

Partnership is a type of business in which several people work together. Partnerships in education plays a significant role. School community partnership is between students, teachers and school management on one hand and member of community including parents, guardians and people on the other hand said Cohen (2015). Partnership between school and community is a shared responsibility of school and community. In this partnership families take steps to support their children’s learning and development. To improve student outcome and development several educational reforms have been made from last few decades and the community partnership is one of them said Valli, Stefanski,

What Are the Key Differences Between Modern Western and Chinese Education?

Both the West and East have long histories of education, teaching and learning; the practices of which have been shaped by either side’s culture and traditions over millennia. The rich and complex educational histories of both China and the West have long been kept somewhat separated. However, recent history has seen some convergence of these different educational philosophies and beliefs, highlighting differences, as well as bringing change—notably in the Chinese system. This essay will discuss these key educational differences from a cultural and philosophical perspective, then analyse their effects of each on individuals and society.
The nature and aims of an educational system can reveal a lot about, taught content and teaching methodology. According to (Chen, 2018) Xueji, or 學記—China’s earliest records of learning—outlines principles for Confucian education practices; this is referred to as learning ‘dao’ or ‘the way’. The Xueji suggests that aim of education is to instil attitudes or ideas in humanity via the guidance of a teacher. The Western education stands somewhat in contrast to this idea. Western education has its roots in ancient Rome (Hassan