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Successful Event Management and Its Potential Risks Essay

Potential risks and minimization To the corporate client, there is the risk that there isn’t enough lead time in terms of the days needed to plan for the event. Alternatively, there could be a risk that the event’s date coincides with another significant event in the industry and this could minimize the level of attendance by those concerned. Counterchecking with the guests and industry planners on other events can mitigate this (Shone and parry, 2001).

For the event planner, he faces the risk of running out of finances when he realizes that the budget set aside for the event is not sufficient to meet all the costs necessary; contingency budgeting will solve this since the client may find it difficult to adjust to the last minute changes brought on by this financial shortage. Resource shortages can also take the form of manpower shortage needed to pull the event off or the equipment needed.

As stated in the case, there will be hot air balloons, games, buffet, contests and entertainment. There could be problems with the public address system or the communication systems. Standby equipment suppliers, human resources and other entertainment providers need to be identified. Challenges could arise in catering if the suppliers lack enough equipment to feed the guests.

There could be issues with the hot air balloons which may cease to operate or may be fewer in number. Also, the helicopter supplies could be unavailable even after advertising has been done. Guest interests need to be known in order to achieve this. Challenges can also arise in terms of utilities.

There could be a challenge with the drainage or water system especially if there is a mains supply or there maybe power outages. Investigation on their workability earlier on should be done. All these shortages can be addressed by having standby service providers who can step in.

Risks may manifest in the form of legal and environmental concerns. The event could generate a lot of noise and violate noise regulations. There are issues on alcohol licensing and these ought to be considered. There may be spillage of lighting into other sections of that community. Furthermore, challenges could arise in dealing with the traffic congestion that arises from the event. Familiarization and compliance with state laws will mitigate this risk.

Emergencies can arise such as fire especially when the hot air balloons are handled improperly. Alternatively, the company could have some political activists who may hold grudges against the company so they may decide to hold a demonstration on the day of the event. Possibilities of theft in the show may also arise if security is not taken seriously. Assessment of guests’ interests and supplier abilities will minimize this risk.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Human resource management for events versus traditional business environments HR for events differs from traditional HR in a variety of ways. First, the workforce size changes from time to time depending on the event schedules.

At the time of the event, the size will explode because there will many food vendors, cleaning teams, entertainment personnel, contractors and the like. In traditional HR, the size of the workforce remains relatively constant throughout. Additionally, in event management and planning, fairly limited time is available for training staff as compared to traditional HR (Wagen, 2006).

Issues such as performance appraisals cannot be carried out easily because an event may be managed for a couple of weeks. It may be over even before such a process can be carried out. Additionally, decisions need to be made very quickly when thus necessitating a high degree of job autonomy.

Also, pressure levels faced by employees are quite different from those in traditional business. They may have to move very fast, think on their feet and deliver within a very short time span then hit a slump for the next few months until the next event. In traditional HR, employees tend to maintain an equal level of pressure so they require different motivations.

Investigations prior to selection of the unique venue Spacing must never be compromised when selecting a unique venue and this is directly related to guest numbers; in this case adequate room for 750 people needed to be available. The company (Forum Tire) also needed to demonstrate its professionalism by choosing a stylish place hence the selection of a golf course.

Since this was a corporate event that would host people who could affect company productivity then Forum Tire needed to make a good impression. Budgetary needs should not be sidelined because they limit the choices. The guests need to have easy access to the venue and there should be ample parking and preferably less traffic so as to make them comfortable.

The venue needed a layout that would allow all the multiple activities going on within it. Lastly, the facilities available ought to cater to the client needed. Availability of toilet facilities, refreshments and friendly staff would all impact upon the guests’ experiences so these should be on point (Bradt, 2012).

We will write a custom Essay on Successful Event Management and Its Potential Risks specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Analysis of relevant issues related to water main break When a water main break occurs, it may require up to 72 hours for repair to be done. If this is done during the few hours left for event organization then chances are that the event will never begin. The event organizer will need to notify the public authorities about the matter and then proceed to look for alternative solutions.

In the EMBOK model, it is often stated that there are a range of challenges that can fall in the administration category, operations, design and risk areas (Silvers, 2006).

In administration, this water main break will require additional personnel who will need to get the catering tables out of the mud; in other words, additional man power will be needed. Procurement of new suppliers in terms of different tables may be necessary. There will be challenges in operations. The integrity of the site maybe affected in that more flooding may occur if the water main break was too large.

Either the tent should be moved to a totally different place in the golf course or if this is not possible, then a new location should be selected. Logistics and communications issues will be impacted because if the catering, entertainment and communication facilities were already installed in that area then they need to be moved to another location.

In terms of operations, issues such as lighting, communication devices, hot air balloon placements and all other entertainment facilities which had arrived need to be adjusted. If equipment needed to run these operations was already set up then it may need to be adjusted. Stakeholders involved will need to practice in another section.

Also, the design aspect of event planning will be affected since the team already had certain ideas in mind as they curved out a model for making the event work (Buchanan, 2000). In terms of risk, the water main break could spiral out of control and flood the entire venue.

Design three options (A, B,

Socialization Skills Role in the Child Development Reflective Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction




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Introduction How the child ends up in adult hood greatly depends on the way they are brought up and the kind of environment that he or she is exposed to. During the development of a child, it is important to kick off his or her life with important lessons that would enhance the socialization skills (Currie 3).

Children develop in stages and therefore development in every stage should be observed keenly and the child guided so as to ensure proper preparation for the future. For example, language acquisition by a child is mainly experienced in the early infancy stage and the period ending in puberty and after that the child cannot learn more in terms of language acquisition (Fildman, Wendkos and Papalia 26).

Observation For the first child, Mark, gave him the playdoh and told him to do whatever he wanted with it. As he went ahead, I placed a toy on the table and sat to watch. When he was done, I observed the three shapes that he had made; two of them looked like two people but I could not identify the last one so I decided to ask him what it was. He quickly said that it was his dog.

When I asked him who the two people were, he said that they were his mother and brother whom he had never seen ever since their parents separated. Since he was getting emotional, I left him alone and observed him. I noticed that he picked the toy I had earlier placed on the table and started talking to it as if it were alive.

For the second child, Mary, I made two balls from the playdoh and asked her whether they were the same. Surprisingly she took the balls in each of her hands as if to measure the weight and said that they both looked like balls but the one on the right was heavier.

When l moulded one of the balls into a snake and asked if it still contained the same amount of playdoh, she said no because the one mould into a snake was longer than the other one.

When I made it flat, she said no but I reformed the two identical balls, again she said that they contained the same amount of playdoh. When I used the coloured papers that were shaped into triangles, rectangles and ovals I was so impressed that she first separated them according to shape and then later by colour.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Reaction I was very impressed by the way Mark showed his high level of IQ when he went beyond describing the shapes of the two balls in the first exercise and actually determined the difference in weights (Currie 3). The reason why he started talking to the toy was that he assumed it to be an imaginary friend who took the place of the brother who had left after the parents separated (Fildman, Wendkos and Papalia 26).

I was also impressed by the manner in which Mary separated the shapes according to colour and shapes successfully and easily. This demonstrates her high level of cognitive skills that directly translates to her high level of IQ (Currie 3). The possible reason why she might not have answered the questions in the second exercise correctly is that she might not have understood the question correctly and misunderstood to mean the shapes of the figures and not the content.

Conclusion The early stages of every child are vital in the shaping of his or her future and therefore must be studied with caution by the parents and the teachers. All the skills that are needed by the child during the early stages must be imparted to him or her effectively so as to ensure a bright future for the child.

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