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Structure of UK Business Essay

Employment structure is wide topic that changes with time caused by numerous reasons such as technological and economical development among others factors. In a broad way, employment structure can be defined as the general distribution of the workforce among the three main employment sectors which are; primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

Discussion Depending with the stage of development, most countries have its population in a certain stage of employment and such example can be explained by pointing out at those countries that are at the early stages of development. Most countries at the early stages of development usually have its population in the primary stage of development and most cases it involves primary behaviors like agricultural activities and so on.

During this development period, a country will also grow in terms of industrial base and hence there is considerable increase in the activities at the secondary sector. This increase is observable through increase of machinery in the farms which obviously replaces the human labor resulting to migration of people to urban areas in such of new jobs in the factories and in big industries.

At the next level, there is demand for more development especially when a country becomes economical urbanized. At this particular time, there is great need for social services and other services such as education, health care, and tourism among others which gives rise to development of the tertiary sector that is characterized by wide use of computers, machinery and robots which also replaces the secondary sectors.

In United Kingdom, this concept of development can be observed to have impacted the society in a large way. For instance, it can be argued that, today there are few instances in which the population is working in the primary sector; this can be attributed to the wide spread urbanization in Europe and the high level of machinery use which has been heavily integrated in the industries taking over the primary sectors in a big way.

Additionally, the primary sector has lost the grips due to the fact that there is less or exhausted primary resources such as coal and land among others.

Today, the United Kingdom makes a lot of imports of the non-renewable resources such as fuel, uranium and natural gas but however, the number of individuals working in the secondary sector has reduced drastically over time.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This situation can be as a result of the fact that few people are required to work in the industries since they have already been replaced by robots in the factories. At the moment, the tertiary sector is the most pronounced and marks the main area of development in UK. In fact, today, a great number of the UK’s population now work in hospitals, schools, offices and in the financial sector as well.

Moreover, since most people have become wealthier, there is also considerable increase in demand for leisure activities including tourism, sports such a rugby and football which are very pronounced in UK today especially the Barclays premier league which has gained popularity across the globe.

Conclusion The above mentioned situation can be summarized in the graph presented below which clearly show the number of people working in the different sectors and it obviously indicates that a great number of people work in the tertiary sector today.

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Impacts of the market structure on the business behaviour of companies in the Structure

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Business structure can be viewed as organizational and other attributes of a market. These are the characteristics which have a significant impact on competition and hence the pricing (Tuto2u 2011). The main aspects of the market structure includes the total number of the firms, the extent to which the industry is vertically integrated, the share of the market, costs, structure of buyers, turnover of customers and the product differentiation (degree of differentiation) (Tuto2u 2011).

The business structure has a significant impact on the business behaviour. There are certain behaviours which characterize each business structure. This is in turn determined by the aspects of a particular business structure.

Discussion There are several market structures under which any organization can fall. These include the perfect competition, monopoly or the oligopoly. Each of these has its unique characteristics. In the perfect competition, there are many firms in a certain industry. A good example of a competitive market is the hotel industry.

It is characterized by a large number of firms which compete with each other. In the perfect competition, there are very little barriers to entry. This implies that it is easy to venture into a certain industry. Every participant in the perfect competition is a price taker. This implies that every firm will take the price which is offered at the market. An individual firm in this case does not have any power to influence the market price.

Another category of the market structure is the monopoly. This is the business structure where there is only one firm in the market. There is a high barrier to entry into such a market. In this category of the market structure, the firm is the portico maker. This implies that the firm has the power to determine the price.

Therefore, there are high chances of customer exploitation in this market structure. This is because there is no competition for customers. This may also discourage the firms from innovation because the firm does not face any threat from competitors.

The other form of the market structure is the oligopoly. This form of market structure is characterized by few firms which produces differentiated products. There are high barriers to entry. This is the reason why there are a few firms in an industry. Firms in this form of market structure are the price makers because there are just a few firms in a certain industry.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More From this discussion, it can clearly be seen that the market structure for the airline industry is oligopoly. This is because there are just a small number of companies in the industry.

However, there is a higher level of competition in this market structure compared with the monopoly where there is only one seller. In the airline industry, each company has the pricing power. This is because there are just a few firms in the industry. However, it is important to note that these firms do not have the power of setting the prices just to the levels they want.

In the airline industry, every organization affects the market. However, an organization is also affected by the decisions made by other organizations in the industry. The set up costs on the airline industry is extremely high.

Therefore, although there are high profits to be made, high costs forms a barrier to entry. For instance, setting an airline in the United States of America is extremely expensive. This is the reason why there are just a small number of companies operating in the market. This is unlike the case of a hotel which is easy to start up.

In airline industry as an oligopoly, there are sometimes price wars. This is where one company cuts its prices and others follow by doing the same. This process may usually continue and leads to unhealthy competition which may significantly affect the profitability of an organization.

For instance, the British Airways was faced by price wars in 2009 where it was forced to cut down the price of its tickets by 36 percent (Knapton 2008). This negatively affected its profitability. Airline companies usually engage in price wars with an effort of expanding their individual market shares.

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