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Strategic Management Problem Solution Essay

Table of Contents Executive Summary


Organizations Analysis

Present and potential future projects

Effects of implementations of future strategies




Executive Summary Strategic management forms an integral aspect of any organization operations. Strategic management guides an organization towards achieving; its goals, objectives, mission and vision successfully. Some scholars assert that strategic management is a vital tool that helps management to allocate resources effectively. In an attempt to understand how strategic management influences business organizations, this essay looks at the operations of Rotary Engineering Limited Company (REL) and Jurong Town Corporation (JPC).

REL is a world leading petroleum producer, whereas, JPC is a public owned corporation that offers a competitive economic platform for an organization to produce, and enhance its economic improvement. The main activities carried by JTC are; construction, technoprenuer centre, underground oil reservoirs, incubators, wafer fabrication hub, and chemical production.

The company’s mission is to facilitate Singaporean economic performance. On the other hand, REL is a petroleum producing company that operates in Singapore, and in major Asian countries such as; Saudi Arabia, India, China and Malaysia. The company’s mission is to produce quality products that meet customer’s needs. To achieve its long-term goals, the company embraces strategic plans, as the route map to achieving its goals.

A viable strategic management is essential for any organization, as it incorporate organization goals, objectives and mission in relation to the long-term plans. Although, the two organizations operate in different economic structures, individual strategic plans have helped them to cope, both with internal and external environment. Additionally, strategic decisions have steered them towards improving their performance.

Nonetheless, it has not been smooth sailing for the two companies; challenges have emerged, compelling the management to devise alternatives in order to adjust themselves to the demands of steady growth. Induced pressure that results from steady growth has resulted in delegation of duties to subordinate staffs, some of whom are less competent. However, despite of its steady growth, REL revises its strategic policy and management organization to suit the new demands.

Introduction Competitive organizations need to make deliberate measure to cope with the existing cutthroat competition. The existence of such stiff competition renders managers to devise alternatives, and means to remain ahead of their competitors. To achieve this, managers design and implement strategic plans to sustain performance effectiveness. Strategic plan is an evolving initiative aimed at aiding an organization to cope with complex external environment (Porter 1996).

Thus; strategic plan forms an integral part of any organization as it encompasses strategic objectives. The strategic objectives outline both current and medium- term goals, which assist organization in achieving its long-term goals (Dess, Lumpkin

The Oiled Paper Umbrella Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Abstract Umbrellas have evolved throughout the history of ancient China, Egypt, and the Middle East. Oiled paper umbrella is a type of umbrella that emanated from China during the ancient times and has evolved and dominated the world due to its unique features.

The unique features of oiled paper umbrella include smooth bamboo handle, waterproof shade, light paper, and colorful collections. A study, carried out in colleges, confirmed that students prefer oiled paper umbrella as compared to other umbrellas, thus designers and entrepreneurs should target students and entire youth as potential customers of oiled paper umbrellas.

Introduction The oiled paper umbrella is a special umbrella that emanated from China during the ancient times but has currently gained international recognition that, it is virtually present in all countries. Johnson argues that, versatility of oiled paper umbrella to various occasions and functions has made it gain international significance as compared to the ordinary umbrellas (8).

This implies that, oiled paper umbrella has unique appeal to diverse cultures across the world due to its unique design and variable colors. Since the oiled paper umbrella has dominated the world, this project seeks to establish the unique features that are inherent in the umbrella design that make it appeal to so many people across the world.

Review of the Literature As aforementioned, the oiled paper umbrella is unique umbrella that Chinese invented during the ancient times. The Chinese made the oiled umbrella using bamboo, wax, paper, and various colors that give different tastes. Royal families and emperors used red and yellow colors with special designs while ordinary people used blue or other colored umbrellas.

According to Smith, oiled umbrellas serve several purposes in the Chinese culture in that they do not only provide shade against rain and sunshine, but also as act as artifacts of decorations in weddings and prevention of evil spirits in religious ceremonies (1).

In addition, other people across the world use the oiled paper umbrella as gifts to their loved ones and souvenirs of the Chinese culture. Despite the fact that the oiled paper umbrella originated from China, it has spread across the world, because its unique design and multiple colors appeal to many people.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Methodology To establish unique features that are inherent in the oiled paper umbrella, a study was carried out in a college. The survey targeted 200 college-going students and ensured that there was gender balance to enhance the credibility of the research findings.

According to Walter, the appealing features of the oiled paper umbrella include oil that repels water, smooth bamboo handle, and colorful designs (8). Therefore, the study hypothesized that students would cite these unique features as inherent components of the oiled paper umbrellas that have made it dominate the world’s markets with much value.

In the study, the researchers interviewed 200 participants to state the umbrella they like and name its unique features. The researchers displayed four types of umbrellas with five sets, each having different colors. The study collected numerical data in terms of points. When each participant selected the desired umbrella, it was a point; moreover, every named unique feature was a point too.

Expected Results

The study expected that, since the oiled paper umbrella has more unique features as compared to the ordinary umbrellas, it would score more points. Edwards asserts that, artifacts that have many attractive features are more appealing than those with minimal features are (13).

Hence, smooth bamboo, waterproof shade, light paper, colorful collections, and unique design of the oiled paper umbrella are many attributes that made it score more points in the survey. Comparatively, the ordinary umbrellas only have good design features and exist in colorful collections; however, they do not have bamboo and paper components plus waterproof shade.

Therefore, the research findings are relevant to both designers and entrepreneurs since they give an idea about students’ preferences and tastes concerning umbrellas. Designers will employ these findings in designing customized umbrellas that target students and by extension youths, as a generalization of the findings. Moreover, entrepreneurs will employ these findings in targeting youths as potential customers of the oiled paper umbrellas.

Research Project Timetable

The researchers carried out the study on a weekend viz. Saturday and Sunday, between 9am and 4pm, because most of the students are free and have ample time for interviews. Between 9am and 4pm, researchers visited students at various places within the college: in hostels, classes, and field or entertainment centers. The objective of the study was to interview 200 participants, 100 males and 100 female students, in consideration of gender perception of umbrella features.

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The study required resources such as the interviewers who carried out the study during the two days and analyzed the data. The interviewers used questionnaires and stationery as recourses when collecting required information from participants. Other resources that were critical include samples of four types of umbrellas each having five sets of different colors.

Conclusion Invention of umbrellas began a long time ago, about 4000 years, in various parts of the world such as China, Assyria, and Egypt. Bellis explains that, the ancient umbrellas functioned as shade against sun and rain, but they have evolved with time in that, they currently function as beauty artifacts in weddings, souvenirs, and gifts (5). Due to its unique and attractive features, the oiled paper umbrella has gained international recognition because international designers and fashion industries are reproducing it across the world.

Currently, in Europe and the United States, the oiled paper umbrellas cost between 10 to 100 dollars, depending on quality and design of the umbrella. The study carried in a college proved that students preferred the oiled umbrella to the ordinary umbrellas. Thus, research findings are relevant to both designers and entrepreneurs of umbrellas, for they provide probable tastes and preferences of students.

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