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Sport Event in Eugene Emerald Company Report

Introduction Like any other company, the Eugene Emerald’s have devised a marketing strategy with the hope of maintaining and ensuring that they generate the maximum amount of revenue from eth available market.

The baseball game has generated allot of passion and excitement among American fans over the years and this has been partly due to the motivated and continued aggressiveness of entities such as the Eugene Emerald’s. The success or otherwise of the team and company alike falls squarely on the ability to formulate implement and adequately maintain a viable and successful marketing strategy.

Background Eugene Emerald’s has played host to many of professional and semi professional games since 1971. Over the years, the game has developed into a micro self-sufficient enterprise that deals and controls in its own market and market forces. The company therefore has been faced with the challenge of developing and facilitating a successful marketing plan for the 100000 fan base.

It has based its marketing plan on the need to increase game attendance as well as increase the purchase of team products such as caps in every game played. The management has so far implemented an objective marketing strategy that targets increasing the Latino participation as a target market and means to achieve the firm’s objective.

Statement of the problem The effectiveness and ability of a marketing strategy to meet the company’s objective relies heavily on the execution and implementation of the specific provisions and strategic plans. The Eugene Emerald’s target market strategy has been used over the years to increase the number of fans attending the game as well as a means of increasing the cap per game statistic. This research interrogates the actual effectiveness or otherwise of the target market strategy.

Methodology The research took a qualitative approach that involved the researcher attending the Emeralds game on August 4, 2011 versus the Tri-City Dust Devils as a way of obtaining first hand observation and customer experience. This approach allowed the researcher to interrogate the specific aspects of the marketing strategy and make a conclusion on its effectiveness to the company and in achieving the organizations objectives.

Data collection The observations and reflections from the game were written down and later analyzed in three thematic categories. The customer experience, amenities and the in game entertainment. Each theme was discussed in specific detail of experience best fit analysis and strategy gaps that need to be filled. The data also analyzed the price effectiveness of the existing strategy in as far as pricing is concerned as well the entertainment value of the animal house theme night.

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The first impression made by the employees in an entertainment activity matters allot in determining the chances of their repeated attendance to the event. The manner in which employees are treated therefore goes a long way in ensuring that at the customer goes home with a god impression and hence building on the goodwill of the service.

The employees at the reception however seemed rather overwhelmed by the number of fans and therefore compromised on the greetings and acknowledgements that are supposed to be issued to the customer. They however made scanty attempts at passing on greetings especially to those who are familiar and frequent fans. The number of greetings was higher however at the beginning of the issuance of passes but reduced as the number of fans increased.

This was followed by a long period of waiting since the number of employees who were allocated a single task was too few to handle the overwhelming fans. It took the assistance of security personnel to show me the directions to the seat. This was however partly attributed to the fact that most of the fans have visited the stadium more than once and therefore knew their way round. It is also very likely that a new person would waste a lot of time looking to be directed.

The immediate work areas looked tidy but in need have urgent re painting. It would seem as if the work areas received attention only during the games but none after. Signs of hurried cleaning were enough proof that the areas had only been recently tidied. The employees were rather neatly dressed and their uniforms were identifiable with the companies name due to their branding.

Majority also showed a firm grasp of knowledge of the affairs of the stadium and were very helpful to those who they assisted. They operated under an effective delegation system and certain employees specialized in specific problems. Some dealt specifically with credit card failures while others dealt with ticket loss and similar problems. This ensured that the employees delivered fast and quality service through teamwork.

The employees were also highly motivated and displayed an enthusiastic sense of hospitality they gave every complainant an opportunity to respond to their services through comments in a suggestion box that was pinned at strategic points with the relevant materials. They generally portrayed a god company image. Given the opportunity, I would however increase the number of employees to ensure that they maintain a consistent level of service delivery.

Market mix The price structure was also seen to be specifically tailored to suit the different income ranges. The $2 price of a beer was friendly to low and high end customers and the uniformity provided harmony in the interests. The product mixes however seemed to lean heavily on the average earners bracket.

We will write a custom Report on Sport Event in Eugene Emerald Company specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More This caused a disservice to the 1000 high end customers who required high end service and had to settle for the available packages. The general tidiness and cleanliness was above the minimum standard the facility design required few directions as the services are situated in plain sight. The role played by the merchandise operations that engaged in the sale of caps played a great role in stimulating loyalty and ratio to the game and the facility. The caps went a long way in selling the companies name.

Amenities Secondary and auxiliary services were found to fairly attract the attention of the consumers. Despite their cleanliness and tidiness they still need a lot of modernization and renovation to embrace the 21st century technology. The facilities mission and goals are clearly stipulated as being in line with the spirit and objective of the sport.

The customized features of booths and wall paintings inspired a sense baseball into the minds of the customers. Visitor services are located in plain sight and therefore were easily accessible and identifiable. Services of similar nature such as information and telephone services are located and grouped in one direction to ease the accessibility and convenience of such services.

The displays inform of the stadium as well as the pitch clearly align with the spirit of the game and the mission and objective of the facility. There was however a great problem in the merchandise locations and distribution points.

Due to the limited space in the facility majority of the customers often left without visiting the merchandise booths despite their location in plain sight and easy accessibility. There was however enough concession for distribution and all interested customers were adequately served. The e facility therefore needs to re evaluate the location and positioning of the merchandise selling points.

Facility appearance The facility has a shouting appearance that is blended through painting to the strategic seating arrangements that allow for a diverse fun base for either team. The maintenance program however fundamentally failed to cover the side facilities and focused on the main facilities in as far as painting is concerned.

The facility is however in good condition and free of any hazardous structures. It however needs to consider an expansion plan in as far as capacity is concerned if it is to host bigger games such as championships. The backup facilities were adequately maintained cleaned and painted and looked to be in good condition.

The cleaning system also provided structural concerns as the trash cans seemed to be overwhelmed and required regular empting. The facility could therefore operate better with bigger cans that would accommodate the high amount of trash. The facility’s features such as door handles and hand railings are in good condition but in need of modernization to improve and increase the level of customer satisfaction.

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Challenging Sexuality in Movies “Brokeback Mountain” by Ang Lee and “Boys Don’t Cry” by Kimberly Peirce Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

How sexuality is challenged


Works Cited

Introduction The two movies “Brokeback Mountain” and “Boys Don’t Cry” essentially reveal the nature of intolerance and hatred that still pervades rural America today. Audiences sympathized with the main characters in the stories because they were victimized for their sexual choices.

Brandon in “Boys Don’t Cry” and Jack and Ennis of “Brokeback mountain” are all people living double lives. They reside in conservative societies, and have to disguise their sexual preferences in order to fit in. By exposing the struggles, elations, mistreatment, and death of these individuals, the movies have challenged conventional notions of sexuality.

How sexuality is challenged Falls City – a Midwestern, all white rural community – is the setting for the movie “Boys don’t cry”. Berardinelli (3) believes that “people who live in such environments know very little about the gay community”; hence their “tendency to become homophobic”. The main character in the movie –Brandon Teena- makes a lot of friends in the community. She charms her way around, and spends a lot of her time with two particular individuals – Lotter and Nissen.

This is the reason why it becomes quite horrifying when these friends turn against Brandon and kill her. The audience now thinks of the main character as a betrayed and misunderstood person. “Boys don’t cry” succeeds in portraying the other side of sexuality by focusing on a very complex individual. Brandon Teena is at first uncertain about the hostility that she might receive from the people of Falls City.

This is the reason why she chooses to hide her biological characteristics through various tactics. Thereafter, she feels left out and alone. As the movie comes to an end, one then identifies with her horror and anguish when her friends rape her. It is her untimely death that stirs up the highest level of emotions among audiences. By the end of the movie, one views Brandon Teena as a holistic and real human being who happened to live in a place where very few people understood her.

This motion picture did not sensationalize or exploit all the deep issues at play; it focused on telling the story of the main characters as accurately and as flawlessly as possible. The scriptwriter did not give any psychological explanations about Brandon’s ‘deviance’ (as some would like to perceive her).

Similarly, “Brokeback Mountain” also portrays fully developed and well rounded characters through Jack and Ennis. Viewers are expected to understand them as they are, rather than try to figure them out through the scriptwriter’s forced interpretations (Ramos et. al 59). These two motion pictures illustrate the multi-layered components of being gay in American rural communities. None of the individuals has been mythologized either; everyone has flaws in sexual relationships as well as in other social interactions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More All too often, American indie movie makers have moved too close to the conventional. Most of them emerge as lectures and are often used as propagandistic tools. “Brokeback Mountain” and “Boys Don’t Cry” do not fall prey to this trap as they are not intercepted by the author’s personal opinions. In this motion picture, the love story of two gay men is presented to the rest of the world, and by the end of the story, one feels the pain associated with the heartbreak that Ennis and Jack encountered.

The universality of their emotions and their ups and downs even causes one to associate the movie with popular love stories like the “Titanic”. In most gay-themed creations, authors normally have a tendency to talk about the gay rights movement; this does not occur in “Brokeback Mountain”.

Jack and Ennis are two seemingly normal men who fell in love with each other. The two individuals want to be together but are prevented from doing so by the fear of estrangement from their community. When Jack suggests to Ennis that they can start living together at a ranch nearby, Ennis vehemently refuses. He is afraid of the intolerance in his neighborhood and also worries about his family.

The two men cannot be together even after Ennis divorces his wife because he is attached to his children. Eventually, one gets the idea that they are meant to be together but cannot be owing to their circumstances. Their less-than-perfect relationship makes it quite believable (Ramos et. al 45). In fact, these predicaments are quite common in heterosexual relationships as well thus explaining why the movie resonated with both people from all walks of life.

Viewers are able to know about sociological components through Brandon Teena and through others’ reactions to her. Matters such as sexual identity and the sociological versus biological roles involved in it are highlighted in this main character’s life choices.

The importance of role playing in modern life has also been emphasized through this movie because not only does Brandon walk, talk and look like a man, she also develops feelings for members of the opposite sex. Gorton (14) illustrates that “audiences can identify with this character because they get to see just how difficult it is to live and behave like a man when one is biologically a woman”.

Brandon had to tie up her breasts and dress up in masculine attire in order to convince her friends and lovers that she was male. Members of the audience are likely to be confused at some point in the movie because everything about Brandon- her voice, her gestures, and movement-are highly convincing. Role playing for people with alternative sexual persuasion is a common concept and it can be easily understood as their only way out of the “entrapment they feel” (Gorton 13).

We will write a custom Research Paper on Challenging Sexuality in Movies “Brokeback Mountain” by Ang Lee and “Boys Don’t Cry” by Kimberly Peirce specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The fluidity with which she handles these tensions depicts just how difficult it is to live that kind of life in Midwestern communities. Role playing is not just limited to the boy who is trapped in a woman’s body; it also takes place in “Brokeback Mountain”. While Ennis and Jack did not have to cover up their biological characteristics in order to match their psychological inclinations, they still had to disguise their attraction to one another away from the public.

Role playing was therefore a way of dealing with “the resentment that the public or their family may have had towards their union” (Lee 32). They had to go for fictitious fishing trips in order to spend time with one another. None of their spouses found out about the extra marital affair directly from the two, so this was something that had to be closeted. Jack and Ennis played the role of husbands, but “what they really wanted to do was to live together” (Lee 34).

The two motion pictures represent a step in the right direction; homosexuality had been a rarity in Hollywood creations for a long time. A historical analysis of gay representations in film reveals very humble beginnings. At first, being gay was something that solicited a certain level of amusement.

None of the characters in the 1930s movies were out rightly gay; some of them had masculine and feminine characteristics. Audiences never thought much about this depiction because it did not challenge conventional knowledge of sexuality. In the early to mid twentieth century, most Hollywood pictures refrained from the subject of homosexuality because civil society and religious movements had accused the industry of perpetuating immorality amongst the masses.

Later on, that is, in the 1960s and 70s, homosexuality elicited disdain, pity and even mockery in films. People who lived that lifestyle were to be feared rather than respected. Most of them were portrayed as dangerous psychopaths, who would commit heinous crimes. In essence the movies were demonizing gays secretly. Ramos et. al (40) affirm that Hollywood’s “pedagogy is frequently invisible and unconscious”. It did not occur to scriptwriters that they were real people who were incredibly dynamic.

These depictions were quite inaccurate, but they created images which stuck in viewers’ minds. Movies became one of the few platforms for introducing gay people to the rest of the world. Hollywood dictated “how people came to understand and think about homosexuals” (Packard 12) As Ramos et. al (40) explain “individuals are often not aware that they are being educated and constructed by media culture”. In the 1990s, depictions of gay characters became common; even though most of them appeared to be one dimensional.

For instance in the movie “My Best Friend’s Wedding”, a gay character known as George is depicted as “a very flamboyant individual who laughs very loudly and likes to listen to feminine songs” (Shapiro