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Should Smoking Tobacco Be Classified As an Illegal Drug? Analytical Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Views and Values Held By Antagonist of Tobacco Smoking

Views and Values Held By Supports of Tobacco Smoking


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Introduction As per the World Health Organization approximations, there exist more than one billion smokers globally. As a result of these, and the financial and political supremacy enjoyed by most tobacco manufacturing companies, in almost all global societies, tobacco is one of the legal substances that are widely used.

In America alone, as research studies show, one in five Americans is a smoker, a figure which adds up to more than 40 million smokers (Hendrick 1-2). As a result of these, smoking-related illnesses account for more than four hundred and forty six thousand deaths annually.

Further, annually the government spends millions of dollars to cater for the health needs of individuals suffering from tobacco related diseases. Although this is the case, the tobacco industry is one of the most profitable industries, a fact that has made it very hard for the government to illegalize the use of tobacco products (Maugh 1).

Therefore, although tobacco smoking is a practice that is legal and supported by a section of the community, there have been numerous calls to illegalize the practice, because of the different views and values that are held by most antagonists of the practice.

Views and Values Held By Antagonist of Tobacco Smoking Although tobacco smoking is a legalized practice, there have been numerous calls by antagonist of this practice for the need to illegalize the practice. One of the factors cited by most antagonist of the practice is that, tobacco is one of the most harmful substances that have remained legal for a very long time. Annually, numerous deaths caused by tobacco smoking related illnesses occur in America, a fact that the government seems to ignore.

As research studies show, tobacco smoking is one of the deadliest practices, which accounts for more than forty percent of the total number of hospital illnesses. This has made the government to spend billions of dollars to cater for the needs of these patients; something which supporters of the illegalization campaign believe can be avoided if the government illegalizes smoking.

Another reason which supporters of the illegalization campaign put forward is that, as compared to illegalized substances such are marijuana, cigarettes contain nicotine one of the most addictive substances, which most individuals take without knowing its dangerous effects.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More According to these groups, it is very unethical for cigarette manufacturing industries to advertise their products to the public while ignoring to tell them, the dangers associated with tobacco.

As per most health research findings, most individuals more so children and smokers live in environments, which are not protected from the effects of tobacco smoking, because of the inadequacies of the regulations managing tobacco smoking.

Therefore, as per them, there is need for communities to speak in one voice and protect future generations from the harmful effects of tobacco smoking by forcing the government to illegalize the practice (O’Dowd 1).

Views and Values Held By Supports of Tobacco Smoking Contrary to the views held by most antagonist of the legality of cigarette smoking practice, most supporters of this practice believe that, every individual has the right of deciding what is best for their bodies. In addition, majority of the supporters of this practice strongly believe that, illegalizing the practice may worsen the situation, because it will lead to opening of black markets and springing up of criminal organizations.

In addition, supporters of this practice hold a notion that, illegalizing tobacco will be one of the taxing ventures that a government can indulge itself in, this will mean that the government has to be ready to spend more money on its criminal justice system and police departments.

In addition, these individual believe that, by illegalizing tobacco smoking the government has to ready to lose the millions of dollars, which it earns annually from the tobacco industry. Further, this will mean that it has to be ready to provide the enormous numbers of individuals who are likely to lose their jobs.

This is not practical considering the current unemployment status of the country; hence, illegalizing tobacco smoking, will be show of the not caring for its citizenry, a value that is cherished by those who oppose the illegalization campaigns (Nadelmann 1).

We will write a custom Essay on Should Smoking Tobacco Be Classified As an Illegal Drug? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Conclusion Considering the numerous value and views held by individuals who support tobacco smoking and those who strongly oppose the practice, it is important for the government to leave the discretion of whether to smoke or not to individuals. However, to ensure that individuals are making right decisions, it is import for tobacco industries in collaboration with the government to provide the public with enough information on the positive and negative effects of tobacco smoking.

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The Brady Training Program Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The problem in the article appears to be employee dissatisfaction, leading to the character Bill Flynn to engage in improper behavior in order to meet his work needs. Bill appears to be very ambitious, which causes him to quit a job that does not satisfy his desires. He left a sales position even before he had been accepted for the training position in the technical field of computers.

This is an indication that Bill is a person who knows what he wants and is not tied to job security, or afraid of not getting a job. He is rather confident for someone with less than one year work experience. The problem identified in the article involves the behavior of a person who is ambitious and willing to go to great heights to achieve his targets.

Bill is provided with the opportunity to train for a whole year in the technical field, after which he can obtain employment at the firm. The problem is that there are ten other people, who threaten his chances of success, whereby success is finishing the one year training program and being offered permanent employment. There are a maximum of four vacancies, which means that at least seven people will be eliminated.

This leads Bill to come up with strategies that will ensure that he makes it to the last day of the competition. Due to the intensity of the training, some trainees result to dysfunctional behavior, which is expected when the competition gets stiff. The trainees had been advice to work individually, but there are a few people who work in groups, assisting each other, and at times steal reference material from previous groups to get direction.

According to Charles Darwin, survival of human beings and other creatures has been based on natural selection, whereby only the strongest can survive. One channel of survival is adaptation. Similarly, the work environment is very competitive, and with increasing cases of unemployment, people tend to do whatever it takes, to make good use of available opportunities. Bill is aiming at increasing his computer knowledge base, and succeeding in the program would be very advantageous for him.

The other trainees have the same views, and since the organization will only hire the best, the trainees decide to go on an all out war. Group work was discouraged but the trainees know that individual efforts are futile and therefore form discussion groups to assist them through the courses. Some people result in stealing of reference material from previous groups.

The policies outlined, especially those involving individual work are likely to be overlooked in any organization. This is because people are social, and tend to create friendships, and companionship. Companionship leads to sharing problems, as was seen in the growth of Bill’s discussion group.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More One way for organizations to pose such competitions would be based on creating group tasks, whereby people are forced to succeed in groups or face elimination. Duties in organizations require coordination with other people, and as much as individual talent and skill may be beneficial, the individual must be a team player.

The three bosses seemed to identify this trait in Bill, as he went the extra mile to create friendships with them in other fields beside the work place. His involvement in sports must have pleased them too, since it showed his ability to work with others, and probably led to the pay rise, in his last interview when he was offered the job, but informed them of better pay elsewhere.

Another solution to avoid cheating and stealing of material during challenges is to provide assessment teachers to assign the groups at least one experienced person to guide them in their course of the training.

Providing such a person would save them on time spent trying to figure out what is required of them, and convert it into meaningful time spent working on providing the most suitable solution or response. Behavior problems can best be controlled by providing mentors, who can guide and encourage positive behavior, since achieving something by yourself is bound to attract negative means of attaining success.