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Should Canada play a larger international role? Research Paper

Table of Contents Introduction

International role

Canada’s historical Background

The economic, social and political status of Canada

Factors influencing Canada as an international player

How Canada should play a larger international role




Introduction International role has been a heritage for every nation in the world. The recent decades have seen all countries in the world anticipate becoming the key players in the international scope. International role of a nation becomes pronounced in terms of economic, social, political, and economic aspects.

Over the years, Canada has played very crucial roles internationally as a result of its enthusiastic leaders and citizens, always committed to act as change models. Additionally, the nation has proved to have great potential in the international affairs, a factor that places the country among the global giants.

Global giants have proved themselves through their endless interest to become more prominent as well as to dominate the economic and social society of the world. However, participation in international roles becomes a success for those countries that have set themselves apart for the sake of international development. Thus, with the modern global transformations, Canada should play a larger international role than it has done previously to enhance their participation in global affairs[1].

The discussion in this paper is aimed at establishing the fact that Canada should play a larger international. It will also provide a detailed discussion to establish how Canada should play a larger international role

International role An International role is that which an individual or a nation performs for the benefit of other nations. The role need not only be played when a need arises, but at any given time and to any nation across the globe. Many countries have been enthusiastic to take part in the global development and transformation through their advancement in all aspects.

Many expand industrially like china and Japan, others in terms of agrarian revolution like South-East Asia etc. However, every nation possesses a unique cultural set up, historical background as well as political and economical backgrounds. The interplay of these factors provides a ground for each country to play a distinct role internationally. Some countries like Canada are good players when it comes to the international security and peacekeeping roles[2].

Additionally, participation in international roles depends on the historical background of a nation, since it acts as a confident driving force towards anticipated success. More over, the world needs such international players, since the international roles act as instruments for global cooperation.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Several roles that international players can participate in include boosting of the global economy, enhancing the global social relationships, taking part in building an ample political world as well as improving the cultures of the global nations. More over, the current world is dynamic, especially on issues regarding technological advancements[3].

Thus, nations should boost each other in order that equity in these advancements may take pre-eminence to avoid a nation’s lag behind. In addition, it takes the strategic decisions that an international player makes in order that their international roles objectives may be achieved, the reason why Canada should continue enthusiastically to play larger international roles[4].

Canada’s historical Background Canada has had an enticing type of historical background in the past years due to their active participation in the international affairs. However being ruled by some drastic and overwhelming challenges in the recent past, they have been enthusiastic to accomplish their local and global goals up to date.

The nation is well known for its long participation in international trade over the years, a factor that renders them understand global challenges in a better way. For instance, they have long traded with the United States, having been known as global giants over the years.

Additionally, Canada has been known to embrace democracy in its traditional political and governmental set up, which is manned by a parliamentary system. It is also evident from historical sources that Canada duly participated in the rampant wars that tormented the whole world in the 19th and the 20th centuries. This background has played a key role in their recent engagement in the international affairs[5].

Recent research findings have declared Canada as an active economist in the world. This is evident in the fact that they participated in international trade even before the massive destructive wars, and had even managed to construct railways in the country.

Canada has also been known as a state that values confederation and expansion in terms of economic, social, and political grounds, a major reason for their participation in the global context. The cultural background has played a great role in the growth and development of Canadian history, having been marked by a sense of oneness and democracy for all races. Issues like racism, extensive domineering has not been found to take pre-eminence even in the traditional Canada.

We will write a custom Research Paper on Should Canada play a larger international role? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More A number of countries in the world, including South Africa and Sudan have benefited from Canada’s act of good faith in promoting global diplomacy in the recent years. More to that, contradictions in the political system are not known to have been a hindrance to the Canadian people due to everyone’s development of a receptive heart in terms of development. Therefore, the historical background of Canada gives a positive direction for it to play larger international roles in future.

The economic, social and political status of Canada The status of a country in the economic, social, and political set up plays a crucial role in terms of developments, both locally and internationally. There have been an up and down trend in these status values over the years due to the interplay of negative and positive forces.

For instance, the twentieth century saw the factors above experience drastic and sudden transformations as a result of the world wars that devastated the whole world. However, the country has been re -correcting drastically in the 21st century with an aim to restore the original status quos, and at the same time improve to the best[6].

First, Canada has been able to develop in all its economic areas, making long term and positive changes. The current economic status has all its desired areas playing key roles in the countries development, productivity, global performance, as well as sustainability. The development in agriculture, which involves cultivation of a wide variety of crops, has really manifested itself in the global context. Such are the items that are supplied to other nations, the trade partners.

In addition to that, the current Canada is tending towards becoming an industrial giant with the rapid industrialization that is taking place everyday. It is also evident that Canadians are very good at resources exploitation, and with the development of economic tools and valuable government policies, Canada is liable to become a global giant very soon, a factor that makes it suitable as a potential player of larger international roles[7].

On the other hand, the social set up of Canada, though having been drastically interrupted during the massive world wars is well established. Canadians, just like the United States do not limit the level of societal interactions.

A large number of immigrants are also allowed into the country, a factor that provides freedom for social interaction between all races. In addition, their cultures are quite flexible, since there is no fixed culture for all citizens, but mixed cultures are evident. A few social issues are questionable in the country, by either the state or the government.

More over, it is a society where all people are provided with equal participatory rights in the development processes that take place within the country. This kind of a social set up is crucial in fostering international relations as well as societal growth.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Should Canada play a larger international role? by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More More over, Canada is one of the few nations that are known to have had few political crises. They have a parliamentary government, led through a hierarchical system, which is embraced by the country citizens. Though the ruling system is also problematic, having legalized some incredible society issues in the recent years, no major governmental crises have been felt. The system is entirely democratic, thus giving every societal member to participate directly or indirectly in the governmental process.

Their tradition has always been characterized by a democratic system, a reason for their continued success in the international issues. It has been a key participant in maintaining international peace, having acted as a role model in the maintenance of local peace. Thus, it is with enthusiasm and interest that Canada should continue playing larger roles in the international arena[8].

Factors influencing Canada as an international player Contribution of Canada in the international scope is enhanced by a number of factors. First, the geographical positioning of the country is ample, since it borders with the United States, thus centrally placed for ease in penetration to other global parts. The aforediscussed political, social, and economic situations are suitable in providing a ground for Canada to participate fully in the global development.

The elapsed past has also seen Canada succeed in international trade, having established trade relations with a number of global giants, to an extent of having traditional trade relations with the immediate neighbor; the U.S. this is a factor that directly contributes to its global participation[9].

On the other hand, the past charitable global deeds have enhanced the country’s profile in the world, creating receptivity for it in all other countries including those in the African continent. First, its combination of forces with the U.S army to help combat the Afghanistan rapid wars in the recent past has helped build trust for Canada in other states.

Secondly, the key function that it performed in enhancement of diplomatic relations in the neighboring countries is a source of international credit. South Africa has sustained global friendships with Canada in the recent years. The lead role that Canada played in the abolishment of apartheid system in S. Africa in 1976 remains memorable today[10].

The assistance in the enactment of peace, security and democratic political system is approve that Canada is a global peace-creator, a factor that leads to most countries embrace the state. As is if that was not enough, Canada has enthusiastically participated in the Sudan crises, acting as an object of making peace, basing their total assistance in the pillars of peace, security, and democracy. In addition, it participated in the legalization of peace process, whose first step involved the signing of treaties of peace between Sudan and Darfur.

The compassionate and human rights international commission has recognized Canada as a campaigner for the human welfare, a factor that makes many nations to envy Canada, thus involving them in their issues. Having participated in the world wars in the 19th century has created a good ground for Canada to participate in other recent wars, thus becoming an international player through the past experience10.

How Canada should play a larger international role Canada should play a larger international role in the near future. The stability in the Canadian government system will help Canada to participate in the international affairs with a lot of ease. The political system is identified to embrace democracy, peace, and security, which will help the world in very many ways, bearing in mind the issue of international immigration[11].

Additionally, Canada anticipates getting involved in the promotion of world peace, security as well as diplomacy in all states, having served as an example in the promotion of South-African and Sudan peace in the recent past.

The experience they have gained through their active participation in the international trade with global nations is a driving factor towards their future participation in the international trade. Having long established strong trade relations with its neighboring states, Canada will have a great opportunity in establishing trade relations with the global entities in the future.

In addition, the nation is captivated towards becoming successful in the anticipated modern agrarian revolution, with an objective of producing the best crops that are a benefit to the world. This will drive the country into becoming globally famous for all nations to t desire relating with Canada[12].

On the other hand, for Canada to participate in the international roles, there is a requirement that the government system be completely evaluated in order to eliminate the vices that may act as drawbacks for future development.

The recent criticism towards the government legalization of unethical issues like similar gender marriage may be a source of rampant challenges, in the feeling that the influence may spread to other parts of the world. At the same time, it is possible to play international role in the sense that the great anticipation that the country has is to become an international role model for sustainable metropolitan development[13].

This aspiration should drive the country far in terms of economic growth, since the urbanization will also play a lead role in tourism promotion. The current project management systems are also well suited for international affairs. Canada is a leader in managing quality as the most crucial aspect in the construction and improvement of the modern transport means.

Thus, with great enthusiasm to attain the set goals, it will be easier for them to penetrate in the world. Canada is also one of the leading countries in the military strength, thus it would be crucial if the countries involve it in the peacekeeping and war combating efforts in the near future. With the recent technological advancements, it is easier for every country in the world to penetrate globally, Canada inclusive as one of the states that have really embraced global development[14].

Conclusion The recent economic, social, and political developments are contributing factors for Canada’s participation in larger international roles. Embarking on the modern technological and infrastructure developments will also play a key role in making Canada a future global entity. Therefore, it is crucial that the nation implements new international standard strategies with the main objective of enhancing productivity and performance in the international scope. Thus, Canada should play a larger international role.

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Gambling’s Positive and Negative Effects Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The term gambling finds usage in many situations, which have an element of uncertainty. These vary from placing bets, participating in the lottery, stock market speculation, and even insurance and other forms of risk taking such as sky diving. In a strict sense for an event to qualify as gambling, the participants must have no further interest beyond the immediate financial reward based on the outcome of the event.

The reasons why people gamble vary from simple recreation to using it as a get rich quick strategy. In some cases such as in lotteries, the financial reward is incidental and secondary because the participants drive is to help raise funds for the course the lottery promotes. In some contexts, there is interchangeable use of the term gaming and gambling.

Gambling may be either legal or illegal. Legal gambling takes place under the watchful eyes of the authorities in places such as casinos. Other forms of legal gambling include lotteries and sports based bets where a bet is placed on such elements as which team stands the chance to win a particular match. In these situations, the government defines the rules within which gambling is legal and collects revenue from the activities. It is normal to have a body charged with overseeing the operation of gambling activities.

On the other hand illegal gambling takes place in secret. In actual practice, some illegal betting rings facilitate betting on a game or situation over which there is a legal gambling option. Illegal gambling stakes a lot more and promises better rewards for those involved- should they win.

Illegal gambling operations are the target of law enforcement agencies since they tend to promote other unacceptable situations such as match fixing, and whenever a participant does not meet their obligation due to the gamble, then they risk subjection to extralegal means such as extortion and gambling to compel them to pay up.

This happens because it is impossible to seek legal redress for a default arising out of an illegal activity. It is because of the negative possibilities that Grinols advices, “gambling must be closely watched and regulated by government if it is allowed” (19).

Gambling has both positive and negative consequences. In many countries, gambling provide valuable income for charities through lotteries. Some of the money collected pays off lucky bets but the bulk goes to predetermined charities, which would have no income otherwise. In most cases, the motive for the participants in such lotteries is not financial reward on offer. They have a desire to participate in raising funds for the charities, with the probability of a financial reward. They typically take longer and hence they cannot satiate compulsive gamblers.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In some cases, gambling is a pastime that offers participants with a means to relax and while away time. As a social activity, gambling may serve as a means of bonding for friends and families seeking some common recreational activity away from their daily lives. Observers may place innocent bets on who is likely to win a game such as chess.

Another positive outcome of gambling is the provision of revenue for governments, which then use the proceeds to provide public services. A good example in the Unites States is the city of Las Vegas, which has a worldwide reputation as a gambling centre. In such places, the local authorities raise billions of dollars from gambling operations, helping them to finance their budgets.

On the other side, there are some negative consequences of gambling to both individuals and society, be it legal or illegal gambling. These dangers include problem gambling, which some experts classify as an addiction, financial irresponsibility leading to bankruptcy, and breakdown in social cohesion occasioned by family breakups and escalation of crime for the purpose of raising gambling capital or settling gambling debts, or retaliation against defaulters. Problem gambling refers to a point in a gambler’s life where they become obsessed with gambling and cannot bring themselves to stop.

They spend inordinate amounts of time and financial resources on gambling always hoping to recover their losses. This happens at the risk of their jobs and responsibilities, and even close relationships. As the problem proceeds, they end up bankrupt and heavily indebted since they can no longer afford to gamble from earned income, which by now they do not have, and they keep digging themselves deeper into the hole by taking more debt to gamble.

Gambling related crimes come from either the compulsive gambler, who having lost his source of income, finds it necessary to steal to raise more money for their indulgence. They also need all the money they can get to offset their debts.

They do not consider the consequences of their crimes, so long as it provides them with more opportunities to gamble. In the end, society looses because the person is no longer productive but requires the society’s help for rehabilitation. In addition, the gamblers families suffer, easily ending up divorced and estranged from their children.

In conclusion, while gambling may bring some positive effects to the society, there must be a high level of individual responsibility exercised if the society will survive its very powerful negative effects.

We will write a custom Essay on Gambling’s Positive and Negative Effects specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Works Cited Grinols, Earl L. Gambling in America: Cost and Benefits. New York NY: Cambridge University Press, 2004.