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Rebuilding Families and Marriage in America’s Society Argumentative Essay

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Introduction Marriage and family form the core of America’s society. This is despite the fact that relations between members of a given family may differ as time goes by (Behrens and Rosen 25).

As far as marriage is concerned, men and women have various traditions and values that they value in their lives. This therefore presents a distinct approach to the whole aspect of marriage and family. The family and marriage in America has been evolving as time goes by thereby presenting a new approach to this issue.

Focus has been put on rebuilding families and marriage. In this case, the society needs to come up with a culture that is based on enduring various relationships. American marriages and families have been made stronger through a good shift on cultural values (Behrens and Rosen 19). As a matter of fact, there is a decline of marriage in America. This has been brought about by various issues and that is why this paper will focus on why people chose not to marry.

Discussion In the past years, America was recognized as the most marrying society in the world but this has been changing as time goes. As a matter of fact, this is well reflected in the older generation that was marrying without any problem. It should be known that most people between the ages of 45 to 54 were married in 1990s but this is the direct opposite today. Currently, the marriage institution in America is decay (Behrens and Rosen 31).

The marriage rate in America has been decreasing drastically in recent years. In this case, people are postponing marriage because of various issues that they think should be prioritized. On the other hand, people are foregoing marriage altogether (Behrens and Rosen 36). The whole issue of foregoing marriage is a very complex aspect that needs to be looked at and properly evaluated.

The number of unmarried women between the ages of 15 to 44 has been increasing every now and then. This can mostly be seen in the number of children who have been born out of wedlock. Statistics indicate that non-marital births stand at 30% of all births in America (Behrens and Rosen 42). Most people are running away from the reality to endure bad marriages and that is why they prefer not to marry.

In recent years, there have been a lot of painful divorces in the country and this could also explain why people don’t want to marry. It is contrasting to note that the rate of marriages has been declining while on the other hand the rate at which people are divorcing has been going up (Behrens and Rosen 43). There is a high probability that a marriage will end in divorce and that is why people would prefer not to marry because they will eventually divorce.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Marital instability in America has been going up as time goes by and this is a reality that needs to be looked at. Most children have had painful experiences in their families and that is why they can not imagine themselves going through the same experience that their mother or fathers went through in marriage (Behrens and Rosen 48). In this case, it should be known that children from a broken family are less likely to form a good family. Apart from these issues, the quality of married life has been declining drastically.

Because of all this complexities, people are not willing to join the institution of marriage. As a matter of fact, people can not invest their time, commitments and resources in marriage. Majority of Americans have always believed that marriage should be a life goal (Behrens and Rosen 27). But going by the current statistics, people no longer value marriage as they used to do before. There have been concerns as per to why more females do not prefer to marry.

In this case, 51% of women are living alone without spouses. Most women are independent both emotionally and financially and that is why they do not want to give marriage a chance.

An increase in economic independence can therefore be said to be the reason behind a decline in marriages (Behrens and Rosen 37). In this case, women see other choices that are more important to them than marriage. There are instances where people live with partners without marrying and this is a very dangerous trend to the institution of marriage.

Social forces have also been instrumental in encouraging people not to marry. In this case, people spend almost half of their life alone and this is not good. There are occasions where young females have babies at the age of 15 and this has made them not to be considered as marriage partners (Behrens and Rosen 52). In a broad perspective, there is fear towards the institution of marriage.

Conclusion It is undeniable that there are no good role models of marriage and this is a reality that we are supposed to face. Marriage has been loosing its value in our society and we need to look at this for sustainability (Behrens and Rosen 32). People are supposed to enter into marriages for life long commitments but they have not been attentive to family values.

America is currently faced with a lot of doomed marriages and this has complicated the whole issue of family and marriage. This could be the reason why people are not in a rush to get into marriages that they are not sure of (Behrens and Rosen 12).

We will write a custom Essay on Rebuilding Families and Marriage in America’s Society specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There are people who prefer cohabitation and that could be the reason why they lack commitment in marriage. Some women are career minded and that is why they don’t want to get married.

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Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Autonomous and Resistant to Abuse

Freedom and Equality

Genuine and Loving



Introduction Jane Eyre was written by a famous English writer, Charlotte Bronte in 1847[1]. The novel revolves around a woman named Jane Eyre and is more of an autobiography of the protagonist. Charlotte Bronte narrates the life of Jane Eyre from her childhood to adulthood and writes a detailed account of her whole life and the events that take place in it.

The novel has 38 chapters and Bronte narrates the five important stages of Jane’s life starting from her childhood at Gateshead to her reunion with her lover, Mr. Rochester. Since the novel covers most part of the life of Jane Eyre, the reader witnesses the growth of the character and the gradual change in personality. The paper will discuss the three personality traits of the main character, Jane Eyre.

Autonomous and Resistant to Abuse The reader knows that Jane Eyre would grow up to be a self sufficient and independent woman because she shows these traits from the very beginning. Jane Eyre appears to have great self esteem even though she is an orphan and has a lot of negative energy and criticism around her in the shape of her aunt and cousins.

It is clear that Jane’s aunt despises Jane and leaves no opportunity to abuse her or make her feel worthless. Her cousins are no better and are always troubling her. Even though Jane is defenseless and lone in front of her aunt and cousins, she does not give in to the abuse. She rises above the cruelty and voices her opinion when she calls her cousin a “wicked and cruel boy!” and says “You are like a murderer – you are like a slave-driver – you are like the Roman emperors!”[2].

Jane Eyre is independent from the very beginning of the novel and does not hesitate to say what is on her mind.

Freedom and Equality An orphan child who does not receive much affection in the early years of life usually grows up to be rather timid and has a sense of inequality. However, Jane, even after having an abusive and affectionless childhood demands equality and freedom as an adult. She does not hesitate to fall in love with a man who is of a much higher status, Mr. Rochester.

She demands from him equal respect and is not willing to give up her freedom at any cost which is apparent when she refuses to be with Mr. Rochester and says “Do you think because I am poor, obscure, plain, and little, I am soulless and heartless?…

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More I have as much soul as you, — and full as much heart!…it is my spirit that addresses your spirit; just as if both has passed through the grave, and we stood at God’s feet, equal, — as we are!”[3](Bronte 2008, 291). These lines reflect her desire for equality and freedom in society.

Genuine and Loving Even though Jane Eyre has been through a lot of abuse and troubles in her life and has always had trouble relating to people, her heart is still warm and her affection for people is genuine.

The hard realities of her life and miserable life experiences fail to fill her heart with hatred and she is still able to fall in love with Mr. Rochester. The purity of her love for him is evident in the end when she reunites with Mr. Rochester even after finding out about his condition.

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