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Qualifications, Attributes, Ethics, and Responsibilities of Air Traffic Controllers Term Paper

Ever wondered how planes travel in the air and never clash with each other like cars do? The safety of planes and their passengers lie in the hands of air traffic controllers. Air traffic controllers are professionals who are in charge of how air traffic moves so that planes can maintain a safe distance between each other.

In addition to ensuring safety of planes and their passengers, air traffic controllers are also responsible for ensuring that planes are not delayed and that they depart from their destinations and alight at their destinations at the allocated times. There are different types of air traffic controllers, each performing special roles. The terminal controllers are in charge of planes when they are in an airport’s airspace. The main duty of terminal controllers is to ensure a smooth movement of airplanes into and out of airports.

They mainly do so by observing. If all is well, they sequence the arriving airplane to land and give clearances for the departing airplanes. They also give advice to pilots about weather and runway conditions so that accidents resulting from such conditions can be avoided (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2011).

Before a plane leaves an airport, many different air traffic controllers are involved in the process. For instance, the tower flight data controller makes use of the data plan for departure to organize the departure procedure in sequence.

The clearance controller on the hand gives clearance to an airplane for departure while the ground controller uses the data plan in form of flight strip to control the flow of airplanes on the airport’s surface. A similar procedure is followed when a plane wants to land. When the plane is about 50 miles from its destined airport, the airport’s terminal radar arrival controller creates a sequence for the airplane along with other airplanes that want to land at the same time.

Once everything is in order, the controller gives an approach clearance to the pilot who is then cleared to make contact with the tower. The clearance to land on the airport is then given by the local controller. The ground controller then takes over and guides the aircraft along the taxiways (Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2011).

The work of air traffic controllers is therefore crucial for the safety of airplanes. It requires attention to details (especially for the local and ground controllers who make use of visual observation) and high levels of skills and expertise. Air traffic controllers must be efficient and swift in action because every second counts and can mean the difference between life and death. They need to be intelligent and have a good memory because they receive a lot of information at any given time which they have to quickly understand, interpret and remember.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Strong decision making abilities are also required of air traffic controllers because they are often faced with situations which force them to make quick decisions, for instance, when the weather condition suddenly changes contrary to previous expectations. Air traffic controllers need to have a long concentration span because they have to make decisions in the midst of numerous distractions such as noise and poor visibility.

They need to have active listening skills so that they can hear and understand what is being conveyed to them. In addition to listening skills, they require strong speaking abilities so that they can convey crucial information to pilots and concerned parties quickly, loudly and clearly.

They need critical thinking; problem-solving; and judgment skills to enable them weigh the merits and demerits of various options and make the most appropriate decision. Like any other profession, the profession of air traffic controllers is also ethically bound more so because the lives of passengers and staff in the airplane are at stake. Air traffic controllers must therefore adhere to the ethical obligations set by the ethics committee (Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions, 2011).

In order for someone to qualify to become air traffic controller, he or she must have a college degree in air traffic control or aviation-related course. There are numerous colleges which offer such degrees and they differ from country to country and state to state. Besides the academic qualifications, air traffic controllers who wish to work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have to take a computer-administered test which normally lasts 8 hours. Before being employed, candidates should also pass a drug-screening test.

The site (by Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, 2011)) is a good site with invaluable information about all aspects of air traffic controllers. It has information not only about the nature of the work done by air traffic controllers, qualifications and attributes but also information on the job outlook, projections and remuneration.

The site also provides information about occupations that are related to air traffic control as well as sources of additional information. The site (by O*NET Online, 2010) also offers adequate information about air traffic controllers. The good thing about this site is that the information is organized in a simplistic manner that makes it easy for its readers to read.

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We will write a custom Term Paper on Qualifications, Attributes, Ethics, and Responsibilities of Air Traffic Controllers specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (2011). Air Traffic Control Association. Web.

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Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Character of Women

Theme Development in the Plot


Men and Fight for women rights


Works Cited

Introduction This essay evaluates feminism as depicted in the film ‘Roger Dodger’ by Dylan. In his film, Dylan Kidd presents the two genders in a scintillating and amusing way. The theme of gender is captured in scenes in a plot that invoke drama, comedy, romance and sex.

Throughout the film, the actors, both the men and women, are engaged in battle of wits that oscillates around gender definitions and prescriptions. As the film ensues, one gets the feeling that women cannot outmatch the intelligence of men. Dylan portrays majority of the female actors in the movie as naïve and susceptible to male calculations.

The plot of the movie tends towards portraying women as inferior to men given majority of the women in the movie fall into traps set by men very easily. Roger, the star in the movie, orchestrates the gender battle through a series of romantic scenes that depict women as the weaker sex. Women are depicted as not capable of standing their ground and thus are generally susceptible to men’s selfish maneuvers.

Character of Women Dylan Kidd’s movie portrays or brings out heroism in men and depicts women in low light. The male characters are the heroes in the movie while female actors in the movie have despicable roles. In this film, Dylan Kidd portrays some sharp contrasts in the character of female actors. Some characters are gullible and submissive while some other female characters are ready and willing to stand for their dignity and assume leadership roles.

Theme Development in the Plot To develop the plot, Kidd employs a genre atypical of a female author. The author shows clearly that the acts of one woman are not qualified to represent the fullness of other women’s character, choices and actions. It is only a gender sensitive male or a female author that can appreciate such a fact. The whole plot revolves around how the gender divide plays out or how male and female interact in society.

The main character in the movie is Roger. After being dumped by his girl friend, Roger opts to indulge in pleasure by seeking good-looking girls for sex. He, therefore, opts to visit the singles nightclub to try his luck. His mission, at first, seems futile. The initial futility experienced in the mission spurs Roger into intensifying his search. His search finally gets him to an underground brothel. The desire for sex makes him somewhat crazy and he did not care who came his way.

A nephew came visiting and although, initially, Roger is unhappy about his nephew’s (Nick) visit, the idea of helping him break his virginity excites him. Therefore, Roger commences lessons for Nick on “the art of seduction”. From their discussions and actions, it is clear that both of them have low respect for women.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Their first lesson is in the singles club where they encounter Jennifer and Elizabeth. The two women are tough nuts to crack. Both women detect the men’s motives before hand and they stand their ground; they refuse to give in to Nick’s advances.

Both Jennifer and Elizabeth are principled and they represent women who value dignity and are ready to defy exploitation. Joyce, the former girl friend to Roger, portrays similar qualities. Although, in the movie, she was always on and off, she portrays a unique character that refuses to compromise her dignity by not falling for the tempting proposal from his employee, Rodger. Despite the fact that she lowers herself to indulge in an affair with her employee, she eventually stopped it.

Feminism Roger is a drunken womanizer accustomed to hanging in bars and nightclubs. His attitude towards women helps us to have a clear understanding of the level feminism in the film. The fact that Roger managed to have some women to hang up with, despite his drunken state, points to fact that majority of the women were indifferent towards championing or standing up for their rights and dignity.

He further exposes them as naïve and unable to live without male influence. Hence, the film portrays majority of women as weak and unwilling to detach themselves from the traditional ideology that subjects women to the control of men.

As Roger relates, all women are equal and are subject to men’s advances. Due to this notion, he accepted with a delight to guide his nephew to ditch his virginity. However, once his first mission backfires, he is left puzzled by the determination of Elizabeth and Jennifer (Berardinelli 1). These two women remain exceptional in their character as they set an example for others.

From nick’s underground exploits, we realize that some women are desperate for men to lay them. Joyce’s secretary is drunk and she readily gives in to Nick’s approaches. Although she is under the influence of alcohol, her lack of control leaves many questions about women’s resolve to curtail male dominance.

It is interesting to see Nick decide to allow her to recover from alcohol influence before indulging in sex with her (Berardinelli 1). This scenario shows that some women are contented in their plight of being under men’s control.

We will write a custom Essay on Feminism in Roger and Dodger Film specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Men and Fight for women rights Since majority women seem effortless or non-committal to championing for their rights, the film is indicative of the role men can play in championing women rights. The movie presents a change of attitude by Roger who drags Nick from sleeping with prostitutes.

Rogers is a talented orator with a convincing tongue that charmed many women towards his malicious and selfish gains. He understood that all women, without exception, were susceptible to advances from men. His determination to lay his employer speaks all about his ability to seduce and attract women to himself. In addition, Roger is rich in speech and his talks with women reveal that he is a master of the seduction game.

He promises his nephew (Nick) that he will sleep with a woman on the first night out. Although this does not happen, Nick had the opportunity and he is consciously aware that he allowed it to slip out of his hands. The film reveals the richness of the Roger’s creativity in the quest to satisfy his sexual drive (Berardinelli 1). However, in all this, one can also discern the capacity of men to be part of the feminism drive i.e. as fellow seekers after respect for women’s rights and dignity.

Conclusion Dylan Kidd has effectively been able to use the genre atypical of female writer. In the movie, he portrays some women as having the ability to stand the conniving approaches of men. However, the eloquent Roger seems irresistible and a master of seduction as he endeavored to indulge himself in sex.

The way women fell for him really showed that some of them were vulnerable and unable to champion for the feminism aspirations. The film shows that most women were unwilling to fight for their rights or dignity and it is up to the men to surrender their dominance willingly.

Works Cited Berardinelli, James. Roger Dodger. 2011. Web.