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Pursuit of Happiness by Women in Modern Day America Descriptive Essay

Table of Contents Civil Rights in the United States

Women’s Role in the Civil Rights Movement

The Pursuit of Happiness

Works Cited

Civil Rights in the United States Civil rights are what citizens in a democratic country are entitled to and they include rights such as the right to vote, right to equal treatment and opportunities, the right to life and the right to protection from any harm or violence. Civil rights are designed to guarantee the freedom of a country’s citizens, allowing them to speak, think and act without any fear of reprisals.

It is the government’s duty and responsibility to create an effective legal framework that will see these rights being enjoyed by every citizen (Paterson et al. 5).

Women’s Role in the Civil Rights Movement The movement of civil rights in the United States was founded with the main aim of ensuring that the necessary legislation was formulated that would enable American citizens enjoy the civil rights. Past literature that focused on the civil rights movement has shown that women had multiple roles in the movement, the same as their male counterparts. Majority of the women involved in this movement were of black origin while the rest formed part of the minority groups in America (Crawford et al. xviii).

These women were fighting for their freedom from slavery and also from being colonized by the whites in a country that was believed to have exercised freedom during a period of instability around the world .A conference for women involved in the civil rights movement were convened in Atlanta, Georgia in the year 1945 to 1965. The conference brought together women activists and scholars who were fighting for the equal rights of women in America.

The main objective of the conference was to acknowledge individuals and groups of women who had actively protested and campaigned for reforms in the civil rights. These women were united with the main purpose of gaining the pursuit of happiness that was included in the Declaration of Independence (Crawford et al. xvii).

The Pursuit of Happiness The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was seen to be a first step towards creating a more liberal and democratic America. The pursuit of happiness is an important part of the Civil Rights Act that stipulates American citizens have the right to pursue lawful business in a manner that is not inconsistent and disruptive to the equality rights of other American citizens. The pursuit of happiness is meant to increase a citizen’s prosperity and enjoyment in their life or business endeavors (Licht 98).

The practice of pursuit of happiness is basically the pursuit of property even though property is deemed to be less valuable than the freedom or life of an individual citizen. Individuals view having property as having security which allows them to be free from any interference by the government or other people. The pursuit of happiness stipulates that having secure property is having secure liberty which is viewed to be a sign of security (Licht 98).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The pursuit of happiness for women today is viewed as an important right in America as more women today are fighting to be empowered and gain equality in all aspects of their lives. Women everywhere in America be they in a minority group are seeking the right to feel secure and go about their daily lives without the fear of being attacked or having their right to liberty and freedom being infringed upon.

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The Problem with Mr. Gunes Creative Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Jake was a 14year old boy of average build and height with the most outstanding feature about him being his long curly brown hair. While he was not overly enthusiastic about school and education in general, he showed as much dedication to school as could be hoped for from a 14 year old.

For this, his parents and teachers alike were grateful since the teenage years were the most chaotic as the students underwent phases of rebellion and identity crises. However, Jake’s relatively smooth sailing in school turned turbulent following the introduction of Mr. Gunes, the new math teacher.

While Mr. Gunes was a capable math teacher, his communication skills were far from ideal. Mr. Gunes was from Turkey and having lived in the USA for relatively little time, his English still held a very heavy Turkish accent. This made it very difficult for most of the students in his math class to understand him.

Mr. Gunes’ dark skin, coal black hair and rather bushy eyebrows made him physically different from the other members of the school community. This accentuated by his thick Turkish accent made it hard for most students to concentrate in his class.

The incident with Jake occurred during one of Gunes’ evening math classes. Gunes was busy explaining the concept of volume to an audience of mostly distracted students. Jake in particular was busy fantasizing about how he would spend the coming weekends with a goofy smile on his face.

“Do you care to explain what is funny?” Mr. Gunes who had noted Jake’s distraction asked in his thick accent.

Jake did not get the significance of the question as a result of his absent mindedness. The teacher’s heavy accent did not help matters either and instead of funny, Jake had heard “furry”. He found the question amusing and immediately burst out laughing.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More “So you think I’m funny?” asked a now visibly irate Gunes. “You tell me if you think I’m very funny!”

Jake decided to answer the question despite the absurdity of it.

“A bear is furry, I do not think you are furry” answered the slightly confused Jakes.

At this answer, the whole class burst out into laughter. Now this was not the first time that Jake had misinterpreted Mr. Gunes’ questions as a result of his accent therefore answering wrongly and causing the whole class to burst into laughter. Mr. Gunes decided that he had had enough of what he perceived to be Jake’s insolence.

“Follow me to the principal’s office right now,” demanded an angry Gunes.

Even though Jake did not catch every word that the teacher said, he got the message this time round since the teacher pointed out and stormed off in fury. At the office, the principal listened to the accusations that Gunes made against the student.

He also listened intently as Jakes explained that it was all a misunderstanding since Mr. Gunes’ accent made it especially hard for him to follow what he was saying.

We will write a custom Essay on The Problem with Mr. Gunes specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More While the principal sympathized with Jake, he was obligated to suspend Jake and ask him to come with his parents the following week. This was because Gunes was one of the best mathematics teachers in the district and siding with Jake would have caused Gunes to consider leaving the school since he had been bringing up the issue of Jakes making the students laugh at him many previous times.

However, the principle made a point to assure Jake that he would not get into any trouble as a result of this suspension. Jake on his part was happy to get a few days off school and the fact that he was not going to be punished for it greatly appealed to him.