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Pros and Cons of Abortion to the Society Argumentative Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Pros of abortion

Cons of abortion

Relationship between abortion and the course on religion


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Introduction For a very long time now the issue of abortion has been one of the most controversial and problems on the planet pitying two major sides. On one side pro-lifers insist that it is immoral and amounts to murdering an innocent child while pro-abortionists argue that is just a form of birth control and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it as all children should be born when they are wanted.

The numerous legislations, policies by governments and even hard-line stands by some organizations like the church have over time made this subject more controversial instead of offering solutions, and at one point one may argue that there would never be a consensus on the abortion issue.

The debate on abortion is likely to go on for several years unless the sturdy stands taken by both pro-lifers and anti-abortionists are softened. Those for or against abortion have to find ways of accommodating the views of each other regarding the issue. This paper will evaluate the issues surrounding the abortion debate while at the same time seek to find solutions to the conflicting ideas.

Pros of abortion There are several arguments that one forward in support of abortion. First of all, any birth of a child should occur when the parents want and not by chance (Potts et al. 229). This way it would go a long way in assisting the world to have an environment where all children that are born in this world have an environment conducive for proper development.

There is no need for inflating the world with many children who cannot have access to basic needs like adequate clothing, food, shelter, and education. It should also be noted that when a person decides to carry out an abortion it is not out of her dislike for children but because she feels that it would not be a wise decision to proceed with the pregnancy as it is still not yet the right time to have a baby (Potts et al. 229).

In the case of rape or incest, keeping a pregnancy is very traumatizing to the person raped as no one would wish to keep a child that is a result of this, and the best solution to this problem would be to abort the unborn child.

For the case of rape, the emotional effects of the occurrence are too traumatizing and take time to heal, and some rape victims do not recover at all. Adding a child to the rape victim is like adding more salt to a wound and would be a constant reminder that is likely to add more emotional trauma to the victim (Khoster 35).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Many studies on the morality or immoralities of abortion have found that some of those against the morality of abortion tend to agree that it is acceptable to abort a pregnancy that is a result of rape.

For instance, the gulp poll carried out in Canada found only 13% of the respondents were against the practice completely while interestingly a whopping 65% were of the view that it is acceptable to abort an unwanted pregnancy in certain conditions like if it is a result of rape (Flanagan 130)

There has also been an unending debate on the exact time that a fetus acquires life and becomes a person with rights and ability to have feelings (Sather 159). Sather further argues that before the 24th– 28th week, the fetus has not yet acquired human features and it does not amount to murder if you perform an abortion before this time.

Pro-lifers led by the Catholic Church insist that life begins at conception and anyone who is found guilty of having performed an abortion could be excommunicated from the church because of committing murder (Kohmescher 137). That is not all several studies when life stars in the case of an unborn child have resulted in conflicting dates.

The impending standoff as to, when a person can and cannot have an abortion, have left it possible for anyone to conduct an abortion. It is not clear as to when life begins, and as so long as a woman feels that she cannot have a baby, she has the freedom to do it since it is not yet clear when the life of a person begins.

Sometimes complications can occur to a pregnancy that may put the life of the mother or unborn child in danger and even at times all of them. In this case, abortion ought to be permitted to save the physical health of the mother although some of those advocating for abortion have often argued that the mental health of the mother ought to be included when talking about health (white

Case of Ski Pro Corporation Quantitative Research Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Many times firms engaged in manufacturing operations are confronted with a buy or make decision. Such a decision revolves around whether to manufacture each input required for the finished product, they produce or to buy them from the market. A number of factors, such as input costs and sales volumes influence this decision.

Analysis of the cost workings of the Ski Corporation reveals that buying the bindings will result in an increase in the variable costs per pair of skis, of 50 cents than the costs of producing the bindings, within the factory. Therefore, the decision is to make the bindings in-house.

When a sales volume of 10,000 units per year is considered, Ski Corporation may produce its own bindings, as own manufacture will result in break-even sales. On the other hand, buying the bindings will lead to a loss of $5,000 to the company.

Considering a sales volume at 12,500 units per year, Ski Corporation may buy the bindings instead of manufacturing them in-house. This is because making the additional volume of bindings will need new investment from Ski Corporation to purchase new equipment. Therefore, it will make sense for Ski Corporation to buy the bindings incurring the increased variable costs.

In this case, the company can avoid the additional investment of $10,000 in fixed costs, which is required to manufacture the bindings in-house. Buying bindings at a sales volume of 12,500 units will make the company earn a profit of $18,750, whereas producing them in house will result in a profit of only $15,000, which is lower by $ 3,750.

When the company hits a sales volume of 30,000 units, it is advisable for Ski Corporation to invest the additional $10,000 for manufacturing the bindings in- house. With a high sales volume of 30,000 units, it is prudent to make the additional investment, as the 50 cents of savings per pair of skis will make good the additional investment cost.

At a sales volume of 30,000 units, Ski Corporation will be able to make a profit of $190,000 by making its own bindings, as against $185,000 if the corporation purchases the bindings. In addition, the additional facility created will lead to more profits, when the company increases its sales volume above 30,000 units.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More When the company decides to manufacture the inputs at its own facilities in-house or to procure them in the market from different vendors, the company has to consider a number of qualitative factors, which have an impact on such a decision.

When the company decides to produce in-house, there can be better quality control of the inputs, and the company can avoid the risk of delays in deliveries. On the other hand, by procuring the inputs from a vendor in the market, the company is at an advantageous position with respect to the flexibility of production quantities.

Moreover, the company can focus on the manufacture of its core products. However, there is the potential risk of lower quality and delayed deliveries, which depends largely on the reliability of the supplier. Finally, the firm must consider costs as well as other pros and cons, while deciding to make or buy manufacturing inputs for completion of its products.