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Political Discrimination Against Women Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Human Rights Activists

Cathy Cohen Ideas on Gender Equality



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Introduction In most societies, women are perpetually pushed to the periphery in many activities of the community. In most third world countries, women are not allowed into any political office in contention that they do not posses leadership qualities. This is a false notion that is created by members of the society.

Various scholars have developed theories to explain the ongoing injustices against women. The theories cross examines the social roles and feministic politics in a number of ways. The theories target to expose gender equalities. Various theorists including Cohen advocate the rights of women. Discrimination against women takes many forms including stereotyping, oppression, patriarchy and sexual objection.

Human Rights Activists Human rights activists promoting gender equality have embarked on serious campaign to educate the public that in deed women are just like men in capability and leadership.

The activists trace the causes of inequality by criticizing them as mere statements without any truth. They specifically identify epistemology, which is the source of knowledge as one cause of gender inequality. It is generally believed that men are wise and knowledgeable.

They are trusted with leadership because other forces cannot manipulate them easily. The scholarly work is usual attributed to men. Sometimes in history, women developed theories that were attributed to their husbands. Most of the published material uses male language, which increases gender inequality.

Such names as God the Father, police officer and mail carrier glorifies men to high positions in the society. Women activists have risen up to challenge such language by coming up with more qualitative language as policeperson/office and mail person.

Psychology theories such as Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis are misleading the public that gender is not biological but based on development of an individual. He argued that inequality emanates from childhood experiences claiming that men are masculine while women are feminine.

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Cathy Cohen Ideas on Gender Equality Cohen had a different perspective because she was concerned with equal opportunities not uplifting the social standards of women. She observed that women could also lead just like men this had been proved at local levels. Women in rural areas had their own organizations and associations that were run effectively.

Women are doing everything they can to change the world. Cohen had a good childhood education concerning politics; the father was a letter carrier and keen on labor politics.

She advocated for equality in the United States in all aspects be it race or gender, she believed that politics create space for freedom of expression. Her main issue is to produce important intellectual work from the comparison of various perspectives on race and gender equality.

She claims that women ca only liberate themselves through excelling in academics. An educated woman earns respected and the members of a particular society take he views seriously. She cautions that time is running out for women to participate in political development of the country.

The black women as well as other minorities should not treat gender equality crusade as white women affair instead they should identify as one of the problems affecting the society just like HIV/Aids. In other words, Cohen argues that the crusade on gender is not a fight b between men and women but it is a call to the society to accept diversity and appreciate change.

Challenges The biggest challenge to activists for gender equality is the existing belief system. The society does not want to accept that women have the same capabilities as those of men. Women are subjugated to lesser roles mainly associated with the family, such as homecare.

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The kind of education that women receive is meant to provide the basic skills for survival in the family setting; especially Africans and other countries of the third world hold this kind of mentality. This becomes a great challenge in enhancing feminine politics.

Another challenge to gender equality is religious faiths and doctrines. The church and Christianity teach that women were created after men implying that they came from men and therefore are weaker. They are supposed to respect men and serve them since they are mere helpers.

The kind of education exposes women in the society to be lesser to men. This has led to discrimination extending to work places especially in political offices. The condition is even worse in other religious such as Islam and Hindu where women are not part of the decision makers in societal institutions.

Conclusion Apart from difficult situations experienced by the activists such as Cathy Cohen, the activists have soldiered on with the agenda of changing female perception in the society. Some men have noticed the seriousness of the matter and are joining men in large numbers to advocate for equality.

This has in turn forced many governments both at county and national levels to redefine their policies to suit the interests of all in the society women included.

Works Cited Cohen, Cathy. Global Feminisms: Comparative Case Studies of Women’s Activism and Scholarship, Transcript of Cathy Cohen: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2004.

Concept of Intersectionality Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Intersectionality is a concept in sociology that is applicable in the analysis and study of human relationships and interactions within the society[1].

It stipulates that conventional models of repression in a community, for instance denomination, gender, tribalism, social caste, and other indicators of discrimination act in an entwined web. Additionally, the theory examines how various social and cultural constructions of discrimination normally interact and consequently result into methodical social imbalance in societies.

Consequently, because individuals networked in several groups, their composite identities shape particular ways in which they encounter these prejudices. There are set of cultural systems of prejudice, which are in connection and predisposed by communal intersectional systems.

Issues of sexual category and race for example, may combine to dictate a woman’s destiny. This concept simply describes the manner in which different forms of repressions occur concurrently in a given setting.

The concept of Intersectionality is widely used in the investigation of feminism and womanly relationships. It also includes the analysis of other markers of repression, in which sociologists largely refer to as the isms. Its analysis appreciates the fact that females encounter discriminations for varied reasons. There is uncertainty that there exists a single form of oppression.

There are primary or contributory factors like age, religion, disability and other markers of prejudice. Gender may not be the principle aspect shaping the females’ fate. Feminism refers to advocacy of equality in both sexes in terms of political, human rights, economic, social, and all other rights that a human may be entitled to in a society.

Feminist theories comprise the generalities and explanations about the various sources of female discrimination. They examine the existing gender related prejudices and how they impact on and vary in different environments that females confront.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Liberal feminism addresses personality equality amongst the sexes, focusing on political and legitimate considerations within a particular community.

Liberation is a vital aspect of women empowerment. Intersectionality postulates that feminism only occurs within a context in which additional markers of oppression may interconnect and manipulate the circumstances. Therefore, we cannot generalize experiences whether in advocacy or sympathizing with any condition.

Human rights, justice, personal choices and resolutions, race and tribe all are potential influencers that are unique in every context; moreover, generalities will create a bias. Liberal feminists thus are much likely to suppose various factors of Intersectionality that exist in different communities.

It is imperative to note that radical feminism regards the male dominated entrepreneurial ladder as the cause of females’ discrimination and supports the complete reconstruction of the general society[2]. The main theme here is the oppression of the females by the males due to their constructive positions in capitalist societies.

In analyzing the relationship of Intersectionality and oppression, it is apparent that there is no hierarchy of subjugation though all of them have interrelations. The powers causing the oppressions continue to exist because of guilt and challenging such systems would completely eradicate the oppressions.

There is room for the isms as described by Intersectionality since the hierarchy of males might be due to societal structural arrangements that keep fueling their dominance. It is important to approach Intersectionality with care as this may eliminate the discrimination of others, causing great threat to the oppressed groups.

Socialist feminism associates female oppression to factors such as extortion and work. It recognizes the structural oppression that cause biased opportunities and reduce a category of society members. It denotes capitalism plus patriarchy as the approaches to oppressions. Here, patriarchy as well as capitalism interacts to abuse females while favoring men.

We will write a custom Essay on Concept of Intersectionality specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More In this regard, Intersectionality also recognizes the intersection of situations or the markers of isms to make individuals vulnerable. Men dominate crucial decision processes and have elevated ranks, which consequently transcribe into huge benefits.

Generally, socialist feminists override the Marxist theories. Intersectionality supports this concept by stressing that there are unique circumstances that make some persons vulnerable to conditions. Therefore, the compounding consequences of being in largely deprived societies change a person’s familiarity with repression.

Post structural feminism involves the application of a range of academic currents for feminist matters. According to the premise, gender is never explicable outside its social configuration in a culture.

With consideration to Intersectionality, it recognizes the fact that certain concepts and ideas only gain meaning in particular contexts and are limited to that context. No generalization exists, as every society is unique from another. Intersectionality here influences the gender structure in diverse communities thus creating the hierarchies of power.

Consideration of the female as the other gender gives them an inferior position. This is constructed through the Intersectionality process and do not naturally exist as presumed.

Intersectionality also supports the stipulation in the post cultural theory that power and character is shaped by the way socialization and is set by cultures. Socialization only occurs when various factors intersect to create an agreed manner of human behavior pattern.

Queer theory deals with study and analysis of all manner of sexual practices, whether deviant or normative. It relates to persons as having individual characteristics rather than group identity in terms of race, religion, or sexual practices. Any person whose mannerisms or appearance differs with the conservative gender practices is a transgender.

Queer theory studies knowledge and social practices that structure a society as a unit by hetero sexualizing or homo-sexualizing bodies’ desires, acts, identities, social relations, knowledge, culture, and social institutions.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Concept of Intersectionality by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The queer and transgender theory thus considers all the markers that might intersect to set a level of interaction and association of different sexual behaviors.

Any transgender group is likely to experience some oppression as determined by inherent factors in that society. There is Intersectionality that influences adoption or inclusion into such behaviors by individuals.

In conclusion, it is crucial to note that Intersectionality have both supportive and negative influences on the feminist theories. In addition, it is important to appreciate the uniqueness in all societies and analyze the various Intersectionalities to help prevent social injustices.

Bibliography Berger, Michele.