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Nuclear Energy Benefits Essay

Nuclear energy use has taken priority in many countries today. It is argued that it affects the environment negatively and can pose a great risk to human beings and their existence. However, it is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly way of generating electricity. In addition, the risks associated with the source of energy can be avoided. This essay will argue that nuclear energy is the most effective way of generating electricity.

One of the factors why nuclear energy is an effective source of energy is that it is cost effective. Electricity generated from nuclear energy is economical and saves cost when compared with other forms of electricity from renewable sources like sun, wind, biomass and water.

It is cost effective in the sense that the processes of conducting research and developing it receive government support in terms of finances. As result, research and development costs that are supposed to be incurred in producing nuclear energy are not reflected in electricity. In other renewable sources of electricity, funding is done by private bodies hence increasing the cost of electricity.

The other factor that makes nuclear energy cost effective is that the risks associated with this type of energy are passed on to all the citizens as opposed to a few individuals or companies that own nuclear plants. This is because there is usually legal liability underinsurance for the plants. The cost would have been very high if the companies that operate the plants were required to take insurance covers for dangers that occur at the plants (Time for Change, n.d).

Apart from cost effectiveness, nuclear energy is also environmentally friendly. Studies on energy impacts mostly focus on the impacts on the environment. Some impacts like displacement of people and interruptions caused on the land are not considered very important. Nuclear energy is environmentally friendly in that it does not emit greenhouse gases.

The operations of nuclear energy plants do not produce these gases which are associated with global warming. The emissions associated with nuclear energy cycle are indeed moderate hence nuclear power plants can instead be used to prevent global warming.

In addition, replacing coal with nuclear energy has many environmental benefits. The electricity supplied from nuclear energy throughout the world is only 14.8 percent. On the other hand, the energy supplied by coal is more than 40 percent. The fuel cycle generated when coal is used to produce energy is harmful to the environment.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In fact, it is categorized among energy sources that cause huge destruction to the environment. This leaves nuclear energy an environmentally friendly source of energy when compared with other renewable sources of energy (O’Sullivan, 2009).

During nuclear energy production, uranium nuclei are split without instances of pollution in the process. This is contrary to what happens in other energy production means which burn certain materials. For example, burning of coal to produce energy is associated with air pollution.

The different types of air pollution caused consequently lead to environmental issues which affect the health of human beings. For example, mercury produced during coal burning is harmful to the nervous system.

There are various ways that can be used to reduce the risks associated with nuclear energy. One of its risks is the harm that may arise from disposal of wastes produced during the processes of energy generation. The radioactive wastes produced during the processes are difficult to recycle or dispose using the normal disposal or recycling means.

One way of avoiding the risk associated with such wastes is by storing them in long term facilities which give them enough time to decay without being disturbed. By doing this, harmful isotopes are allowed to safely decay until they pose no risk to human lives (Lindsay, 2004).

The other way of reducing the risks associated with nuclear energy is conducting major improvements in nuclear energy plants. The major improvements include increasing safety levels in uranium mines. In addition, cleaner storage facilities are important in reducing the risks associated with nuclear energy. When these measures are combined with increased accuracy and versatility, nuclear energy turns out to be one of the best energy sources (Hagler, 2011).

Despite the objections that are raised regarding the use of nuclear energy, it is undoubtedly the most effective way of generating energy. When compared with other renewable ways of generating energy such as coal, nuclear energy has many benefits. For example, it is cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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Critical Analysis of Good Country People by O’Connor Essay (Critical Writing)

Nursing Assignment Help In a short story Good Country People, O’Connor provides a plethora of reflections about the true attitude of people to religion and the nature of people’s relations with each other. The main character of this story, Joy, is a woman with physical challenge. She lost her leg in childhood and, probably, at the same time lost her belief into religion as a set of rules that should regulate human lives, thus, making this world better.

For Joy, religion has no sense; she cannot imagine the presence of God in this world which is full of violence and unfairness. People often try to explain the real meaning of things without understanding their true nature, being blind to see pure knowledge. Therefore, the key message implies that people use religion as a shield behind which they can hide their true attitude to life.

However, even well-educated people make the wrong conclusions when they start believe in nothing. The author uses irony in order to emphasize that when one is sure of the true nature of things from the scientific position of view, the universe is empty and God is a fiction, one cannot live without reflections about the supreme power that always exists in people’s lives. Hence, if there is no God in someone’s life, the empty space will be replaced by evil.

The story is based on a line of contradictions between science and religion, education and foolishness. Despite her solid education, Joy tends to isolate herself from the rest of the humankind, feeling that she loses her faith. Because of that, she changes her name, choosing the ugliest one possible, i.e. Hulga. In addition, her relations with mother are as bad as than they can possibly be. One can notice that Hulga does not love her mother; treating the latter as an enemy.

Hulga’s attitude towards her mother makes it obvious that the women is much like one of those good country people around but not Hulga’s family member. Thus, when Hulga changes the name, she feels satisfied by the victory over mother: “One of her major triumphs was that her mother had not been able to turn her dust into Joy, but the greater one was that she had been able to turn it herself into Hulga” (O’Connor 1632).

Hulga believes in nothing, which becomes obvious from her consideration of life and world, the universe is empty. She supposes that religious people as the fools who are unable to comprehend the real meaning of things and, therefore, replace it by mystical beliefs.

However, as a result of her new spiritual experiments, Hulga replaces the emptiness within by evil, which further on leads to her is inability to believe in goodness, God or another supreme power that could affect her life. Hulga’s reflections make stronger after meeting with a Bible salesman Manley Pointer, who, at first glance, seems religious and gentle, yet later on steels Hulga’s wooden leg.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, the author adds considerable irony to the novel, making the main character, a woman with such powerful mind, physically challenged. Hulga supposes that she is better than all those good country people who believe in their God, including her mother, neighbors and a Bible salesman.

It is peculiar that Hulga’s assurance grows stronger when she learns that Manley Pointer is an atheist and, in fact, he is even more evil than people who seems less religious. Obviously, Hulga’s previous conviction that the universe is empty changes to the belief that the world is based on evil.

Finally, she gains the mystical knowledge that was missing during her previous study, yet this is the knowledge of evil. Therefore, although Hulga finally comes to possessing the knowledge which she was longing for, she is still unable to see the beauty of the universe or to feel the presence of goodness in human life.

Works Cited O’Connor, Flannery. “Good country people.” The American Traditions in Literature, 12 ed. Ed. George Perkins and Barbara Perkins. US: McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Science/Languages, 2008. 1632. Print.