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Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs Essay (Critical Writing)

Neil Simon’s Brighton Beach Memoirs can be considered as a semi-autobiographical play because the writer inserted his childhood memories of living in New York before the World War II. The play differs much from other Simon’s works because it represents a combination of two genres uniting skilful characterizations and humor. Brighton Beach Memoirs narrates the story about Eugene Jeromes, a boy who is dreaming to become a great baseball player or, in case of failure, an outstanding writer.

The play also discloses the problems of the Jerome family whose actions and deeds are skillfully supplemented by refined humorous situations and sufficient emotional charge. Brighton Beach Memoirs is a coming-of-age play where Eugene cannot be defined whether he is an adult or a child. The hero fells that all his ambitions fail because of his mother’s pressure.

Eugene has still difficulties in making his choice; he wants to fulfill himself in two completely different professions thus showing that he is unable to be responsible for his life. As an example it is possible to present the quarrel between Eugene and his mother revealing that each character has his/her unique image of the way the world should work: “Eugene: It’s the last batter Mom. Mel Ott is up. It’s a crucial moment in the World Series history. Kate: Your Aunt Blanche has a splitting headache” (Simon 4).

The actor’s play cannot be considered the pink of perfection, but it managed to render Eugene’s searches and transformations. The wide range of his interest is constantly changing the actor skillfully conveys all those transformations. The actor has a deep sense of timing and space so that he could fluently deliver all humorously and emotionally colored scenes. His theatrical proficiency helps him disclose the character’s experiences while interacting with other characters.

More importantly, the acting style accurately rendered the historical and culture context of the events. The interaction between Kate and Eugene shows an antagonistic polarity and both heroes represent the example of generation gap. In the end, it should also be stressed that the actor skillfully addresses the audience and immediately renders the “memories” about Jerome’s childhood. In general, the proficient cast made the beginning and the ending parts a valuable experience.

The directing of the play managed to extend the subtext through the portrayal of actors as adults and children. In particular, the director provides an original approach to Eugene transformations through the observation of his past and future perspectives. The directing team effectively presented the composition of the play. In particular, the play slightly deviate from the original script and the pircturization was accurately rendered through various scientific devices and techniques.

In order to enhance the humorous effect, the director author-justified tweaks and aisles to create the link between the play and the original script. In addition, the director strived to render the play as the funnier property through deploying Eugene as the representative of the financial dynasty. He did not only include all members of the family, including father Jack, mother Kate, Eugene’s older brother Stanley, but other important characters that supplement the overall ideas of the play.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The directing team did not take the risk to deviate from the play’s setting and plot and, therefore, it tried to preserve historic, cultural, and social context. Although the play was more humor-oriented as compared with the original variant, the setting and the atmosphere reminded of the times and events before the World War II. In particular, everything from the traditional furniture and costumes to make up and decorations were closely related to that period of time.

The scene design was presented in brown gamma of colors that is typical of the 40s of the past century. Such a decorations would highlight the caring and the warmth of the family relations, notwithstanding some stressed from the inside and outside world. The scenery emphasis was the home interior reflecting a warm color pallet. The exterior, however, was also represented through roofing section and provided the lighting that also reflected all the interior tendencies.

Due to the fact that theatre is nothing but a black box, the bulk of the decoration area was slightly alienated from the audience. The costumes fitted well in the overall atmosphere presenting the same palette color. In general, the director strived to engage the audience into the performance so that each person viewing the play could participate in the events taking place on the stage.

In general, the plot was structure carefully and the directing managed to reach an old-fashioned effect. All the problems of the play were also carefully revealed, they involve the reader in the flow of events and conflicts where the culmination and denouement were also thoroughly arranged.

The portrayal of crowed daily life and routine, however, partially resembled of the 80s American family. Besides, the play was richly endowed with details and carefully designed costumes to involve the audience in the pre-war times. Despite the excellent directing and acting, some elements of the original script were lost due to the discrepancies in genres and techniques.

Works Cited Simon, Neil. Brighton Beach Memoirs. US: Plume, 1995.

Marketing in real life Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Marketing is an important exercise in a company; it ensures that target customers access goods and services a company manufactures. Manufacturing can only take place if marketing department sells final products effectively. Marketing team also advises a company on the products on demand.

Marketing links customers and a company. Before this course, I thought that marketing is advertising for goods and service. I also believed that it stops when customers have realised the existence of certain products in the market. After the course, I have a better understanding of what marketing is. This paper gives a personal understanding of marketing.

Marketing No single statement can explain what is marketing; briefly, it is a link between customers and a company, the feedback from either side is crucial in improving goods and services produced. It works back and forth where customers influence the company products and service and the company persuades customers to buy its products.

The number of stages involved in marketing varies; however, it involves the process taken from designing a product to delivery of such products to the target customers. When designing a marketing strategy, the most important thing is developing a market segment. This is a small group in the larger community that have similar attributes such as similar likes, values, age, income among other. Understanding market segment is important for product development.

The following are the main stages in marketing:

Product design: in this stage, the company comes up with a product to sell to a certain market segment. The development is through an in-depth research and analysis of customers’ needs.

Product promotion: in this stage, awareness of the products is the most important thing. Product promotion is through promotions and advertisements. This is to ensure that the customers are aware of a product in the market.

Pricing, product differentiation, and distribution: in this stage, emphasis is on putting efforts to improve the quality and cost of the developed products to compete with similar products effectively.

Objectives of a marketing strategy Some objectives of an efficient management strategy are:

It aims at analysing internal and external environment that a business operates in, to device mechanisms for effective product communication to the target customers.

It analysis consumer behaviour both in domestic and global markets to ensure that it advises its company effectively on the best practices to adopt to remain competitive

Through marketing research, the department can advise other sections on product developments and the best approaches they should take to attain effective product differentiation.

Through survey of the prevailing market conditions and analysing competitors, marketing assists a company in setting prices.

It aims at advising a company in product development and differentiation.

An effective marketing strategy fulfils all the above-mentioned objectives not in isolation but all at a go. When all the objectives are met, a company gains a competitive advantage, as it is able to relate with its customers well.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Advantages of a marketing strategy Marketing links a company to its target customers. If this link is not effective, there will be a breakdown of communication between these two parties. Information is power; marketing offers much needed information for strategic decisions. When producing goods, there is a target market that company aims. Human beings are not static; their needs change with time and space. Understanding of customers’ trend is important for an effective business.

When a company produces goods and services, it does so with the aim of selling. Creating awareness and persuading the customers to buy a company’s goods is the role of the marketing department. It thus ensures that the main objective of a business that is profit making is attained.

Marketing assist, a company to compete effectively and probably win the competition. How well a company persuades its customers goes a long way in determining whether customers favour it or not. To satisfy customers, marketers provide much needed information on which products are on demand, to assist the company make products that meet customer-changing needs.

For example, it advises a company when designing distribution channels, supply chain, and retiling systems. When determining the integrated marketing communications combinations to use then information from the marketing department is crucial.

Factors that limit the understanding of marketing among consumers and among other business disciplines Other departments in a company have misunderstood marketing. They do not understand the role it plays in a company. In a company’s structure, marketing is not among the major department and has its importance limited to advertising. They fail to understand that marketing department assists in making strategic decision that give a company competitive advantage.

Customers see marketers as sales representatives; they do not understand they do more than just selling. They have the perception that marketers come to persuade them buys certain product. However, marketers are a link between a company and its customers. It is through marketing that a company understands the expectations of its target market.