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Multicultural Education Benefits Essay

Table of Contents Introduction

Student’s side

Teacher’s side


Introduction Multicultural education aims to avail equal education opportunities for scholars from diverse ethnic, cultural and social classes. Students are thus required to acquire knowledge and skills necessary to function effectively in a pluralistic and egalitarian society. The interaction of students with diverse groups thus creates the necessary harmony to improve the society.

It strives to promote equity in education in learning institutions.

This approach to teaching and learning recognizes, accepts and affirms human differences and similarities. Multicultural knowledge is applied in the educational environment through course books and instructional materials, verbal interactions, focusing on real-world tasks or using cooperative learning. These applications and techniques appeal differently to both students and teachers.

Student’s side A student must develop a multicultural viewpoint in order to amplify a decent self-concept and self-understanding. As a student, facilitating divergent thinking is one of the appealing styles in multicultural education. Independent scholar thinking and personal achievement through competitions assists a student in brainstorming both passively and actively. The psychosomatic foundations of this education thus create a better understanding of self.

Small-group discussions and collaborative learning are another effective way for culturally diverse students to learn. Students of different cultures and ages tutoring themselves help provide the experiential information which would allow me easily grasp cultural perceptions.

Description of events and achievement in one’s culture brings out a sense of pride and identity. Critical thinking about my position in the society helps in the comprehension of what purposes I serve in the society, and promotion of my culture, thus enabling recognition of talents and participation in class discussions.

Teacher’s side As a teacher, the most suitable approach is the application of vitality in the classroom. The way a guider behaves in the classroom helps students from all languages, ages and gender to respond to their potential. Teachers must be able to avoid both intentional and unconscious biases when dealing with students from different cultures.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More This is implemented through creating enthusiasms in the learning process in order to instill basic content in the students. Educators need not only to consider what they teach, but also how they teach. Students develop a better understanding depending on how they are taught rather than what they are taught.

It would thus be necessary for a teacher to use a variety of instruction perspectives, for example, using harmonic responding and tonal variations. The teacher is thus able to enhance socialization and transmission of culture while providing academic skills in a relaxed environment.

The teacher can focus on real-world tasks, which relate students to their homes, communities and experiences. Content and language are best administered to students who can apply and recount what they are being taught in class.

The teachers so awakens social consciousness in students who will effectively take part in diversifying their culture and understand the behavior of other ethnic groups. Everybody in the school community must integrate collaborative efforts in order to enhance the effectiveness of multicultural schooling.

Conclusion A higher institution of learning provides a platform for students to learn to live in the global society. Multicultural education hence provides several benefits, which apply to both an individual and society at large. Globalization and technological advancements are swift in the present world hence the importance of acquiring skills which are necessary for effective functioning.

The individual is thus able to reduce discrimination against other cultural groups. Students develop attitudes and skills essential to participate successfully in both their ethnicity and other cultures. Students are then able to understand themselves and be able to view themselves from the viewpoint of other cultures.

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