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Mental Disorders Essay

Definition of the major DSM IV-TR categories of anxiety, somatoform, and dissociate disorders The DSM IV-TR categorizes anxiety into post-traumatic stress disorder, acute stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder. According to Hansell

Movie “The Graduate” Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction It is necessary for filmmakers to use the best tools and ideas in order to make their works spectacular. A good work of art such as a film should have a proper theme, clear message, and at the same time entertain the audience. The film “The Graduate” by Mike Nichols narrates the story of a young man who has just completed college.

At the age of 20, the protagonist realizes that everything is complex and hard than he had thought earlier. This essay therefore explains how the film “The Graduate” utilizes the best aspects of art and design to present useful insights that can help young individuals have a better life. The film achieves this using the best editing, “mise-en-scene”, photography, shots, and storyline.

Analysis of the Film “The Graduate” Summary of the Movie

Mike Nichols is the director of the film “The Graduate”. The 1967 film is based on a novel written by Charles Webb in 1963. The name of the novel is also “The Graduate”.

The actor in the film is Benjamin Braddock, a recent graduate who lacks a clear understanding of life. As a graduate without any aim in life, Braddock decides to befriend an older woman by the name Mrs. Robinson. It is also notable from the film that Mrs. Robinson is married and has a daughter be the name Elaine. Benjamin Braddock eventually falls in love with Elaine, Robinson’s daughter.

From an historical perspective, it is agreeable that the film plays a significant role towards boosting the position of folk-rock in the American society. Produced in the 1960s, the film explores most of the issues that affected the society during the time. Historians and researchers have argued that the film presents a major cultural and historical value to the American people. It adds a sense of beauty to American art and film culture.

The use of various technical aspects of film production has made it a spectacular piece of art. For instance, the producers used the best mise-en-scene, close-shots, long shots, sound track, and editing to present quality scenes to the audience. This has made it easier to deliver the targeted message to the audience.

Lawrence Turman and Joseph Levine produced the film in 1967. The producers managed to present various themes that can educate different members in the society. The first theme in the film is the idea of “coming of age”. In the film, Benjamin and Elaine are two youngsters who are unable to make the best decisions in order to address the issues affecting them. This explains why Benjamin encounters various challenges and obstacles because he is “indecisive” and incapable of coming up with the best solutions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The theme of “rebellion” is also evident in this film by Mike Nichols. The film presents a “radical mood” whereby Benjamin rebels against many things and ideas in the society.

For instance, he appears to ridicule the existing social norms. This occurs when he befriends Mrs. Robinson after finishing school. He also rebels against the social ideas in the society. As well, the movie demonstrates a strong sense of opposition. This is the case because Benjamin rebels against the ideas of the older generation, social conventions, and the upper class in the society.

The theme of “infidelity” is also evident in the film. This occurs when Mrs. Robinson decides to befriend Benjamin while knowing she was already married to Mr. Robinson. Benjamin goes further to date Elaine without considering the issues and consequences that might arise from the decision.

Although the audience is aware of Benjamin’s thoughts and ideas, it becomes evident that he continues to befriend Elaine in an attempt to achieve his dreams. Benjamin also realizes how the relationship might be horrible. This explains why such kind of indulgence by Benjamin is the most scandalous event in ‘The Graduate”.

Personal Views

The film by Mike Nichols is definitely one of the best works of art ever produced. The film presents a wide range of ideas and concepts that can help individuals live a better life. There are certain factors that make the movie admirable. To begin with, the producers have used the best strategies in order to make the film appealing to the audience.

The film embraces the idea of cast combination in order to make it entertaining. The timing of the film is “perfect” because it explores the issues that affected the American society in the 1960s. This explains why the film captures the “true spirit” of its era.

The other reason why this film is admirable is that it relates closely with its time of production. This explains why many people would consider the film as culturally and aesthetically momentous. As well, the film goes further to present some critical themes and lessons that can help the viewers address most of their problems.

We will write a custom Essay on Movie “The Graduate” specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The film explains how young individuals can address most of their issues arising from indecisiveness. The film is also a classical work of art. It is admirable because it employs all aspects of film production such as “editing, mise-en-scene, and close-shots”.

I would also say that most of the parts in the film are attractive. For example, the film begins with Benjamin who has graduated from college. His parents and friends are interested in Benjamin’s plans for either a career or joining school for further studies. The unfolding story reveals most of the challenges facing many people at this age. The director has made the best decisions to make the film successful and entertaining to the targeted audience.

The film conforms to the “Classical Hollywood Narrative” style for film production. Movies that use the style tell a story in a “chronological order”. The style follows a “cause-and-effect” approach. By so doing, the producers have used a principle known as “continuity editing”.

The approach requires that the editing and sounds are “invisible” to the audience. That being the case, the producers gave the “desired attention” to the storyline and not to specific elements such as photography, editing, and sounds. The approach helps the producers and the editor present the best film to the targeted viewers.

Conclusion The movie “The Graduate” is definitely one of the best works of art produced in the 20th century. The film narrates a story that is culturally and historically significance. The producers have used the best tools and approaches in order to come up with a classic piece of art.

The film educates people to make appropriate choices in life as they work hard to pursue their dreams. It is agreeable that the film by Mike Nichols presents new ideas, themes, and lessons that can be applied in our lives. Personally, I have found the film meaningful because it combines different aspects of design and production. It also encourages people to make the best decisions and eventually overcome the challenges affecting them.