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Men are Responsible for More Car Accidents Compared to Women Argumentative Essay

Get the men out of the roads and we will have fewer and less fatal accidents. Since time immemorial, men took risks with their lives and lived much less carefully compared to women.

It is in-born in men to seek to appear to be macho. The expression of this tendency on the roads is in the higher instances of drunk driving, generally riskier driving habits, and fast driving. The role of men in car accidents supersedes that of women. Men are responsible for causing a larger number of fatal car accidents compared to women.

Drunk driving is one of the most common causes of road accidents. As a laxative, alcohol interferes with coordination of the body. This makes it relatively more difficult to control a vehicle on the road. Drunk drivers cannot respond quickly enough to emergencies because of the reduced coordination of the senses.

In some cases, a driver may actually fall asleep behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Statistically speaking, men are more likely to drink and drive compared to women. Shefer notes that, “men constitute the majority of drug abusers and are greater consumers of alcohol than women” (25).

In situations where women drink and drive, they take lesser alcohol compared to men. These makes men responsible for more of the drink and drive related accidents, and generally increases the instances of accidents caused by men.

From a risk perspective, men have a higher tendency to take risks compared to women. Arguably, risk is part of the male psyche. They tend participate to risky activities more than women.

Some psychologists suggest that the risk impulse in men results from higher levels of the hormone testosterone. This partly explains why more men than women participate in high adrenaline sports such as bungee jumping, deep-sea diving and sky diving. Nature conspired to provide men with a higher risk affinity compared to women thereby predisposing them to risky living habits.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More On the roads, this risk affinity shows when men attempt risky maneuvers which at times end fatally. Men will overtake around blind corners, they will drive closer to other vehicles, and they will try to beat the train at the railway crossing, all this for the kick of it! Bartley reports that in Brazil, road accidents kill 30,000 people annually, with men accounting for 82 percent of the fatalities (226). This clearly demonstrates the results of some of the risky male habits on the roads.

Over speeding is a well-known cause of road accidents. Men tend to drive faster than women do. This explains why there are more male drivers in racing sports compared to women.

It is easier to find a group of young men racing their cars in the free way or in the suburban compared to finding young women of the same age doing the same. In mixed-sex races, men tend to dominate the motor sports. The expression of the male desire to speed on the roads shows when more men drive faster than recommended speed limits, increasing the likelihood of high speed accidents.

When discussing car accidents, Dorn states among other thing that the safety of a car depends on “their effective use” (136). It presupposes recommended driving speeds under given the environmental conditions, which men ignore, ending up in fatalities. The way to safer roads, it seems, is to reduce the number of men in our roads.

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Hershey Food’s Managerial Ladder Term Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Management is fundamental human resource in an organization which indulges in giving the directions to the organizations operations. Management is classified into three main classes for effective administration and efficient production in the company. The classes are top level management, middle level management and first level management also known as first line management.

The most interesting and appropriate level of entry in Hershey Foods is as an operations supervisor which is a first line level management. This will give me an opportunity for progressive lineage motion along the managerial ladder to the top level management over time.

As an operation manager I will have the first touch with the workers involved in operations of the company and therefore the daily operations of the company is one of the key responsibilities. The maintenance of discipline among the operations employees will be my task at this level in conjunction with the middle level management.

The company’s objectives and goals are spearheaded by operations manager though they are not actively involved in setting the goals. Motivation of the operation workers is also another key responsibility of operations supervisor. This is the first line management because it is the lowest level of management where the employees are linked with the company’s management.

Having worked in the company as an operation supervisor for considerable duration and gained enough skills on the company’s operations, I can then successfully join the middle level management as an operation manager.

At this level I will be able to take charge of all the companies operations and thus have all the operations supervisors report to me on the activities of the operations. The goals and the objectives of the operations department is also a key responsibility. I will also act as a link between the first line management to the top level management.

I will also be involved in the decision making for the company since I will be equipped with the information of the company’s daily operations. This position qualifies to be the middle level management since the scope of management is greater and at the same time there is direct communication to the top level and first line management.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Middle level management will prepare me for the executive position of the vice president, Chief Operating Officer which is at the apex of management. I will be able to participate in making decisions affecting the all company in conjunction with other top level management team members. The task of employment and promotions particularly senior managers will be yet another crucial role.

The overall performance of the company will be an ultimate responsibility since the roles are clearly visible at this level. The direction of the company is dictated by the team although we will not interact directly with the day to day activities of the company.

At this level I can then enjoy the highest salary and live in a nice environment. It is also possible that I can move from one company to another and still maintain the same echelon of management or even start a new company as a chief executive officer.

In conclusion the managerial ladder is a systematic organisational structure through which an individual climbs in many occasions so as to reach the highest level of management.

Irrespective of the level of management, there are common roles which apply to all managers, which include; decisional functions where decisions involving the resources of the company are made, informational roles which is obtaining and communicating information appropriately and finally management skills which greatly sit on the individual’s personal character.