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Management Recycling of the Waste Reflective Essay

Objective Over the past ten weeks, a recycling project took place. The requirement of this assignment was to collect and recycle different kinds of household items from the trash. Various options were given to select from and make a research report on it. In equal quantity plastic and metal was collected to complete the assignment.

After collecting all the recyclable items, it was required to find out their market value and to sell them. So, that one can differentiate that how much is the difference between the real product and the recyclable waste.

In the first week five plastic cups were collected, which were kept in the storage area. In the second week, six tin cans of a carbonated beverage were collected to recycle. In the third week, five plastic water bottles were collected.

In the fourth week, four metal candle stands were collected. In the fifth week, seven plastic hair combs were collected. In the sixth week, four side panels of a window were collected which are made of aluminum metal.

In the seventh week, five plastic tin-tin toys were collected for this assignment. In the eight week, three frying pans were collected which are found almost in every house. In the ninth week, twelve plastic bowls were collected, which are found in every house. In the last week of this assignment, six metal strainers were collected.

Items Quantity Weight Plastic cups 5 15gms Carbonated beverage cans 6 300gms Plastic Water bottles 5 50gms Small metal candle stands 4 2000gms Plastic hair combs 7 70gms Window panels(metal) 4 1200gms Plastic tin-tin toys 5 120gms Frying pans 3 6000gms Plastic bowls 12 180gms Metal strainers 6 600gms TOTAL 10535 Grams Total weight of plastic waste = 435 grams 1 ton = 1000kgs, 1 kg = 1000grams

Therefore 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000 grams

1,000,000 grams $1400

Then 1 gram will cost 1400/1,000,000

1 gram = 0.0014cents

Therefore 435 grams = 0.0014 x 435

=60.9 cents of plastic.

Total weight of metal = 10100 grams 1,000,000 grams cost $2200

Then 1gram will cost 2200/1,000,000

1gram = 0.0022cents

10100 grams = 0.0022 x 10100

= $22.22 of metal.

Total $22.22 60.9 = $22.829 Collection of Data After all the items were collected, it was necessary to keep an account of them. All of the items were arranged in sequenced manner and then the counting was done. All the items were of different sizes and types in the inventory.

Management Skills Management of the storage area was necessary to complete this assignment. Otherwise, there was a possibility that the recyclable items might get mixed up and then it will become a problem to count them in the end. The most important priority was to keep the storage area clean.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Inventory and Storage Management Every week a new item in the inventory was being added therefore plastic and metal items were kept separately. Plastic items were kept on the floor whereas metal products were kept on the table in an organized manner. Since, keeping the storage are clean was also a part of the assignment therefore it used to be cleaned after every three days.

Social and Ethical Responsibility Social and ethical responsibility of every person in this world should be to keep it clean. Recycling should be one thing which everyone is aware off. People need to be aware of how much can change if they start recycling. It is a social responsibility of every human being to recycle plastic as much as possible since it is very harmful for this planet.

Potential Business Enterprises It’s hard to calculate the number of companies who use such products and recycle their plastic and metal waste and use it for functional things. There are restaurants, organizations which use recycled metal and plastic materials. For example, the SS plastic dining room is a restaurant which is made up of recycled plastic bottles (Tree hugger, 2010). This is one good way of minimizing the plastic from this world.

Recycling Centers and Cost Factors Recycling center of America is one of the biggest recycling centers of plastic in America. They recycle at a very large scale and have their factories set up in most of the states. If we talk about metal recycling centers then Metal Source America, Inc. is a very big firm which recycles metals at a very large scale. They have recycling centers established in most of the states. Recycling metal is very expensive.

Collectivism Collectivism is the opposite of individualism. People who are individualist believe in doing things for themselves and not for the entire society.

Collectivism is something in which people work together and for the whole society rather than just for themselves. It varies in cultures; there are some cultures in which people believe in acting as collective society and fighting for the betterment of the people but at the same time there are some cultures in which people do not really care about the betterment of anyone else except for themselves (via-web, 2011).

Plastic Issue Plastic is a very big issue of this entire world. Plastic bags are light in weight and they are easy to carry but there is one thing that everyone should know about them and that is they are very harmful to this world. Plastic is a non-biodegradable product, it takes about hundreds of years to decompose. Plastic bags if burned become the cause of poisoning the air with toxic. There is no proper solution for the plastic issue but it is a person’s duty to use plastic products as less as one can. If we cannot stop it then at least we can reduce the use of it (Ezine articles, 2011).

We will write a custom Essay on Management Recycling of the Waste specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More During the past ten weeks while completing this assignment, a thing was realized that how important is to recycle and keep the world clean. Since, all these items were picked from within the house therefore it somehow made the house looked cleaner. Every person in this world should realize his role in how to keep this world clean and not destroying the atmosphere by the trash they throw out on the roads. It is our social and ethical responsibility in keeping this planet clean and green.

From the beginning to the end what all was required to produce the recyclable items can be explained through the following lines: Firstly, recycling is not a one man job therefore many employees were hired those who could go around and collect different types of plastic and metal waste and bring them to the factory to be recycled. For all this employees, trash collecting trucks, heavy machineries and workers who knew how to use the machineries were needed.

Supply chain of recyclable items can be explained in three points. First of all, when the trash gets recycled they are to be moved from the factory to the warehouse of the factory. Second, from the warehouse of the factory it is send to the distributors of recycled products. Third, the distributors sell it to different factories or customers who have something to do with recycled metal or plastic.

If a person is collecting and supplying the recyclable items then the chain would be like the following: Since, collecting recyclable items is not a one man job therefore many employees were hired to collect the recyclable items. After the collection was done, these recyclable items were brought to the storage area where all of these items were to be stored. From the storage area these items were to be sold to different factories or customers who pay a price for it.

For collecting these recyclable items on a commercial scale a lot of workers are needed, who could go out on the streets and collect trash, then a lot of trash collecting trucks and drivers are needed those who would bring all the recyclable waste back to the warehouse. Once the recyclable waste is at the warehouse then the distribution process starts in which trucks are again needed so that the products can be supplied to factories those who would recycle these items.

All of the recyclable items will be stored in a warehouse because it will be a place where only recycling items will be getting collected and no other work will be able to interrupt this process.

Starting with one distribution is obviously needed but as soon as more factories ordering for the plastic and metal waste then yes, there will be need of at least two or three distribution centers so that the different distribution centers are easily able to distribute the plastic and metal waste to different factories easily and not getting mixed up. This will be a local operation because it is necessary to clean the society first. Focus will be to collect the recyclable items locally.

Since, the supply load will be generating a lot therefore it will become necessary for outsourcing the parts of supply chain to different providers. Recycling is also a business; therefore, gaining profit is the aim of every business. By outsourcing the parts of supply chain, the work will be distributed and more work will be done in less time.

Not sure if you can write a paper on Management Recycling of the Waste by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More References Ezine articles. (2011). The Effect of Plastic Bags on Environment. Web.

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The Life of a Human Being in C. S Lewis “The Great Divorce” and “Man’s Search for Meaning” a Book by Victor Frankl Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction The discussion in this paper is going to be based on two books; “The great divorce” written by C. S Lewis and “Man’s search for meaning” written by Victor Frankl. These books closely look at the life of a human being. In “The Great Divorce”, the narrator in this novel gets himself in a harsh and joyless town.

This town is seen as either purgatory or hell and this depends on the duration a person stays there. Finally, the narrator gets a bus that carries those people who long to explore another place. He boards the bus and starts talking with the other travelers.

On arrival to the destination, the travelers, the narrator being among them, are gradually portrayed as ghosts. On the other hand, in the “Man’s search for meaning” the author gives an account of his experiences as a prisoner in the concentrated camp and gives a description of psychotherapeutic way of getting a meaning in life.

The book is in two parts; the first part provides the author’s analysis of his personal experiences in prisons and the second part presents his notions of meaning as well as the logotherapy theory he has. Basing on these books, it is going to be indicated that life is a journey which is travelled by people and in the course of this journey; there are ups and downs that are experienced.

Life is a Journey The meaning of living is always there in a person’s life even during moments of suffering. Basing on Frankl’s book, “Man’s search for meaning”, this author indicates that, for every person who might be in great need, there is always someone who would feel for this person and is ready to help. The individual to offer help can be a friend, a relative, or any other person or it can be even God.

Basing on the life of a prisoner, the author draws a conclusion that the psychological reactions a prisoner experiences are not only the outcomes of the conditions of this person’s life but it is as well the result of the freedom of making choices this person has even in those conditions of extreme affliction.

The internal spiritual strength that the prisoner has is dependent on the amount of faith this person has in his future and the moment that faith is lost; the person is destined to be doomed.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More A prisoner who has been set free undergoes three stages of psychological reactions in his life’s journey; depersonalization, danger of deformation stage and the bitterness stage. This is according to Frankl’s book,”Man’s search for meaning” The depersonalization stage is a stage of readjustment.

At this point, the prisoner progressively comes back to the world. At first, when the prisoner is set free, he or she is so confused that he or she does not even understand the meaning of freedom and is not able to respond to the freedom emotionally. A number of liberated prisoners see this freedom as a dream that will be snatched from them.

The body is the first to help in breaking away from this stage. It responds by greedy feeding and sleeping. After the body is replenished to a particular level, in turn, the mind is now able to respond and this is the starting point for the “danger of deformation stage” (second stage). When the mind is stressed up, this can put mental health at risk.

Frankl points out that when the prisoners went back to the societies to which they belonged, they had to fight with the experience of disillusionment and also with the experience of bitterness. The third stage is the bitterness stage. The prisoners are bitter at the absence of receptiveness of the outside world.

The prisoners as well experienced disillusionment on realizing that there is no end to suffering even after they have come out of prison. They are disillusioned on realizing that the long awaited happiness that they thought would come with their freedom is not there. The hope which kept the prisoners alive in the course of their entire stay in prison was no more.

Frankl points out that this experience is the hardest to get over. But as time goes by, the experience the prisoners had in the concentration camps eventually turned out to be just a nightmare that was held in their memories. At this point, the prisoner comes to realize that he no longer has fear for anything but God.

The journey of life continues even after death. Basing on Lewis’s novel, “The Great Divorce”, this author came to a realization that his work could alter the way a person viewed death and life that comes after it and directs his readers through the life after death of one person and that person is himself.

We will write a custom Essay on The Life of a Human Being in C. S Lewis “The Great Divorce” and “Man’s Search for Meaning” a Book by Victor Frankl specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Through the Lewis’s unhurried but stable transformation “journey after death”, he leads his readers in his personal transformation. With each chapter of this book, one has to turn out to be another person but still remain him or herself.

At the core of Lewis’s writings, he describes the beliefs he has and these beliefs can be put in to three classes. These classes are “evil versus good”, morality and values. In considering “good versus evil”, Lewis emphasizes that he considers evil and good as two topics that are not similar and yet closely connected. He believes that good in most cases overcomes evil.

To demonstrate these points, Lewis puts emphasis on them all through the whole novel and even in other books he has written. The reader will realize that in this book, “The Great Divorce”, Lewis makes use of the ghosts as illustrations of the way good can at all times win over evil. The ghosts get the power from God to conquer evil.

Conclusion Life is a journey which is travelled by people and in the course of this journey there are ups and downs that are experienced. The two novels; “Man’s search for meaning” and “The Great Divorce” illustrate this.

At every point, life has meaning, even at a time when one is going through great affliction. Such people as prisoners undergo suffering. They go through some tough stages even after being set free before they can adapt to the normal life in the society.

The journey of life still continues after one dies. Lewis illustrates this in his novel in which he travels in a bus after death to a land where hell and heaven is portrayed. It is indicated that evil can, at all times, be won over by good. Lewis uses the ghosts to demonstrate how evil can be overpowered by good. He indicates that evil is overcome by good through God’s power.