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Making a high fashion brand and use pop-up stores Analytical Essay

Introduction The fashion industry is becoming more competitive and as a result high-end fashion brand houses have been forced to come up with new techniques that will enable them successfully market their products (Blaszczyk 2008).

The advancement of technology has led to the use of pop-ups stores and internet marketing, which has become a very promising marketing channel for fashion houses. These pop-up stores have enabled fashion houses move their stock more quickly and efficiently in pored to meet demand patterns and respond to consumer needs (Lancaster

Rumble in the Jungle Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction The FARC is a revolutionary group of Marxist-Leninist, which is a guerilla organization, based in Colombia. This organization is involved in the consistent armed conflict in Colombia. The Colombian government has tried tirelessly to get rid of this group and its criminal activities, but the government’s efforts have been “fruitless”. This paper briefly looks at the FARC operations, and its involvement in criminal activities.

The involvement of foreign policies has been weakened by guerilla movement and other criminal groups in Colombia. The movement seems to have overpowered the “arm” of the law, as well as, foreign policies by interfering with peace in Colombia. The insurgency is now targeting other countries and regions such as Africa and Brazil.

The groups seem to render the foreign policies and the Colombian government powerless. This is clearly seen, in the way the government has tried effortlessly to “clear” guerillas and other gangs, but the gangs come up with a better strategy than the previous one. The FARC operations have “resurrected” with new tactics and strategies such as armed combat, land mining and kidnappings. Such activities have targeted both government agents and the citizens of Colombia.

The guerilla movement does not show any sign of ending its “torture”, and its injustice to the government and the people of Colombia. The movement has been there for a long time and there are no signs of its exit from the country. The military department from the Colombian government has tried to silence their deeds, but they keep coming back with unique tactics, different form the first one.

As the election year draws nigh, there are fears that the movement might strike just like in the past attacks. As the candidates and the citizens prepare to cast their votes, it is uncertain whether the movement will also “cast” its attack.

These groups are spreading their crime to other regions. This is seen in narcotic trafficking, whereby, the FARC operation is targeting Africa and Brazil. The operation is also targeting the south western part of Colombia; Cali, which is in close proximity to the coastal parts of the Pacific.

The situation is not any different in urban areas, as the guerilla is now forming alliances with criminal gangs locally, commonly referred to as bacrim. The group has around 3,800 followers, and they have gained access to the cities in Colombia (Dickinson 1). The group is well known for trafficking weapons, prostitutes and drugs.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Initially, the FARC’s assignment was to fight for territorial regions. As a result, the citizens strongly believe in the law of these jungle movements and their power. However, their “mission” changed, and they are now rebels to the government of Colombia. The movement is “paying back” or revenging for the death of its leaders.

The movement also shows some motive of gaining recognition at the local and international press. There are also other issues that underlie the uprising of this group, such as, inequality, poverty and disagreements on issues pertaining land distribution (Nazih 26).

Conclusion Foreign policies and foreign military operations have been of great support to the Colombian government. They have assisted in eradicating and reducing the threat posed by these rebellious groups and their movements. The only strategy that can be used in combating this violence is through improving and equipping the local and foreign government’s military tactics.

If nothing is done, in terms of government or international intervention, the situation can get out of hand, and Colombia will become a devastated area.

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