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Leadership Test Definition Essay

Introduction Leadership traits are the qualities and the features that characterize an effective leader making him/her outstanding from other leaders (Aurelius 1). They are the features that enable a leader practice strategic leadership in an organization and act as a role model for his sub-ordinates.

The issue of leadership traits came to existence in the 1940’s in a survey carried out by Bird. Bird had an intention to identify various characteristics and traits that made up an effective leader. Bird carried out twenty different studies in which he identified seventy nine traits. Among these traits, only five percent were common for leaders. Some of the features that were complied by Bird include “intelligence, scholarship, responsibility, activity and social participation” (Geier 316).

There are different leadership traits that are possessed by leaders that make leadership more effective in any organization. For example, honesty is considered the most important trait in effective leadership. When a leader is honest it becomes easy for him/her to win the approval of his/her followers.

An effective leader should have emotional intelligence in order to control his/her emotions. The hospitality industry may at times require a lot of patience and self control since it mainly deals with customer relations. Again, an effective leader ought to inspire the people he/she is serves by the way he/she works, communicates and behaves. This may attract more clients to the business and may also motivate the staff to be more productive.

It has been noted that people with inborn characteristics for leadership usual make excellent leaders (Perry 8). Ducker has expressed similar views that leaders with innate characters for leadership easily make great leaders.

Leadership Leadership can also be viewed as the ability to influence followers towards achieving a common goal. Exerting influence on the followers can be accomplished by giving a sense of direction, alignment, commitment and then being able to agree collectively without violating their freedom (Velsor, McCauley

Autism’s Teaching Tips for Children and Adults Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help The management of health is often connected with the strategies that may involve assistance, guidance, predicting the progress of development and other possible interventions. Especially, these are more probably required when dealing with the neurocognitive problems.

The present description is concerned with the role of teacher in the better management of Autism in children. Briefly, Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder which involves impairments in communicative skills, societal interaction and behavioral adjustment (Levy, David