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Leadership And Change Management At Dominos Pizza Commerce Essay

Change is part of life. Change come in every things with the passage of time either he is a human being or an organization. To accept these changes things try to adopt different process according to different situations. Similarly in an organisation changing can be small or big as well. For example, hiring a new employee is small change and change in mission or use of new technology is big cause of change. Change should not be done for the sake of change .it is a strategy to accomplish the overall goal. Internal and external triggers are key cause of change and these changes can be planned and unplanned as well. There are some common mistakes while attempting to implement the change. For example, delayed decision making, no proper support of managers, could not understand where business will stand after adopting the change.
In addition, for the change organisation follow the process and during this process many conflicts occurred. If something is happening that is indication of resistance. There are many signs of resistance like confusion, denial, immediate criticism, easy agreement, silence and many more.
What is change management? Change management is accept, control and manage the situation in the organisation and need to bring change in the organisation has effective management is called change management. Different analysis has to do to see the change and managed by well planned strategy. If any organisation has needed to do change then different valid models are made for effective management of change. Some proactive techniques are used to bring and adjust the change in the external and internal performance of the organisation. There is making some effective strategy to plan step by step change. Change management also keep in eye current and modern issues which can affect the change process. There are some solid reasons when change is required. Change management should have up to date knowledge about the of situation surrounding a issues.
Change process: There are many reasons due to change is done. That reason can be internally and can be internally. Change process means journey of source of change to the adopting the change is change process. Why change has done? Which type of changes has done either it is cultural, organisational behaviour, organisation policies. These changes can be related to different department of organisation and every department is related to change process and change process is related to the organisation strategies.
Real life examples of the change process: In the recent years, the introduction and modification of the computer dominated the list of changes. It has effected nearly every business, industry and home as well. Change in computer will keep effect on people lives. For examples, nowadays people can buy the thing easily at sitting in home by using the computer through internet. Computer has saved the time and expenses as well. We can buy a thing by clicking a button and can pay at time. Moreover, computer has great impact on industrial area as well. New information technology systems have been installed. It is the best way to access the data.
Moreover, working condition also often changes. Many organizations moved or remodelled their facilities. For example shifting of staff or offices to new tall buildings from small quarters which are a great change in working process. Polices, rules and regulations are frequently changed. Continues changes are being made in organizations in order to become more efficient and profitable. For examples, a big insurance company is restructuring its organization around the project management area . They mage centralized area to project mange office where the team of workers stayed until they are assigned to various projects. Foe the starting of the project they need trainings and have to learn methodology of project management. Initiative for the change started in information technology and is expanding rest of the life.
History of Dominos Pizza: In USA, Dominos Pizza is second largest franchised chain organisation like its competitors Pizza Hut. Two Brother Tom and James Monagha purchased some property and opened with the mane of Dominick’s pizza. After few years Tom had changed the name Dominos Pizza. In late seventies there were 200 franchise of pizza and later on in 1983 it went international and open one thousand franchises and same year in Australia they open new franchise. Organisation of Dominos Pizza grew up very quickly and in many countries it was still a traditional company. The menu of Dominos Pizza was very simple and was offering simple crust means regular pizza. Later on due to competition they added medium and large size otherwise there were no side order, just pizza along with the drink. Deep pan pizza was introduced in 1989 and changed the history. By the market demand, on same years, they opened five thousands stores. For many year, they started the policy about the delivery if the delivery didn’t reach in 30 minutes then you will get free pizza. In 1993, they did not continue this policy. In 1994 they introduced chicken wings and in 1996 they launched Dominos web site. They also invention the cardboard boxes to keep pizza warm and Heat Wave for the fresh and warm delivery. In 1997 they introduced the new logo as well. They have open many franchises all over the world according to the taste and culture of the different countries.
Sources of change in the Dominos Pizza: There are many internal and external sources which has brought change in the dominos’ pizza and its strategy. They accepted these changes and there are some external reasons which are as follows:
Changing in market nature is the source of change in the Dominos Pizza. As the consumers know that their choice is matter in the market whatever they demand it will be considerable. Australia is one of the largest countries and consumers of that country markets want healthy food so Dominos Pizza made healthy menu.
With the objective of maintaining the competition, business always run according to the rules and regulation. So Dominos Pizza also influenced by political and legal issues. Employer should have to remember about the nutrition laws and information.
There is another source which has affected the operation of the Dominos Pizza which is economic growth and location.
There are some internal sources which have impact on the Dominos Pizza. New technology system to keep pizza warm and hot for the longer time it has created change and also online delivery order. New internet based is beneficial for the customers. Dominos made easier for the consumer card payments, driver take wireless card machines for the payment of order.
Resistance to change: When changes are made then resistance born. There are many reason of increasing of resistance like due to some confusion in the data, misleading and misusing the data, organisation do not know where have to do change, sometime criticism incurred, employees does not agreed with the new polices. Resistance can be intense because of different reasons like a cognitive of different options, due to deeper emotions and deeply embedded.
Resistance to change in Organisational culture of Dominos Pizza: Brandon who had purchased Dominos Pizza for$ 1.1 billion. He tried to create very friendly relationship with employees. First day on the work he explained that change is good. With the passage of time, Dominos Pizza brings changes in cultural sector. Proper wearing uniform and given training to the employees and how to work, given them trainings. Employees of Dominos Pizza were eligible. Organisational culture changing is not a easy thing, manager make out the strategy that how to change in the organisation individually and in the group. Innovation of online ordering is new change in the Dominos Pizza. Competition in the industry has increased in the selection of store manager and gives them training. New computerised system has brought changes in organisational culture as well.
Resistance to change in Organisational behaviour of the Dominos Pizza: Due to resistance to change in Dominos Pizza, there are some changes incurred in organisation behaviour of the organisation. Staff issues have increased because new technology is using and employment opportunities are decreasing. With the passage of time new modern technology has taken over the jobs. These are the basic issues and change in the organisational behaviour. There are some problems incurred individually to face the change like managers of store.
Resistance to change in organisational policies and power: With the passage of time, there are many changes incurred in polices and rules and regulations which was the cause of resistance to change in dominos. Whenever changes comes in the polices managers have to see the difficulties because he have to handle the store and have direct linkage between the employees. Manger have to try to keep saying to employees to follow new polices these policies can be about food hygienic, delivery, taking orders many other things. After facing these changes, customers who are the basic part of domino’s strategy have to face the problem. Some time customers does not understand the about the new polices. Polices has implied on every employee of Dominos Pizza so that is cause of resistance to change.
Moreover, main power of Dominos Pizza is their customer so they do not like to lose their customers. If dominos’ will try to change in culture, organisational behaviour and rules and regulation will directly affect the customers. Basic aim and objective of domino’s pizza is to make happy customer.
In addition, one more power of dominos is finance which has brought changes many times. Sometimes dominos have to face resistance to change due to finance. Changes come due to loss of revenue, low share market and many other things as well.
Strategies to overcome the resistance: Domino’s is one of the well know and famous organisation in the world. Its business is expanding day by day at global level. They have experience is the profit margin and have competitive advantage. Domino’s pizza have good brand image and have a lot of variety of pizza. In market dominos have leadership quality as well it can competent its competitors like pizza hut, papa john’s and many other organisations. There are following steps which are taken by the Dominos Pizza.
Domino’s pizza aim and objective: To minimize the resistance to change domino’s has focus on its aim and objective. Main objective of domino’s pizza is to great care of customers. Make customers happy and deliver their orders on the time. Through examine the domino’s main objective mangers can control the resistance to change.
Achievable goals: Managers can understand about the achievable gaol of the Dominos Pizza. Managers should have to do setting of goal. These goal should be reachable and success able. There is one example of domino’s pizza is that in 2006 their goal was to achieve 418 outlet but they had 438. Through this approach Dominos Pizza can reduce the resistance to change.
Culture of change: Domino’s pizza has to describe their culture to change. Domino’s is increasing its growth rate. It has gone international level. Whatever changes will come in the cultural. They should have to explain to their customers. It can be helpful in reduction of strategy.
Change models: Kurt lewin’s has introduced this model. It is very simple to understand and managing the change in any organisation according to this model. His thinking is to bring change as can bring change in ice block. It has given name unfreezing, freezing and refreezing.
So, Dominos Pizza should have to accept this approach. Sometime employees cannot work as company demands. Some time customer does not come to but pizza.
Step 1: Unfreezing means what problems an organisation is facing? Where it should have to bring changes? There should be proper analysis. Through the survey of market, getting feedback from customers, Dominos Pizza can adopt the change and can reduce the resistance to change.
Step2: In this step, freezing, how an organisation can make change? How organisations accept this change? It can be successful by motivating the team and managers.
Step 3: In last step refreezing mean if any employee does not want to change the habit. Sometimes organisation does not accept the changes.
Unfreezing Freezing Refreezing Sources of conflict within change: Some source which has created change in domino’s pizza strategy. These sources were internal and external. Dominos did many changes in it whole journey to the success. This organisation met to resistance to change. These resistance was by organisational culture, behaviour, polices and many other things. There are many approach used to overcome the resistance. After using these approaches and strategies Dominos Pizza faced many conflicts which were changing in the working style of the Dominos Pizza. There is innovation of new technology which has taken over the job of employees. They cannot get working hour more. Online order service, misleading with calculation of sales, misleading the data, misuse of branding. These are the main sources of conflict in the change. When changes come then it creates conflicts between the employees. Due to misleading the calculation there were impact on the sales revue and the ratio analysis of the domino’s pizza.
Approaches to deal with conflicts: When conflict incurred then there should be some approaches to deal with conflicts. To deal with conflict should have to careful about the main objective and aim. If we forget about the main purpose then there is no befit of running the business. To solve these conflicts Dominos Pizza should have to take some steps which are as follows:
Dominos Pizza had to do some promotional activities to keep its image maintain. These activities make customer happy and create more attraction.
To reduce the conflicts, Dominos Pizza had to increase the working hours of employees and have to offers some compensation, holiday packages, bonuses.
Domino’s pizza had to arrange some motivational workshop for the employees like customer service workshop, team work, training of staff.
Domino’s pizza had offers some new meal deal to the customers to increase the sale and revenue level.
Conclusion and Recommendations: At the end, changes come in ever field of organisation. Whenever change needed it comes . For the acceptance to change there are some elements which have to keep in eye. In Dominos Pizza many changes come and due to these changes it has create resistance to change in it. These resistances were in organisational behaviour, organisation cultural, traditional changes, changes in rules and regulation and power. These changes come not individually but it also comes in group of shape. After analysis of Domino’s pizza, we came to about the approaches and strategies which had used in the reduction of resistance. After resistance there are some problems and conflict born. Domino’s pizza used different techniques like offering the different meal deals, free vouchers to the customers, workshop for the employees and many other things. Domino’s pizza is well known and best competitors organisation in the market. It gained high profit and revenue.
Bibliography: Paton. R .A and McCalman J (2008) Change Management (3rd Ed) SAGE, London.
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Hr Planning And Development Methods At Nandos Commerce Essay

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development defined HRM as “the design, implementation and maintenance of strategies to manage people for optimum business performance, including the development of policies and processes to support these strategies.” (CIPD,2003) HRM is a vast subject which usually covers a range of applications which differ from books and organizations.
According to Bach, HRM does differ from the relations of the employees in the focus on the management practice and the tendency to ignore the employees interest. He holds certain views about the HRM which are as follows.
HRM is something where the employer and the employee interests coincide with each other for the effectiveness of the organization.
The interests of the employees should be marginalized.
There will be a special interest on the aspiration and motivation of individual employee.
Ongoing playing of collective and external issues.
Human Resource Management can be defined as the philosophy of managing the people which is based on believing that the human resources are very important to sustain the success of any business. Any organization tries to gain advantage with the use of people effectively inorder to meet the objectives set. HRM aims at recruitment of people who are flexible, committed and capable of giving their performance.
Human resource strategy models The link between the HR strategy and the business strategy are explained in the following context. The HR strategies are the decisions in regards to the practises and policies used by the management in the process of selecting, training, developing the employees and to motivate and control the employees.
The three models to differentiate the types of the strategies of HR are
Controlled-based model
Resource-based model
Integrated model
Controlled-based model In this the control aspects of the labour process to gain higher profitability and efficiency are discussed. They are the individual controls, technical controls and bureaucratic controls.
Process based control which is adopted where the relation of mean-ends are certain
Outcome based control which is adopted when these relations are less certain.
Resource based model: This focuses mainly on the strategic value of the assets and values of the people and the continuous learning at the workplace. The matching of the SHRM model mainly has its focus on the external Opportunities and the Threats, the resources based SHRM model mainly focused on the strategic importance of the internal ‘Strengths.’
Organizations are able to identify the resources which are strategic by using the criteria of Barney(1991) criteria
The strategy is shaped by the resources and the capabilities.
Limitations of resource-based model
Conceptual: the conceptual vagueness , imbalance by not giving attention to the internal resources at the expenses of the external competition.
Empirical: too less evidence that most of the firms have followed the ‘learning organization’ or the ‘soft’ SHRM model
The integrative model characterizes two main dimensions of the HR strategy.
The acquisition and the development of the focuses on internal human capital.
The control focuses on monitoring the employees compliance.
Locus of control focuses on monitoring employees’ compliance
The above two dimensions describe about four types of dominant HR strategies which describe about the organization being Commitment, Collaborative, Paternalistic and traditional.
Introduction of Nandos Nandos is one of the leading restaurants in the UK. The growth of the organization is affected by a number of factors. For that reason, the organization focusses on the development of the strategies and exploring the opportunities to grow with the increasing demands of the environment of the business. To place the HRM in an important place of the functions of the organization in the success of the environment is quite important. HRM in this context can be simply defined as coherent approach in the management of the assets of the organization which is the people. One of the companies which understand the importance of the HRM is Nando’s. this is a Portugese restaurant which has been originated from South Africa.
The first restaurant was established in the year 1987 in Rosettenville. It is named after Fernando Duarte’s son who is Portugese in the South Africa and his friend, Robert Brozin. Initially they named it as Chickenland and then later changed it to Nando’s in order to reflect the combination of the Mozambiquan and the Portugese cuisine. The very first restaurant in the UK was established in Ealing in 1992. Nando’s is known for its speciality in the chicken dishes like medium, hot, extra hot, peri peri marinations. It is mainly famous for the peri-peri chicken flavour prepared by Nandocas, which refers to the one who worked for the restaurant.
The people who eat at Nando’s believe that the difference is made by the Nandocas. The HR director of the restaurant, Julia Rosamond states that, ‘People want to value the organization they work for and be valued in return.’ The activities of the Nando’s, its development and the planning and the performance are discussed.
HRM Activities of Nando’s The main objective of Nando’s is to establish fast food outlets with their own life style. Nando’s is mainly dependant on success of the national procedures and the approaches. The founders of the Nando’s not only to be a chain of restaurants but to reflect the characteristics of the location as well.
The conduct of the restaurant is mainly guided by five important values which are passion, pride, integrity, courage and sense of family. The fifth value is specially intended for the restaurant to deliver the experience of Nando’s to the customers.
It is the responsibility of the HR department to make sure that the Nandocas are well satisfied, be engaged and be fulfilled in the careers within Nando’s. There are certain activities run by the HR which mainly include the recruitment, provide training and to reward the employees.
Recruitment and selection at Nando’s The recruitment process is one of the important activity of the HR department. They tend to recruit people either internally or externally, who meets the criteria. This process is usually legal and sound technically. Throughout the UK, there are about 30 restaurants being opened each year which does mean they need more nandocas. To strike the balance between the internal and external environment, the HR of Nando’s takes the responsibility of searching for Nandocas whi is more able to be a Patrao, which means as Manager, general Manager or the Managing Director. Bearing in mind that the passion of the Nandocas increases the growth of the brand. Their details are also filed for the future reference.
The HR of the Nando’s usually encourage the applicants that they should contact the local management team. The vacancies usually become available at the Central Support Level and within the restaurants especially to work on tills and to be grillers. The online recruitment system is also available where the applicants can submit their CV. The page which says career opportunities is one of the important element of the website. Currently there are positions available in the different areas of the country. Nando’s tend to prioritise the people of local areas to make the local version of the restaurant in their respective countries. This has been the key to achieve the objectives set by the company.
The company also made a partnership with the online job search companies like the Global Recruitment Resource etc in order to fill in the vacancies which are not available immediately to fill in with internally. Once a person is hired by Nando’s, they will be called as Nandoca. They usually fill in full time and permanent positions.
When speaking about the legal aspects of the company, Nando’s shows its commitment towards the equal opportunities policy giving equal importance to everyone. It also believes in diversity of the people, origins and beliefs. The HR of Nando’s also makes sure that the information about the vacancies, is mainly publicised in order to reach all the sections of different communities. The recruitment is mainly based on a objective and fair criteria.
Training and development at Nando’s In today’s world the applicants take the opportunity to take the chance to develop. The employers tend to train and develop their employees to get the best out of them. Nando’s understand that the employees should be well trained to focus on their current work and also to develop themselves in order to develop for the future jobs. The HRM model which is resource based provides the way of the possibility of learning which is related to the work and helps the employees to develop with the strategies of learning.
They run a development program to progress in the career which guides the HR of Nando’s to allow the employees and the trainee employees to recognise and identify their true potential. The company invests a huge amount on the people and also training which is the reason why the trainings are always ongoing which are performed in the house. With the working of the Learning and Development, which is processed with every individual’s demands and needs. During the first three months, the trainee employee will be devoted to the learning of the essential skills required for the job and also the skills of management for future purpose. These trainees are coached and supported by the legends of the Nando’s and other employees who work for the Learning and Development department.
When the employees complete the three months training programme, they will be given invitation for a self development workshop where the employee will have to prepare a plan to develop in the future. The next trainings will depend on the position which the employee is presently occupied. The Nando’s also conducts coaching programs, training and to work in the management teams.
Compensation at Nando’s The HRM model claims for the betterment of the processes at internal level. The definite processes, systems and procedures are aimed at the consolidation of the ongoing education, competencies, performance at the individual and the collegial levels and the reward systems. For example, to deal with the compensation, is is done uniquely taking the basis of the business and the function at the corporate level. The compensation aims to establish and maintain a workforce which is cost effective, competent and loyal.
Being at the Nando’s the employees tend to experience the direct and the indirect compensations. Their basic salary is decided on their experience, quarter and the annual bonus are also given to the employees to encourage the staff. Apart from giving free meals to the staff, the Nandocas are also given 20% staff discount. They are also given a 28 days of paid holidays and also a long service pay reward where the employee will get an extra 4 weeks to be taken all at one time after every 5 year period time. (Nando’s online 2009)
The Nandocas also enjoy the area drinks evenings for every four months which include a Christmas party at end of the year. The restaurants will be closed a bit early during these days especially in the month of December for the employees to enjoy the festive season and to celebrate. The annual fun day is also available for the family members of the employee and they will enjoy parties in the parks.
The employees who work in the management position will be given the opportunities to attend the conferences annually. Apart from the chance to be Patrao, once they complete the 18 month period of being Patrao, they will be given chance to join a partnership scheme if they meet the KPIs and the values of the company are lived. When the Patrao becomes the partner, they will be benefited to input the decisions and a good reward for being a stakeholder at Nando’s.
Task 2 Human Resource Planning The Human Resources broaden the term which refers to the term, Human Capital, the people of organization. The field has developed from the traditional administrative function to the strategic function which recognizes the work of the engaged and the talented people for the success of the organization. The Human Resources will have minimum 2 interpretations. The development of the human resources can reach more than the nations. The Human Resource Planning is a part of the Human resource Management. HRM has been the concept which was used since the people have started by following a way of life which is organized.
In the present time , HR has equal importance as any other department of the organization and in some of the corporate companies the importance of the HR is even more. As the technology and the education tend to increase along with the increase in the economic status and the structures, the HR is the most mature, oldest and the efficient compared to the other styles of management.
The Human Resource planning is implemented as a policy especially it can be understood as a framework which a person can analyse and describe a group of objects which work to get a result. This explanation serves as the important structure and the fundamentals in resourcing the skills of an individual. Human resource Planning is one of the active processes where the company tries to assess continuously in respect to the talent of the employee and the requirements to achieve the success. Through this process the organization tends to identify, develop, implement the options, methods and the tools to achieve the required state.
Analysis The Human Resource Planning helps the organization by selecting the suitable person who possess the right skills and who will be able to implement the strategies of the organization to achieve the objectives of the company. Also the HRP is the process to analyze the needs of the people. It is quite important that the Human Resource Planning set the objectives of the Human Resources and decide how to reach the objectives. In this process, the management interfaces with the planning strategically and scans the environment. Even before the strategies are implemented, they will be monitored and the inventory of the resources, then they will be forcasted. In addition the external labour market helps the company to make the decisions regarding the Human Resources. The created forecast which has been created is compared to the supply and the demand. This is done in anticipation to the shortages and the overages.
Human Resource Development Tremendous challenges have been created in the organization during the period of Industrial revolution. The need for some of the methods to deal with the new issues has come up with the management of the organizations with the need of the material, information and the people. Wertheim, ( 2003) has attempted to analyse the behaviour of human at work, looked the human characteristics interaction, social and physical environment, speed, capacity, cost and durability. The main goal was removal of the human variability. Most of the workers have resisted which was called as the dehumanization of the work. Inspite of the progress economically brought by the Industrial Revolution, the critics calling for the attention to the management, boredom, wasted human resources.
New assumptions were developed in the organization because of the increasing concern on the management of the Human Resources. The assumptions explain that the people satisfy a certain class of needs at work place, where there is not any conflict between the individuals and the objectives of the organization. Also state that the people try to act rationally to get more rewards and people act at individual level to satisfy their needs.
The issue of the requirement in becoming the principle-cantered inividuals has been addressed by Covey. Some of the principles are very important even than the success or the ongoing of the business. If someone will let the business to fall than setting the ethical standards to a side can manage to return back to their own business as they were once able to maintain the integrity and the good name but those who try to keep the business run losing their ethics may end up in loss of the company’s name.
McNair in (1998) has suggested some principles for the success of the business.
To show proper respect for the authority,
when there is a conflict of the interests, having a singleness is important.
Use of effective communication in word and deed as well as it is the important factor to express the integrity of an individual.
The employer has to let the employees to get good rest in need, recreation and also reflection. This helps in enjoying a quality life which will then be reflected in the creativity, production and also motivation.
Giving respect for the human life, rights and dignity. The product quality is then encompassed, the service and the environment at work, safety issues, health related matters.
HR Planning and Development Methods at Nando’s The management of the Human resources mainly focus on the planning of the people and also the whole organization. The plans of the HR involve the market and the future. The planning mostly starts by the assurance that the correct number of people are appropriately placed in proper position.
Nando’s ensures that there is right person at the right time in the right job. With this it tries to encompass three processes which include the strategic plan which is based on the forecasting of the personnel requirements, skills for the analysis of the personnel supply and the buddy system in order to match with the requirements.
The planning of the Nando’s is most often built on the continous roll out of the restaurants. These type of the programmes require that it is important for Nando’s to construct a leadership and the competencies. There are also other challenges which include the risk of loss of the five important values of the restaurant. With the HR team, the human resources demand will be forecasted on basis of the number of the stores.
Task 3 Human Resource Performance Performance Management The mission is carried out by the campus with the help of the collective and individual contributions from the employees. In order to do their best, the staff should know that these contributions are acknowledged and recognized.
The Performance Management is one of the key processes which if effectively carried out can help the employees to identify their contributions and to acknowledge. Performance Management is a continuous process about communication between an employee and the supervisor which usually occurs throughout the year. It takes support for the accomplishment of the organization’s objectives. This process includes the clarification of expectations, setting of the objectives, goals identification, providing the feedback and to evaluate the results.
Managing Employee Performance To oversee the performance and to provide the feedback is definetly not an isolated thing in the evaluation or assessment of the performance. It is usually an process which is ongoing and takes place all the year. This is a cyclic process having discussions every year depending on the change in the objectives.
This cyclic process includes Planning, Checking-In, and Assessment.
In the process of planning, there is a review of the overall expectations which include the development of the objectives of the performance. The developmental goals of the individual are updated. Then a plan which will direct the efforts of the employee towards the achievement of the results in order to support the excellence of the organization and the success of the employee.
The set objectives and the goals are often discussed throughout the year especially in the check-in meetings. This will provide a framework to make sure that the employee achieves results by coaching and the feedbacks.
When the performance period comes to an end, the performance of the employee is assessed against the objectives and the measures and the means used, the behaviour of the employee in the process of achievement of the objectives. In account of all the above new objectives will be set for the following period.
HR Performance of Nando’s All the organizations allot about 30% of the total revenue for the compensation of the employees. The expenditures of the compensation are evaluated to determine the effectiveness and the performance which is the main base for the compensation is also assessed. The performance of the HR is not to be considered as an exemption. It is the same as in nando’s as well. The company uses a strategy of the market leader in terms of compensating the workers. Such type of strategy helps the company in attracting and retaining the employees who have the required abilities.
The restaurant recognizes the role of the HR and the key for the success of the restaurant. The HR people take the responsibility in the development, implementation and ensuring the strategies to achieve the goals of the business and to deliver the commercial objectives. the HR people take the priority in providing the high class quality service to the customers. Any issues related to the people are dealt with a systematic way with the implementation of the HR strategy at different levels across the country.
The performance of the Nando’s is measured by a 360 degree appraisal to serve the purpose of highlighting the weaknesses and strengths of the people. It also helps in identifying the needs of areas of development. Usually there will be about 8-12 people where there are supervisors, team members, coworkers, subordinate and the customers. The training given to them depends on the appraisals and also depends on the learning system preferred by them.
Nando’s also conducts a staff survey to determine the performance effectiveness of the HR. Accordingly the HR staff will be rewarded more than the basic salary.
The 360 degree feedbacks and the staff surveys are mostly comprehensive in nature as the responses are usually gained from many perspectives and gives input for the behaviour and the outcome but the tend to lack objectivity. The management of the performance is a strategy which relate with the endeavours of the organization which is embedded in the HR poilicies.
For the appraisal to be more precise and objective, there has been implementation of behaviourally anchored rating scales. (BARS) and a critical incident file.
The critical incident file usually refers to the method of performance appraisal where the manager pens down the positive and the negative behaviour of the performances of the employees throughout their period. This file is usually in the form of a document which contain the comments about the important events of the employee during his working life. The drawbacks of this are that it could be bias due to the nature being individualistic and being dependant on the appraiser’s competence. In case of Nando’s it requires a higher position than the HR to do the documentation work. Anyway there is a challenge in this as the employee should be working closely with the HR people.
The BARS has got its strengths like it is even more accurate and objective in nature than the critical incident file. It has the legitimacy as the performance effectiveness is measured by numerous statements which describe the HR employee performance. The superior is the one who selects. The best of the statement will be chosen based on the metrics and the standards.
Conclusion and Recommendation Thus the different strategies which are implemented in the restaurant complements with the HR functions like recruitment, training of the employees, their development, performance appraisal. Nando’s aim for the individualism of each branch for which reason the five important values are integrated carefully in the process. It also aims at the cultivation of the people culture with the help of the HR department. This can be understood with the spontaneity of the Nando’s process.
Nando’s has the right in devising a successful plan which helps to align the people culture and the five important values with the strategic direction. The goal of Nando’s is to gain and to retain the quality work. The audit of the skills will be the starting point of the successful process in the planning. The auditing of the skills result in the understanding of the skills required, if there are any gaps in the organization, the developmental needs and also the number of people who needs the development. The data which is used for the internal selection can also be used for the planning of the success.
Career pathing is an action which is important for the effective planning of success. This can be defined as the sequence of the developmental activities, which involve formal and informal education, training, experience of the job which help the individual able to hold the jobs which are more advanced. The career paths usually lead to the describing of the work. It also describes how the sequences relate with each other. The Nando’s use career pathing activities which help in enhancing the skills, the competencies of the employees and their knowledge.