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Kinship of Family Essay

Kinship refers to the link that exists among people who are related to each other either by marriage or blood. This link is important because it defines somebody’s history. Kinship is used in most communities to dictate how properties are distributed among one’s descendants. The volume of properties received is dependent on the beneficiary’s number in the family order.

Among communities that speak the same vernacular language, the language is used as the unifying factor because it is used to distinguish that community from other communities. Residing in a common geographical location was responsible for fostering strong bonds due to frequent interaction.

There are two ways through which kinship can be acquired and they include marriage and through blood. The strength of these links does not rely on their source. A link based on marriage can disintegrate after the marriage has collapsed. In contrary affiliation by blood is thought to have the strongest foundation and is said to end when death walks in.

In my typical family setup the affiliation that exists among family members is used to hold it together. For instance, if my father was to divorce my mother, my link with the two of them would remain intact unless I take sides. This is because the link between me and both of them is based on blood while theirs is based on love.

In the above mentioned scenario it is certain that links that are based on blood are stronger and cannot be compared to links based on the marriage because the partners in marriage are united by their strong feelings towards each other and when these feelings fade away the link between them is then broken.

In our culture, the first born male is accorded the same respect as his father and is responsible for the continuation of family name. Female children are not able to participate in family name continuation because traditions dictate that when a woman is married she becomes more attached to her new family.

The male first born is usually consulted before a decision is made because if the father of the family does not exist the first born male assumes his role. Mothers tend to favor the child who is more financially stable than the rest. Studies in the recent past have proved that this favor is natural among females.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In ancient days our community supported marriage strongly because they knew the family was the basic unit that determined the survival of a community. In today’s world these cultures have been eliminated by modernization. Descendants of a given family name were avoided by many because it was perceived that by marrying such people will bring bad blood into a family name.

Children who are not financially stable enjoy limited authority in decision making process in their families because they are only allowed to implement decisions that have been made by those considered to be more intelligent. Money commands power in our family regardless of whether the wealthy child is the last born in the family.

Experience cannot be bought over the counter and thus one would expect the first born of the family whether male or female to be given the first priority in giving counsel to his siblings. Favoring one child over the other fosters jealousy in the family against the child who is seen as the apple of parent’s eye.

Property inheritance should be done with evenness because all the children enjoy the same rights in their family. In most families within our community, property inheritance has led to many wrangles that are extended to their offsprings. Children who are more successful than their siblings tend to take advantage of their siblings.

Parents also are also known to dislike children who are named after the parents of their partner. This is most likely to happen if the bond between the in-laws and their brother’s wife is soar. It is worth noting that the character traits exhibited by one’s children reflect those of his/her parents. Favoritism makes those who are more preferred than others feel like they are superior to their siblings, and hence decisions in that family must safe guard their interests.

Sometimes parent ignite family wrangles by allocating more property to one child. Parents should distribute their property equally among their children unless their children recommend so. This evenness will promote unity in a family. Thus children in our society are encouraged to exercise respect to each other.

The US constitution with the articles of confederation Compare and Contrast Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Articles of Confederation and the US constitution have much in common though they also have some differences. To begin with, these two were made by the same people who had different views. They have been considered to be the official government of the United States for an extended period, as they served as the laws to be followed.

In both articles, the nation has been recognized as the United States of America. In both, the laws are made by the legislature, whereby the articles of confederation have only one house which is referred to as Congress, and the constitution has got two houses. These two houses combined are referred to as Congress, but it’s subdivided into the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Articles of confederation congress are made up by members who range between two and seven per each state, while two senators per every state represent the constitution, but it depends on the population of each state. Voting in Congress is stated as one vote per state in the articles of confederation, while in the constitution is one vote per one representative.

The system of appointing members is in the manner that representatives are to be elected by the popular vote in the constitution. In the articles of confederation, members are appointed by state legislatures.

In the constitution, the legislative office is designed for representatives to serve for two years and six years for senators. In articles of confederation, the term is one year. The legislative office has got a term limit of not exceeding three years, out of six in the articles of confederation but there is no limit in the constitution.

The articles of confederation do not recognize any executive, but the constitution acknowledges the president as the executive. The amendments of laws will be changed through the agreement of all the states by the articles of confederation but by three-quarter of all states in the constitution.

An article of confederation was a starting point towards giving the nation a new constitution as it contained more weaknesses than strengths. One of its strengths was that it made extra efforts to unite the states and come up with a strong legislature.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Most people appreciated this as they had a chance to contribute to government actions. In the article, the colonists had also come up with an idea of the land ordinance to create new states and cover the national debt. Its main weakness was its failure to allocate powers to the federal government; hence it was considered to be insufficient.

The federal government in the articles of confederation had no ability to regulate commerce and taxes. The constitution came up with some strength whereby the government had powers to tax, provision of one army, acquiring of a common currency, and a common leader.

Above all its main strength is that it has remained successful and unchanged up to date serving as the source of rules and regulations for the United States. However strong the US constitution is, it has some critics. This constitution has been regarded by many as undemocratic. It’s considered to be undemocratic because of its idea of having indirect presidential elections and confusing senators’ elections.

Finally, the constitution replaced the articles of the federation as its strengths overdo its weaknesses, unlike the article which had more weaknesses than strengths.