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Investigation of One of the States of the United States. -Iowa Descriptive Essay

Tables of contents The report is about the state of Iowa in the United States of America, its altitude, originality and also its climate and effect to human beings. It also focuses on the political state and development together with its economic activities and their contribution to the state.

The education system is furthermore discussed together with its growth and entertainment or recreation grounds and the cost of sustaining them. In addition it addresses the natural resources and their effects to the state.

The state of Iowa is found in Midwestern United States. On its east is the Mississippi River while on the west is the Big Sioux River and the Missouri River. It is found on latitude; 43 degrees,23 minutes to 43degrees, 30minutes north and latitude; 90degrees, 8minutes to 96degrees, 38minutes west (Whittaker 90).

Earlier on, it was part of French colony, but as a result of European exploration the settlers established their settlements and started agriculture in the Corn Belt. As the population increased in into Iowa, people began to consider having a state government, which would have elected officials. In 1840 and 1842 referendums were conducted to decide whether Iowa should become a state but both failed.

But in 1844, people finally agreed to form a state and officers were chosen to draw up a constitution of the state to show its boundaries, the officers to be in office and legislations will be made. The delegates drew up the boundaries and presented this to the Congress. Iowa was admitted as a state to the Union in 1846 as the 29th state.

Iowa State has been involved in wars and conflicts with its neighboring states in the past severally. The first war occurred in 1812 against the British supported by the Sauk and Ho-Chunk tribes who were against the building of the Ford Madison tower that had been built by the U.S. to control trade and establish their dominance over the state.

“The U.S. was overpowered and as a way of re-establishing their control they constructed Fort Armstrong, Fort Snelling in Minnesota and Fort Atkinson at Nebraska. With this various trading points constructed, a lot of pressure was put on the Indians who were to move to other parts not dominated by the U.S.” (Alex, 78)

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Alex (94) further notes “a treaty thereafter that was signed between William H. Harrison and Quashquame was disputed what led to the Black Hawk War of 1832 as it has placed a bigger part of the Illinois under the U.S. territory.” It led to removal of all the Indians in Iowa State by the year 1846 that included the Sauk and the Meskwaki although they later returned and occupied parts of Tama where they stay to date.

This led to the migration of some of the American settlers who had come and settled. Another war erupted in 1861-1865 known as the cold war as a result of Abraham Lincoln’s policy of preserving the Union whereby the Iowa State voted for him. Although they did not participate directly in the war, they supplied food and other amenities to the armies and also contributed a large contingent of men as soldier. This caused conflicts with its neighbors as they were involved in the war indirectly.

Agriculture is the main economic activity in the Iowa climate and covers approximately sixty percent of the land. Some of the main crops that are grown include corn, hogs, soya beans, and oats which contribute greatly to the gross domestic product of the state’s economy.

Consequently, the growing of these crops has led to the establishment of manufacturing and processing industries like the Archer Daniels Midland and Garst Seed Company that process and produce final products.

The state is characterized by humid continental climate and basically has hot summers, cold winters, and wet springs. The most severe season is spring with a number of thunderstorms per year. Animal life is altered during this season as tornadoes are usually common during spring and summer months result in the deaths of several people.

Summer seasons are usually hot and humid with temperatures ranging between 32degrees to 38 degrees Celsius during the day.

Winters temperature drop below freezing point and the state is very cold during this season. Natural disasters include; “tornadoes (around 46 a year), snowfall (seasonal 32 inches)

The Evolution of the Iphone from Inception to Today’s Iphone4 Term Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

First generation Iphone (2G)

Second generation iPhone (3G)

Third generation iPhone-3Gs

IPhone 4


Works Cited

Introduction IPhone has revolutionized the cell phone technology elevating it to a whole new level. It has set the standards so high that other mobile phone companies have no choice but to upgrade their products in order to survive in the dynamic and ever changing technological age.

It utilizes internet protocol to perform its tasks most of which are time and space consuming in their operations (Krugler 19). IPhone success has been proven by its popularity and performance in the mobile phone market.

Apple has made a remarkable gain from the sale of the iPhone since its first release. Since its introduction into the market, iPhone has dominated over the cell phone market and maintained its demand by continuously upgrading its models. It is also designed such that it is possible to run the operating systems of the new models into the older models.

This enables its users to enjoy upgraded systems on their phones without having to purchase a new model phone.

Apple offers a free utility referred to as the iphone configuration utility which lets you create and install configuration profiles and provisioning profiles (Landau 139). This utility has general trouble shooting related features that are important even to the non-enterprise population.

Its unique software and hardware also allows you to create an application that enables the users to perform tasks that may not be possible with a laptop computer (Goldstein 12). However, this is not to mean that it can entirely replace the personal computer.

The iPhone applications generally allow for internet access. Its operating system and hardware allows you to determine the device location through GPS and also has tracking and motion detectors that can register its movement. The iPhone also supports audio and video application (Goldstein 14).

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Over the years, questions have been raised as to who is the real manufacturer of the iPhone. Although there are various companies that have attempted to imitate the iPhone, the original iPhone is made by a collection of more than 30 companies in 3 continents each of which provides a certain contribution to come up with the finished product. However, Apple remains the most credited company for this remarkable innovation of the 21st century since it is the original designer of iphone and creator of the software that gives it the unique feature.

“Apple’s iphone first made headlines at the Macworld conference