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Importance of Involving Employees in the Decision Making Process Essay

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Benefits of Participative Decision Making


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Introduction As Miller (2001, p.1) argues, involving employees in the decision making process is one of the primary methods of motivating employees as it will encourage active participation and dedication to duties.

In any organization setting, the level of motivation in employees is one of the primarily determinants of an organization’s level of success, because the business and financial position of a business is primarily dependent on the amount of work output from employees.

In addition, encouraging active participation of employees in the decision making process is a show of how much an organization is committed to the welfare of its employees.

On the other hand, because in a cohort of workers each employee has different talents, involving them in the decision making process will encourage formulation of better and innovative ideas that may help to improve an organization’s level of work output.

Although this can be a daunting task to manage, because of differences that may exist between employees; hence, each may want something else for an organization; collaborative decision making is something that is possible if it is well planned and implemented.

Therefore, involving employees in the decision making process is not only management philosophy, but also it is a leadership principle that is meant to help an organization to achieve its strategic goals and maximize its employees’ potentials.

Benefits of Participative Decision Making One primary benefit of encouraging employees to participate in the decision making process is that, this management orientation can help to expand the level of success of an entity. Since in an organization every employee is talented differently, active involvement of employees will help to shape a team’s decisions and encourage the formulation and implementation of more innovative ideas.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In addition, because collaborative participation encourages the sharing of ideas, collective bargaining, and collaborative problem solving, most employees will always be passionate about implementing any agreed upon idea. This in turn will promote the level of success of any agreed upon idea, as every employee will be motivated towards achieving it.

Although it is very hard to have a consensus in most working scenarios, because of the numerous differences that may exist between employees, adoption of good managerial policies is the only solution needed for these like cases (Mir, 2010, p.1).

Another advantage of involving employees in the decision making process is that, not only does this management orientation create a positive energy in an organization, but it also motivates employees. The level of motivation in employees is one of the primary determinants of an organization’s level of success.

Encouraging collaborative decision making is a way of showing that an organization is concerned with its employees’ affairs, as they are the primary assets of an organization. In addition, this management philosophy is very important for an organization in scenarios where problems arise in the implementation process, as it will limit conflicts between employers and employees or between employees and management teams.

This like a scenario results primarily because; no employees can revolt against ideas they helped to formulate and implement (Dolatabadi

High Unemployment to Last for Years Essay

Nursing Assignment Help High unemployment rate has been brought about by recession, rapid changes in technology which renders some employees jobless, undulating business cycles, and financial constraints in many organizations that complicates course of action in the coming years. This makes it difficult to predict or estimate the rate of unemployment in the years ahead.

The best measure of unemployment is taking a sample of households, and taking the number of unemployed in that particular household and also looking at the number of people who have registered in employment agencies. Unemployment ratio is measured by dividing the number of individuals by all those who are employed.

Labor markets are going down and this has resulted to a higher rate of unemployment as compared to employment rate. This has gone to a higher percentage. Organizations try to push the full employment but this does not generate more output, but instead puts more pressure on inflation. Besides, economists believe that 7% or 6% unemployment has been contributed by the recession.

Economists also predict that it would take 4 to 5 years for the job market to go back to normal. Labor force participation of older workers has risen, but as they age and retire, the labor force goes down.

Labor force from other age groups is decreasing because they prefer to further their studies and some opt to stay with their parents at home. On the other hand, unemployment affects the government output because of the reduction of work force.

There is also reduction in tax revenue since there is no deduction of tax revenue for the unemployed, and there is also a huge expenditure due to insurance claimants who have been rendered jobless.

Likewise, economists believe that economy needs to be adjusted in order to go back to normal rates of unemployment. Some think that it will be possible after five years while others think after seven years or even more.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More They say that the normal will be worse than the old normal. There are different types of unemployment: the first one being frictional unemployment which occurs when one has lost a job and is looking for another one; seasonal unemployment; and structural unemployment which is caused by change of the industry production.

Some educated students tend to think that they must be employed in what they studied and they have the perception that education helps them to secure jobs rather than be able to do business in order to survive – they fail to understand that what matters is the income earned

Furthermore, economists believe that before recession, unemployment of 5%was caused by the rate in which people were searching for full time employment. The rate of unemployment cannot go back to zero because people are employed and at the same time others are fired, hence there are many skills than the job market demand.

Housing market makes the unemployed to live at one place for long, because one in four home owners are under pressure with their mortgage, and hence shifting is not easier and this minimizes the chances of job search to other areas. This made immigration fall to 12.5% in 2009.

In conclusion, unemployment rate is seen by the analysts as a sign of an economy which is going down but a decrease in the unemployment rate is an indication that the economy is becoming better. In order for the government to reduce unemployment, it should reduce taxes in order to increase the number of investors.

If the government fails to take measures to the rising rate of unemployment, then it has a long road to recovery. Governments need to come up with self employment projects so that the youth can be absorbed into these projects and earn a decent living without relying on being hired by organizations.

The agricultural sector has many opportunities which are yet to be exploited due to lack of funds. Most people are interested in venturing into business world if only they can be provided with incentives to help them get started.

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