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Impact of Trilingualism in Kazakhstan

Identify any ONE education reform policy/measure recently adopted by a Ministry of Education that you are familiar with, critically examine how different stakeholders have tried to shape this education policy and how the change has been introduced. Analyse and evaluate the selected education reform policy/measure in light of the literature you have read.
Introduction In Kazakhstan, as in many other countries, education is highly influenced and controlled by the state education policy-makers. Tensions and difficulties arise within various stakeholders due to new policies and reforms adopted by Ministry of Education. This paper aims to analyse potential issues related to one of the new adopted reforms, namely trilingual education in schools. In this essay I will discuss how this reform was introduced by government. Intentions and strategic plans expressed through education system will be also analysed. Then perspectives of various stakeholders regarding trilingualism are discussed, drawing on data from different case studies and interviews. This topic might be important because of its novelty and scope in nowadays realities, where governments around the world try to apply different reforms to correspond with global trends. I would like to focus on this topic in order to examine potential outcomes and consequences for the future education of Kazakhstan. I will also compare and take into account my own experience since I studied and worked in a multilingual school.
Introduction of the Trilingualism in Kazakhstan ‘What is the ideal model of education system?’ There is no simple answer to this question in the international professional community. In 2016, Kazakhstan celebrates the 25th anniversary of independence. Kazakhstan is actively integrating into the global community; where a fierce competition of economy, technology, education systems and etc. take place. Consequently education reforms should be done according to global mainstream.
Nowadays, two trends are becoming more popular among the global education systems: (Smith

Process of Socialization in Schools

Socialisation is a complicated, lifelong process responsible for helping to shape an individual’s identity (Germov