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Impact of the global financial crisis

The financial crisis was originated from the bursting of US housing burble and it led to a strict of financial commotion and finally spread throughout the world. This has destabilized the financial markets of the developed world leading to collapse of notable names in the banking business and the production in these economies has been adversely affected leading to a decline in output (Mvula, 2009). Throughout this period, many economies have implemented fiscal and monetary policies to avoid further decline into deep recession. The development in the U.S financial sector has affected not only America but also European Union, U.K and Asia (Prasad

Importance of agriculture in Pakistans economy and development

Introduction: “Agriculture is the of process of cultivation of land or soil for production purpose”. Agriculture plays a very vital role for economy of Pakistan and its development. 48% of labour force is engaged directly with agriculture. So it is the main source of living or income of the major part of economy population. About 70% of population is relates to agriculture directly or indirectly. Agriculture is the major source of food of huge population of Pakistan. Agriculture is also the major source of provision of raw martial to industrial sector of Pakistan. Its contribution towards GDP is about 25% which is higher than contribution of any other sector. Following are the main points of importance of agriculture for Pakistan economy.
Source of employment: Pakistan as developing economy the employment on consistent level has much importance. In this behalf agriculture has much importance because it provides employment directly or indirectly to the public. Employment directly affects the GSP of economy as well as the per capita income. With the increase in per capita income living standard increases, higher hygiene facilities