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Humanistic Approach to Personality vs Biological Perspective

Table of Contents Introduction

The Biological Approach

The Humanistic Theory

Maslow’s Holistic Theory


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Introduction Several theories have been employed in the study of personality. Notable among them are those entailing the aspects of psychoanalytic, behavioral, biological, and humanistic approaches. It is the biological and the humanistic approaches that this paper briefly aims to analyze.

Maslow’s theories have dominated this issue because they explain the relationship between human and biological factors and how they affect personality growth.

The Biological Approach The biological approach tends to propose that genetics are to blame for personality. Scientists have found that there is a strong linkage between genetics and personality traits. A common example cited by scientists is the angelman syndrome in which children suffering from this gene disorder tends to be excessively happy and are of good humor (Friedman

The Need for Tourism Policy and Planning in UK and Some Other Countries Analytical Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Introduction Cultural heritage and the achievements of the ancestors of a country are considered to be one of the most influential factors of the tourism industry development.

For a long period of time, the tourism industry is regarded as a considerable part of business life in UK. Taking into consideration the idea that many various factors and people are involved in the sphere of tourism, it is not very easy to provide this particular industry with a clear definition and comprehend how the development of tourism policy and planning processes may be organized.

In this paper, the evaluation of tourism policy and planning will be offered to define what achievements have been made during the last several years, what priorities have been identified, and what factors may influence the development of the chosen industry.

Political and even environmental instability dictate their own rules which have to be followed by the representatives of the tourism industry. A number of cultural and social aspects may also predetermine the developments of tourists’ activities. And finally, economic challenges deprive the tourism industry of the possibilities to develop to its full extent.

This paper will present several strong evidences in order to prove the need for tourism planning in any destination. Tourism policies and planning are considered to be crucial points in the development of the industry due to the possibilities to evaluate the situation, to forecast possible troubles, to identify tourism destinations, and to respond a number of calamities which have natural roots or depend on human activities.

Evaluation of Tourism in UK, Its Policy, and Planning Processes The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is one of the richest countries in the whole world with its traditions, people, abilities, potentials, and resources. In spite of the fact that some misunderstandings with different countries like the United States of America, France, and Germany, took place, the country realized that the necessity of cultural integration and a kind of exchange of the experience.

This is why the British government supported the idea to develop the industry of tourism as “the processes, activities, and outcomes arising from the relationships and the interactions among tourists, tourism suppliers, host governments, host communities, and surrounding environments that are involved in the attracting and hosting the visitors” (Goeldner