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Human beings physical abilities Compare and Contrast Essay

Human beings physical abilities are directly related to whether they are male or female. This however, is not the case with an individual’s mental ability.

Much as men and women are both human beings, they each have traits specifically common to either men or women. These traits are developed from genes and hormones during conception. However, this scenario is not always applicable since in some instances, women have been known to acquire and develop male hormones.

The same is the case with some men who have acquired female genes. Classification of human beings is based on the simple fact that they have dissimilar physical traits. Apart from the morphological differentiations, majority of their other traits are the same. A female has the ability to form a life, bring it forth into the world and nurture the baby all using her body, unlike a man who is unable to perform the same.

However, this ability to procreate is impossible without the man playing the role of providing the vital Y chromosome. Therefore in the case of procreation the woman plays the pivotal role. Conversely, in a normal scenario, a man can perform tasks that a woman would find rather daunting not because of her incapability of performing the task, but because the man has more, sheer, raw physical abilities.

That is why in majority of situations, mostly domestic, the man is tasked with lifting the heavier objects and generally the outdoor chores as well as the odd jobs while the woman is mainly focused on the less physical tasks, in most cases indoors. On the contrary, the mental abilities of human beings cannot be regarded in the same light as their physical capabilities.

A woman who cannot perform the physical activities that a man can, may be able to, but not necessarily, figure out a more mentally trying task, as good enough if not better than the man depending on her mental capabilities. This is simply because a person’s mental capability is not directly related to their physical ability. This can be publicized in cases where a classroom of candidates of both sexes sitting for the same examination is topped by a physically inept individual.

This goes a long way in proving that the lack of physical aptitude does not necessarily warrant the lack of mental capacity. Human beings mental abilities are pegged on genetic transfers from their parental lineage and not their physical abilities. Nonetheless, the question of whether a person’s mental capability can be affected by their physical being still stands.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More In the case where for example, a mentally superior child is physically assaulted continuously at school, regardless of whether they are male or female. Does this affect their performance which translates to their mental output in an examination? The same applies to an adult in a working situation.

If the person is continually harassed and humiliated due to their diminished physical condition, by a more aggressive person, is their performance at work going to be at par with their mental capacity? One thing that can be deduced from these reflections is that given the right situation and equal opportunity, in spite of whether one is male or female, a human being can fully utilize their mental faculties just as well as any other can assuming they have equal mental and physical capabilities.

Challenges affecting lives are an unavoidable reality which has to be incorporated and factored in when deciding whether or not a person is capable of performing a certain task as well as the next person given a level playing field.

How Sun-Tzu’s tactics can be applied to vehicle purchasing Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Applying Sun-Tzu when Making a Purchasing Decision

Using Sun – Tzu when Choosing the Right kind of Vehicle

Utilizing Sun-Tzu in Vehicle Purchasing Negotiations

Introduction In essence, Sun-Tzu’s tactics in “the Art of War” are nothing more than a compilation of logical assertions and as such are not only applicable to war time stratagems but can actually be utilized in various situations in a person’s life, such as purchasing a vehicle.

What must be understood is that the tactics created by Sun – Tzu are based off logical assertions related to practicality, cost effectiveness, forethought and wise decision making, all of which are actually equally applicable to the mindset needed when making a decision in purchasing the right kind of motor vehicle.

For example, Sun – Tzu states that “to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him; not on the chance of his not attacking, but rather on the fact that we have made our position unassailable”.

This particular statement, in essence, relates to the logical assertion of being prepared for the possibility of certain outcomes occurring. When applied to vehicle purchasing behavior it means to be prepared for numerous possibilities that might occur such as your car breaking down, accidents occurring or any manner of possible problems that would result in a person needing a new car. It must be noted that the worst time to purchase a vehicle is when one is needed urgently.

Hurried decision making will result in not only the possibility of purchasing the wrong kind of vehicle for a person’s needs but could actually result in a situation called “buyer’s regret” wherein a customer is discouraged at making the purchase in the first place.

As such, by applying the earlier given statement into purchasing behavior and buying strategies this would enable a person to be prepared for the likelihood of when their car will break down, put into effect a buying strategy for the kind of car they want and put such a strategy into effect before it becomes too late.

What must be understood is that based on statistical data nearly 60% of all urgent vehicle purchases result in “buyer’s regret” purchases wherein buyers were not able to buy their ideal vehicles. Furthermore, it has been noted that more than 50% of urgent vehicle buyers did not spend enough time in negotiating an appropriate final price resulting in them paying more than they should have on the purchase of the vehicle.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More If buyers were to take their time in making their purchase they would realize that there is actually a plethora of vehicles available to them if they take their time to actually look for an ideal one. Based on the facts presented it can be stated that since Sun-Tzu’s tactics are not only suitable for military stratagem but can also apply to vehicle purchasing as well they should be applied in vehicle purchasing strategies in order for people to get the ideal type of car for the best price.

Applying Sun-Tzu when Making a Purchasing Decision Purchasing a vehicle is considered a very important decision in a buyer’s life and as such should not be taken lightly lest an irrevocable mistake be made. When it comes to decision making, Sun-Tzu states that “considerations of advantages and disadvantages will be blended together”, one interpretation of this when making a purchase is to consider the advantages and disadvantages when buying a particular type of vehicle.

This can take the form fuel efficiency, mileage, size, what the vehicle is to be used for, overall performance, price and additional options that come with the vehicle itself. From this it can be seen that it is not just a matter of buying a car based on what you need at that particular moment but rather taking into consideration what the car has to offer, its advantages compared to other models, its disadvantages when taking into consideration regular use, what you intend the car to be used for and whether you are making the purchase based on appearance instead of purposefulness, longevity and prolonged performance.

It is based on the idea of Sun-Tzu and when taking the factors mentioned into consideration that an effective and informed buying decision can be made that will enable a buyer to purchase exactly what they need.

Using Sun – Tzu when Choosing the Right kind of Vehicle When purchasing a vehicle the most popular type of car is often not the most suitable for a particular buyer despite supposed “experts” stating the advantages a particular car model has over other brands.

Sun – Tzu states that “there are roads which must not be followed, commands of the sovereign which must not be obeyed”. In this particular case the road that must not be followed and the commands that should not be obeyed are those being spouted by the mass media when they state the advantages of a particular vehicle.

What must be understood is that nearly 40% of all vehicle buyers purchase their cars due to media advertising however more than half of those who purchase their car as a result of advertisements know little about the car itself such as its amenities, true performance usability etc. and merely go along with what they hear or see in various print ads and commercials.

We will write a custom Essay on How Sun-Tzu’s tactics can be applied to vehicle purchasing specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Such decisions often result in people making ill advised purchases and as such shows that not all decisions should be based on popularity or on the statements of various “experts” but rather should be done based on a thorough understanding on the vehicle itself versus other options that are available.

For example, one of the current trends in vehicle purchases at the moment is the sale of hybrid cars which are extolled on their supposed eco-friendly nature and ability to help preserve the natural environment. Unfortunately such vehicles are often far more expensive as compared to cars with the same level of performance and as such buying decisions regarding long term use and affordability should be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

Utilizing Sun-Tzu in Vehicle Purchasing Negotiations Vehicle purchases all come down to effective negotiations between a buyer and a car dealer yet what must be understood is that car dealers are often going to negotiate towards their own benefit rather than that of the consumer. This can come in the form of adding numerous “extras” to certain car dealers and increasing the base price of the car to increase their commission.

The following statement by Sun-Tzu captures, in essence, the buying process: “recklessness, which leads to destruction; cowardice, which leads to capture”. What must be understood is that overly reckless purchasing behavior can result in a person buying more than what is necessary resulting in a car reaching a price that is more than what they can afford.

Not only that cowardice, in the form of agreeing to everything that the dealer says without exerting your right as a customer can also result in a bad purchasing decision later on. Customers must realize that no matter what is offered or what the dealer says they have the option of just leaving when the deal goes sour and such saves one’s self from falling into the pitfalls of overly reckless or cowardly purchasing decisions.