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How May Disagreement Aid the Pursuit of Knowledge? Essay

How may disagreement aid the pursuit of knowledge? The development of this answer can come with different answers having different examples to support your evaluation. However, the first thing that this paper requires is to have a concise definition of disagreement.

I define disagreement as a state of opposition or contrast between two persons, opinions, or interests. It created a contradicting opinion to what another person says while reinforcing personal beliefs and opinions regarding an issue (Sethi and Muhamet 57-95).

However, many regards of disagreement focuses on it to be negative in relation to the experiences of our world because it may contribute to wars or political issues.

The global population as a should perhaps think disagreement as a positive aspect because from the start of the human population, the world has incredibly modernized thanks to disagreement between people or ideas, which brought more concise thoughts that then led to more global knowledge. It means that people need to have some degree of disagreement for them to develop a capacity of reaching consensus on issues that are capable of contributing to positive worth.

In fact, we can arrive to the conclusion that nothing would have improved in our world if humans agreed on everything since the start. Disagreement occurs when presenting two or more options. Having different ideas will then lead to choosing one of them, and to choose one of them we need to have a sort of conclusion that may be achieved by having a more detailed reasoning and also having a reasoning to explain why the other options are wrong.

Disagreements only mean that there is another approach to an issue other than what the other party considers and that leaves room for negotiation to reach an agreement. However, it is never possible to reach agreements on all occasions of disagreement but people can always make compromise if peace should prevail.

I planned to have examples on women that would still be discriminated by men, Africans that would still be in chains, and the discovery of the continents like America or Australia. For the scientific part, instead, I wanted to talk in economy about new classical view and Keynesian view, and for sciences, I do not have any ideas the only thing that I wanted to take, as an example is something in physics.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The rights of women have been an issue for a very long time. It has taken feminists a lot of activism to have the plight of women heard so that male chauvinists relieve them from that form of oppression. Of course, this is amidst of men who maintain a superior position above women and never have the heart of considering women as people of any worth. The disagreement about the rights of men and women is a very simple one but it keeps producing multiple instances of disagreements as evidenced in many cultures.

For example, one universal positioning of women has been in the kitchen. Many cultures though that women were not qualified for any intellectual prowess and the best place for them was to be in the kitchen, to take care of babies and to keep the home (Wojcieszak 206-225). The most ridiculous part of this was the probability of the woman’s duty as being taking care of men.

However, through feminist activism, such beliefs are no longer demeaning the capabilities of women, as it emerges that women have equal intellectual capabilities just as their male counterparts. That is positive disagreement and without disagreements, women would still belong to the kitchens instead of the taking up big intellectual and professional challenges like is the case currently.

Other cases of disagreements are in the slavery of Africans there were controversial decisions to make regarding slavery and freedom. Those against slavery had to disagree with those who encouraged slavery. The disagreement was on treatment of Africans fairly while those who enslaved them felt that they did not deserve such treatment. In fact, being that Africans provided cheap labor, letting go of them was not easy not mentioning treating them in equal scales as whites (Fernandez 439-452).

The discovery of the continental plates faced several disagreements as well. There were disagreements regarding the development of continents. The controversies over the formations and tectonic movements are discussed in many geological studies. Such disagreements occur because of the continued movement and arrangement of the plates leading to formations of new subduction zones.

Accretionary events also produced new features such as highlands and blocked seas making it necessary for the getting explanation of such developments. Evidently, it takes a lot of study, data collection and presentation of evidence for the resolution of such disagreements regarding tectonic history.

The technology field is the most challenging and it couples a number of disagreements, which have led to positive and negative impacts. It is worth recognizing the development of software as an area that produces disagreements on grounds of the ethical back up they may present as well as their practice. One possible aspect to consider is the development of viruses, which remains an aspect of controversy since its onset (Yang and Wang 608-612).

We will write a custom Essay on How May Disagreement Aid the Pursuit of Knowledge? specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More There are also economics disagreements such as on the classical views of the Keynesian and the new classical views. These are examples in which economic problems viewed in either of the approaches seems to be the best format for resolution.

However, in the dropping of the old classical notions, the acceptance of the Keynesian concept brought an optimistic look into the practice and approach of economic implementation of strategic practices (Sethi and Muhamet 57-95). It was the onset of issues of transparency in sectors such as banks for the promotion of stability in markets and improvement in practice other than the former privacy, which promoted a series of lack of credibility in the economical fields.

It is through fundamental disagreements on issues that economists find better ways of tackling issues of inflation in the global arena. Any feasibility constraints by the former regime must be legally tackled to create macroeconomic performance changes appropriate for the development of effective monetary policies for the reconciliation of any discords.

Each side of a disagreement holds an argument they believe to be true and the other side always disagrees. Therefore, depending on a disagreement, something positive or negative can be the result (Woerkom and Karin 139-149).

Disagreements led to discovering of continents like America or Australia and to many other discoveries holding the truths about the history of the world. There are also scientific discoveries, which resulted from initial disagreements on concepts and there it always the need for understanding the development of knowledge from disagreements.

It is through disagreements that people take deeper insights onto issues. These insights form the basis of arguing points disagreed upon and developing of agreements. These maybe positive or negative, but have produced some reckonable historical, scientific and economic positives (Yang and Wang 608-612).

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