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Health Care Communication Methods Essay

Communication refers to the process of conveying information so as to create a level of understanding among different parties (Walaski, 2011, p.11). Health care communication enables people to identify health risks they face, avenues for help and preventive measures they can use to reduce their vulnerability (Hicks

Census Tract 78.09 Essay

Nursing Assignment Help The Hawaiian Islands lie in the centre of Pacific Ocean. These islands are located on several spots in the middle of the ocean. Another island in the Pacific Ocean is Oahu. The latter is closely located to the Hawaiian Islands with a census tract number of 78.07. The census tract map of Oahu Island in terms of per capita income is shown in the figure below:

I chose Oahu Island for this analysis because it is my home place. It is also imperative to note that the southern segment of the island is occupied by this island. On the other hand, Aiea borders Oahu Island to the east. There are two parallel roads that form boundaries to this tract.

To begin with, the H-1 freeway creates a boundary to this tract on the northern side while the Moanalua Road forms the southern boundary to this tract. As I was walking along, I noted that the pearl Ridge shopping centre is also closely bordered with the Moanalua Road towards the south.

One surprising aspect about this tract is that it is centrally located in the well developed island and it is also somehow difficult to identify the exact boundaries. However, with the use of maps provided by the United States Census Bureau, I was able to obtain all the relevant demographic data of this tract. Nonetheless, I noted that there was a lot of ease to reach sections of the island bearing in mind that the tract is conveniently located quite some distance from the freeway.

I took approximately 15 minutes to reach the location of this tract within the downtown area through the eastern side of Kaneohe, Waipahu as well as Waikiki. If someone wants to reach Ko olina or the northern shore area, it only takes about 30 to 35 minutes. The areas are situated on the western region of the island.

From my observation throughout the analysis, I noted that this tract is highly ordered with proper town planning that may impress any visitor. For instance, there were four major malls in the island strategically located and easily reachable from any location of the Oahu Island.

Moreover, about one mile away, there is a healthcare centre known as Straub Clinic