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Halloween is bad Essay

The Halloween celebration is bad. To begin with, the celebration is meant to commemorate the god of dead people. It signifies the time when the wall between the world of the dead or supernatural and the living was broken down. It is thought that evil spirits and spirits of the dead visit the earth during this time.

Those who strongly believe in the celebration see it as an opportunity to seek help from the devil concerning issues like marriage, the enemies, and health, among others. In reality, the ceremony exalts the devil and other spirits hence demining God’s power and his ability to save mankind from his troubles. The ceremony has strong links to pagan worship (Barth 22).

Every faith that has God or a god at the center of worship usually demands that only that God/god is to be worshipped and any divergence from that is perceived as transgression. On the contrary, Halloween acknowledges evil spirits and even the devil and as they are thought to be able to solve human problems.

In the real sense, it is only people who ascribe to Satanism that acknowledge the supremacy of Satan and any celebration that exalts the devil must be satanic. For those ascribing to the Christian faith most of the activities done on the day could be termed as anti-Christian. Given that light and darkness cannot associate, then the devil and God cannot be acknowledged at the same time.

Some of the activities carried out during the Halloween celebration include visiting those houses that are haunted by evil spirits. Black cats, the jack-o’-lanterns and bonfires are all associated with this celebration most of which owe their originality to occultism. In the ancient days during the Halloween celebration, people wore animal skins and they would dance around bonfires. Participating in the celebration is equivalent to supping with the devil.

Those who do it cautiously can be compared to those using a long spoon. In its original ancient form, the celebration was accompanied by human sacrifices and it was mostly performed by the witches. During the ceremony, demons are worshiped using the human sacrifice.

By allowing one allowing his/her children to take part in the celebration, that person is simply initiating the children to Satanism and reinforcing their belief in the spirits of the departed. Such children may end up unruly or ascribing to very weird beliefs. The celebration is mainly associated with mischievous activities, death and ghosts.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The celebration has been slowly getting into people’s minds and activities and it is nowadays being perceived as any public holiday. Some celebrate it without trying to find out its significant. Some on the other hand do celebrate it due to peer pressure (Russell 100).

During the Halloween celebration, children are left wandering in the night doing activities they do not fully understand. This could jeopardize their safety and security as no one can foretell the danger that lies ahead during the night. It may therefore help to stop one’s children from wondering aimlessly in the night on purely security grounds.

The costumes worn during the ceremony are scary and might even cause nightmares to some of the young children. There is need for those who celebrate the ceremony unknowingly to research into the history of the ceremony as well as its meaning before daring to take part in it.

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The soul does not exist Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Soul’s definition

Description of the soul

Existence of the soul


Works Cited

Introduction The meaning of soul is derived from a spiritual, a psychological or in a philosophical perspective. The soul is usually part of a person, living thing, or object. However, many spiritual systems believe the soul exists in human beings even whether dead or alive. Definitely, from religious systems and philosophical description, the soul does exist and influences every human being or living thing’s destiny.

The soul is integral part of a person and controls one’s consciousness or personality. Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle as philosophers, describe the soul as the quality feature in all living things. Christians believes hold that the soul exists. The Catholic faithful believe that existence starts at conception.

Therefore, philosophical and Christian discourses maintain that all living things, whether dead or living possesses a soul. The soul does exist and describes every living thing way of life and interaction with other living things because the existence of soul is spiritual, physical, or psychological.

Soul’s definition Philosophical and religious systems have different meanings for soul but their theme is similar. Plato defines soul from his teacher’s perspective, “…an essence of living things, which decides how they behave, live and it is a separate, immortal occupant of the body” (Lavine 156). Plato learnt under the tutelage of Socrates and they hold the same view concerning soul. The soul continually interacts with the body and mind hence defining people’s behavior and actions.

The mind interaction with the soul enables it to understand actions either temporarily or permanently. Aristotle defines the soul as the backbone of living things but it is not part of their physical body. Hillman views the soul as the “self-sustaining and imagining substrate upon which consciousness rests, and which makes meaning possible, events into experiences, is communicated in love”( 112).

Christian’s derivation of the soul is from the bible. Therefore, Christianity describes the soul as the centre aspect of humanity and other things created by God. However, the soul is separated from a person’s body. Hinduism maintains that the soul is the individual Self hence describes a person’s well being. On the other hand, Muslims describe the soul as the control of Allah in human beings. Therefore, when a person’s death is according to Allah, their soul is at rest.

Description of the soul Hillman argues, “Soul has an affinity for negative thoughts and images” (113). Plato, the philosopher divides the soul in three distinct parts. He describes the soul as logos, thymos, and eros. The three distinctive classes imply mind, emotion, and desire respectively. The three classes function in a balanced, leveled, and a peaceful way.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Aristotle describes a living thing’s soul is in its activity. The soul has characteristics, which can be either in religious or philosophical terms. Scientifically, the soul is a lifeless object that redefines the world and its destiny.

Christians believe the soul determines whether a dead person spends an eternal life in heaven or in hell. God always create the spiritual and the immortal soul and spiritual of a person. Other Christians believe the soul exists; however, they fall into two major camps; “Calvinists believe in the immortality of the soul and conscious existence after death” (Helm129).

On the other hand, Lutherans believe “in the mortality of the soul and unconscious until the resurrection of the dead” (Marius 429). According to religious or non-religious terms, the soul is part of all living creatures. The distinct features of the soul are inability to move, formlessness, and absent form the earth. However, it has eyes and ears hence can make judgments.

Therefore, at least every living thing has a soul for direction, which forms part of God’s creation. The soul does not die hence it is permanently existent. The soul can also define human will, understanding, and personality. The soul is part of any living thing’s personality. The important characteristics of the soul are in the mind and hence influence the mentality of people. Hume believes that soul is a divine entity, which is true.

Plato believes that, hence we all share souls, there is no divine entity hence god does not exist. On addition, our bodies exhibit different faces of the soul. Hume also describes a person’s character concentrating on their relation with other living things and animals. The soul also describes living thing’s spirit, desire, masculinity, femininity, and appetite, hence the different way of lives of people. Christianity beliefs on soul enable human beings to respect the soul in general.

Existence of the soul The soul is a permanent part of living things whether dead or alive. This explains the origin of ghosts. The spirits of the dead are souls of people roaming on earth to avenge their death. Consequently, people who kill others undergo haunting experiences from the victim’s souls. From the description of soul existing in human beings, I generally respect humanity. This is also a way to avoid the wrath of ghosts. The soul signifies the spirituality of a person hence the innermost aspect of life.

According to teachings of Roman Catholic Church on soul, I repent my sins to avoid God’s rejection or judgments in hell after death. Christianity also teaches on the origin of soul, its fate, and God’s expectations. Another characteristic of soul is its ability to be active when one falls asleep and it inactive when one is awake. The characteristic of the soul as life, person, appetite, mind, desire, emotion, and passion describes how I live.

We will write a custom Essay on The soul does not exist specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The ability to learn everything knowable about the human soul through research on the human brain can describe personal behavior (Bishop 266). Every person’s belief, whether religious or not enables an easy understanding of the soul. Personally, I believe that people have a soul that enables me to judge their characters.

Therefore, I choose friends after carefully studying their souls and their behavioral character therein. This also affects my interaction with the community at large whether at home, school or in any public place. The plausible existence of the soul is that, it determines who I am and the way I live.

Conclusion All life objects with a soul, defines their character and personal attributes. The world has ghosts; people believe that the soul lives on forever. Human beings’ souls determine their character, their way of life including how they carry out their daily wherever they go. In the traditional community, the souls or spirits hovering on earth were killed using fire to stop them from interfering with people’s lives.

Nevertheless, the belief of ghosts in traditional communities helps people respect humanity. For instance, most African traditional communities believe that killing a person attracts eternal haunting by the ghosts of the departed soul. In conclusion, everybody has a soul that acts as a protection to humanity.

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Not sure if you can write a paper on The soul does not exist by yourself? We can help you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Marius, Richard. Martin Luther: the Christian between God and death.USA: The Edwin Mellen Press, 1999.