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Guinness’ Market Entry to Peru


The following assignment is aimed at evaluating the attractiveness of Peru market as a potential entry market for the Irish Company, Guinness Breweries.
Using the method of International Market Selection market will asses under the Systematic Approach and the model called Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), we will weigh the three main criteria: Economic, Politics and Cultural.
Based on the result from the analysis we will recommend the company either the market is attractiveness or not for the company to entry.
Guinness was founded in Dublin in 1759. It was first brewed by Arthur Guinness. This was a fairly new beer, characterised by its dark colour acquired through the roasted barley used in its brewing process.
Within 10 years, Guinness Extra Strong Porter was being exported to England. It became known as Guinness Stout as a strong porter was known as a stout porter. By the nineteenth century, Guinness focused its brewing activities on stout alone Expansion into foreign markets was spearheaded under the guidance of Arthur’s three sons who succeeded him in the family business.
From the end of the 1920s onwards, Guinness moved into advertising, with the placing of adverts in the press and the roll-out of a poster campaign. In accordance with an increase in demand for the Guinness product, a new brewery was established at Park Royal, London in 1936, which became Arthur Guinness Sons

International Accounting Developments in Egypt

Identify the nature of the accounting system used in the country and give supporting evidence to justify the reasons for your decision.
As a country, Egypt has experienced a dramatic change towards democracy and transparency. This has further been exposed within the financial statements produced in the country. Through the development of the Egyptian Accounting Standards, the country has transformed from a centralised economy, branded by secrecy to an economy based around the global market, providing full disclosure for its stakeholders (Dahawy, Merino and Conover, 2002. pp. 203,204). The setting of accounting standards in Egypt since January 2016 has been a combined effort of a committee of experts from The Egyptian Society of Accountants