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Group Dynamics: Characteristic Behavior of the Group within the Campus Research Paper

Introduction Group dynamics is the study of the characteristic behaviors of a group of people. This study is relevant to psychological, sociological, and communication fields that are also socially related to each other. One of the general characteristics of groups is that the members develop norms, roles, specific relations and developments and behavioral changes.

Organizational development group processes aid in understanding of the characteristic behaviors of the group members who are trying to settle a particular conflict. This work describes the characteristic behaviors of my group within our campus.

Analysis of My Group I am a member of the environmental group in our campus that deals with matters of voluntary environmental management. We engage in voluntary clean up of the school compound and the neighborhood. Part of our projects also includes visiting high schools and holding talks to the respective environmental clubs.

We also participate in outreach programs that aim at creating environmental awareness to members of the public. Other programs that we undertake include visiting rehabilitation facilities where we do some cleaning and care-taking to victims of drug addiction.

This is one reason why many non-governmental organizations have begun to see the need of partnering with the club to enhance their agendas and also to help in establishing their directions (Gottlieb, 2005). Partnering helps the NGOs recognize specific talents and develop skills to students who may be considered for employment in the future.

Currently, the group has close to two hundred members. Since it is quite challenging for the entire group to visit one particular area in the same time, we are usually split into smaller and more manageable groups that do not exceed twenty five people. Thus, at one instance, the entire environmental awareness group can visit several places with the smaller groups acting as the representatives of the whole group.

Membership to this group requires that one must be a bonafide student in the campus. There is also a registration fee of twenty dollars per student and an annual subscription of half that amount, which is ten dollars per student. Once one becomes a member, they get to enjoy many privileges. The privileges include automatic connection to field attachments during the long breaks. They also include subsidized prizes for the quarterly magazines. One also will get the opportunity of taking part in the annual open days.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More The environmental club does not discriminate on gender, race or skin color. Students from all walks of life are therefore encouraged to become members. This is because the society’s activities also help fill up the free time between lessons to ensure that students engage in activities that do not waste their time while in campus (Bernstein

The Concept of Terrorism Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Summary The term terrorism is not a contemporary phenomenon. It can be traced back during the reign of Jacobin (1792-1794) and the early Roman and Greek republics. There are myriad of elements that arise from the concept of terrorism. For instance, assassination refers to the political murder of a renowned public figure such as the head of state.

A case in point was President John F. Kennedy’s assassination. On the same note, the term ‘assassin’ is derived from Arabic word which basically means someone who perpetrates the act of assassination. It was initially used to refer a faction of terror Muslims.

Although Islam has been associated with terrorism, none of the legitimate religious groups are violent. However, the infiltration of politics into religion has often resulted in violent retaliatory attacks in form of terrorism.

The major world religions are all centered in the Middle East.

Recent developments have witnessed the emergence of sectarian militant groups among Muslims fighting in a “holy war” to defend their religion. Both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda factions have caused havoc to innocent victims within and outside the Middle East borders. Hence, religion is the main impetus towards terror attacks.

Another closer term to terrorism is tyrannicide, which means the murder of a tyrant or totalitarian leader. This was first proposed as a solution to bad rule by Juan de Mariana, a Spanish scholar.

Political assassins often argue that their duty is divine. There are other states which have launched terror attacks against their own civilians and this has been counteracted by guerrilla warfare. The overall result is a cyclical act of terror with each side trying to revenge, retaliate or protect their interests. A case example is the September 11, 2001 terror attacks in United States.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Current terror event The Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, a Palestinian Militant group is reported to have launched a massive terror attack on Israel in the East of Gaza region on 8th January 2011. They used mortar shells in the attack. This incidence was shortly confirmed by the Brigade and the terror group reiterated that the artillery units were targeted at an Israeli army post. This area is located between the Jewish state and the Gaza strip. It is roughly on the eastern side of Karny.

According to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) which reported the attack, the group has vowed to continue resisting Zionist movement which they claim is their dreaded enemy. Furthermore, the Brigade has emphasized that the terror attack was part of a retaliatory measure against continued domination of Palestinian people by Israeli authorities. Earlier during the day, the al-Quds Brigade launched yet another terror attack around the same region. This group is part of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

As a result, three workers of Thai origin were wounded by the mortar attack in the Israeli town situated in the south of the country.

Just as expected, the Major General commanding the southern region said that similar or even more devastating retaliatory attacks will follow soon and that the Palestinian militant groups will not get away scot free. There has been growing hostility between resistance movements in Palestine and the Defense Forces of Israel since the beginning of December 2010.

Other causalities in the latest attack included a 20 year old soldier from Israel while other four sustained serious injuries. There seems to be no hope of a ceasefire between the two warring parties at least in the foreseeable future.