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Forecast Staffing Requirements and Develop Recruitment Tools Qualitative Research Essay

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Recruitment tools


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Recruitment is a very essential element in any organization irrespective of size. This is because the process determines to a great extent how the activities and practices in a given organization are undertaken depending on the people recruited in regard to the skills and knowledge they possess.

A recruitment agency is a firm that is very important in the employment sector and helps employers to attain employees who match their needs as a way of obtaining maximum productivity which is achieved through utilization of qualified and appropriate employees. There are various recruitment agencies that are available to small businesses like Margie’s diner each with its benefits and drawbacks and this paper looks at some of them with an aim of identifying the best based on some specific criteria.

Recruitment agencies There are various recruitment agencies (public and private) that are available for both large scale and small businesses. Some of them are; Aerotek Commercial Staffing, ACG Staffing, American Recruitment Consulting Services, Applied Staffing Solutions, Alliance HR Network, Complete Career Center and CBS Personnel among others (, 1998).

According to my research I consider Applied Staffing Solutions to be the best recruitment agency due to the various benefits associated with it for instance effective infrastructure, qualified expertise as well as economies of scales which in return cuts down the costs to the employers. The employees provided by this organization, in different fields, are of high quality as they are usually prescreened and well tested.

The customer service in Applied Staffing Solutions is approachable and the fees charged to the employers are relatively cheap due to economies of scales. The time the job posting is made available to the different candidates is also considerable making it possible to attain the best candidate for a given post.

The screening process in the agency entails various forms of interviews. This agency aims at solving employment and staffing problems for both employers as well as those seeking for jobs through its services and would therefore be appropriate in assisting Margie’s attain the best Kitchen manager who will be able to manage the increasing demand or needs in diner ( Applied Staffing Solutions, 2011).

Recruitment tools According to InfoWorld (2000), a recruitment tool can be defined as an advertising or awareness creation method utilized by organizations in order to recruit the right candidates for various positions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More There are various recruitment tools each with its advantages and disadvantages. They are also suitable for different situations/ organizations and it is therefore advisable to identify the most suitable recruitment tool for a particular organization.

Recruitment tools include career fairs, provision of internships, networking, referrals and internet or web based job postings among others. All these should be used effectively incorporating the changes experienced in the ever changing market.

I recommend that Margie’s dinner make use of the internet as a recruitment tool in posting the kitchen’s manager job vacancy on a variety of websites. The availability of various sites in which the organization can post the vacancy is advantageous as it allows for a wide target of jobseekers.

The fact that the internet has gained a lot of popularity among people is also a guarantee that a large pool of individuals will get access to the advert making the chances of getting the right candidate high. It is also a cheap mode to both the organization in terms of posting charges with most of them being free, and the jobseekers in terms of access charges (Hodgetts

Quality and Value of Food Essay

Nursing Assignment Help Table of Contents Introduction

Food procurement

Food storage

Food preparation and service


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Introduction Quality and value of food is an important factor in retention of loyal and creation of customers in a restaurant especially when targeting tourists.

Tourists sample food in order to gain the real sense of the place they visit; therefore, this has called for development of local and foreign foods in most restaurants as the competitive factor in the business. Food quality has positive association with value of money a customer is willing to spend on food.

Quality of food has positive effects on retention and creation of customers. Food of poor quality keeps off the customers and even the new customers do not return if they encounter poor quality on their first visit. On the other hand, customers remain loyal to a specific restaurant if they experience food of good quality and value for the first time.

Restaurant business is a very competitive industry and to be above our competitors, we have to look at the quality and value of food we are preparing and serving to the customers. Tourist customers look for aspects such as available varieties of food, quality, and value for money for their satisfaction (Clark