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Festival in Greektown, Chicago: Essay

It is known that first Greeks appeared in Chicago more that 150 years ago (Chicago’s Greektown, 2010). It was far 1840s when Greeks were able to inhabit Chicago and promote the development of one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city. A festival within the chosen community is a unique chance to demonstrate how unbiased people can be, how eager to destroy boundaries they are, and how interested in new traditions and cultures they may be.

Due to the fact that this district is one of those that make up the community area, the festival offered to its citizens has to be community based. A street festival in Greektown, Chicago is a captivating chance to introduce new tasty food, amazing music, crafts, and advertisements which may attract not only the attention of ordinary people but also the sponsors who may provide appropriate support.

A community festival is a possibility to provide local citizens with the necessary connection and entertain them as long as they can. There are several tasks to be set for this festival. Let us talk about all of them.

First, it is necessary to inform that it will be a volunteer festival to raise some money for local schools and student scholarship. Second, a committee, the members of which support the idea of festival, should be organized. 2 people are responsible for public relations; 2 people take care of an image of a festival; 2 people work with possible sponsors; and 3 people follow how the whole process is organized and inform the leader of the festival about the achievements.

The festival may be organized near the crossroads where Nine Muses are located. There is no need to choose some parks or squares. This community festival should not have any boundaries and limitations but the streets which are available for everyone.

It is necessary to set proper lighting along all streets. A number of street lamps should support an idea that Greek community is always provided by the United States of America with appropriate conditions, and in time light will show the right way to success. To improve the community festival, it is possible to underline that the theme of the party is all about human past and the first attempts of Greeks to conquer US and choose an appropriate place under the sun. Let it be the festival “Come Back to the 1840s”.

Old World traditions and the Greek language (Chicago’s Greektown, 2010) promote a kind of ethical pride among the members of the chosen community.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Pricing for such festival depends on food, drinks, and music background. It is necessary to take care of each detail and elaborate as many streets for the festival as possible. People should have some place to sit, drink, or even dance. Special place for competitions where people could donate money for education should be also defined.

Taking into consideration the theme and the purpose of the chosen festival, the audience will contain people with different occupations: the representatives from the educational sphere should participate to improve their working conditions and take care of their future; parents and grandparents will find the festival interesting to promote the sphere of education for their children and to plunge into the past and enjoy the styles preferred; and even young people will participate in the chosen venue to find out their roots, enjoy their present, and take care of their future.

In general, the community festival “Come Back to the 1840s” in Greektown, Chicago has to be supported by the vast majority of people because it is never too late to address personal roots, become closer to the chosen community, and take the steps which influence the development of the nearest future.

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Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance Research Paper

Nursing Assignment Help Abstract The historical perception of the distinction between Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and others is traceable back to the great historical artists like Donatello and Michelangelo.

They are arguably big sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, who were both original and catalysts for revolution. Their works have realism through implementation of versatility, emotional and psychological effects. These aspects are evident among current sculptors.

Thesis/Problem Statement “Significance of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance” This is a research investigating and analyzing the different arguments on philosophical nature of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance, from various art histories to the current state of affairs, with the aim of providing a personal point of view regarding the subject matter.

Purpose/Significance of the Study The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the consequences and key concepts involved in the development of Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance and offer personal suggestions or opinions over the issue of relationship between various historical stages.

Objectives of the Study This research paper lays down the need for finding the background of the understanding of various Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance over the relationship as presented by diverse great artists. The study is equally an assessment of differences of sculpture work at different times.

Significance of the Study The key topics to be covered entail the focus over Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance. This is in the aim of finding the reasonable conclusion on this type of work.

The Procedure of the Study/Research Methodology

The paper highly utilizes the literature reviews to enable better understanding of the topic. Preparation of the research over the chosen topic will enhance and quantify the research as a study topic and prepare for respondents.

Information collected will equally tabulate and assist in ranking the findings from various eras, and help to narrow the scope to the objectives of the research. The analysis of findings will then draw conclusions from generally analyzed data in the literature review.

Literature Review Historical Overview

The Sculptors of the Italian Renaissance is arguably one of the most reflective and productive period regarding the history of art. Some of the outstanding fields of Italian art include architecture, sculpture and painting. The early nineteenth century marked the revolution of art history. Good example of the sculptural work was by Donatello (Meyer