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Femme Noir as the Queen of the Night: Fantastical Transformations of a Woman Essay (Article)

Women played a crucial role in art and fashion in different periods of time. Some females were muses for artists and poets while others tried to break the rules established in society and introduce their own perspective of the world through their works of art. As such, it is necessary to see how women can contribute to the innovations and development of both art and fashion.

A new creative project called ‘Art Meets Fashion’ is aimed at showing the benefit of using such exhibitions for educational and informational purposes. Experience gained by the participants of the project is sure to change their perception of the art and design as well as fashion in whole. The project consists of several teams each including an artist, a fashion designer, a representative of school, and a documenter.

So, the team Femme Noir consists of an artist Duke Windsor, a fashion designer Osbaldo Ahumada, a documenter Susan Lazear, and a school representative Andrea Marx from SD Mesa College. The project Femme Noir was inspired with the image and the entire mood created by the Queen of the Night and her aria in The Magic Flute by Mozart. Fantastic and close-to-life elements can be found in the sculptures being a golden middle of the fashion and art meeting.

Femme Noir is the name of the team that emerged from the image of a woman who knows how to survive in the world of the dark middle ages. So, the team members managed to apply the historic perspective and mood of the aria to the sculpture and painting in a fashionable manner using extravagant colors and irregular shapes. The exhibition of this team’s project will take place in Dolcetti Boutique to encourage the audience to join the world of fashion through art and vice versa.

People that are interested in collaboration between representatives of different fields and development of technologies and useful ideas can find something new in this project as it is aimed at showing the transformation undergone by a queen from Mozart’s aria to fashionable issues created by the Femme Noir team.

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Information Technology and Low-Cost Airlines Essay

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It is very difficult to make a profit when it comes to the airline. This is because of the cost involved such as such as the purchase of aircraft and its maintenance. However, a new concept emerged that could be used to make airlines more profitable and it is by transforming a traditional organization into a low-cost carrier. This is made possible by many factors but it can be said that the most significant component is the use of information technology specifically the utilization of the Intranet and Extranet networking system.

If this company is considering a major change in order to transform an airline based on conventional systems, and turn it into a low-cost carrier, then it is imperative to look at the way technology is shaping and continue to change the business landscape. The world has gone from the Industrial Age to the Information Age in just a relatively short period of time.

For thousands of years the tools needed to conduct business and even to communicate with one another is accomplished through the use of indigenous materials and crude technology. However, when the computer was invented the whole world was turned upside down because it radically altered the way people do things. The invention of computers and the creation of massive networks connecting computer all over the nation and all over the world revolutionized all aspects of business.

The world became smaller in terms of communication through the use of instant messaging systems. Business transactions are being done through the internet, and recently through a refined system called the Intranet and the Extranet (Muller, 2002, p.343).The last two are all computer networks but engineered to work for specific organizations.

Intranet Before going any further it is important to have a clear understanding of what a network is all about. A basic definition of a network is to have two or more computers that are linked together so that information can be exchanged between them. The following are the basic components of a network: a sending device; a communication link; and a receiving device (Cox, 2007, p.10).

A sending device can be a computer or server and the receiving device can be another computer, server or equipment (Cox, 2007, p.10). The communication link is where communication signals are transmitted. In other words a network is a system that enables an airline to make easy, fast, and efficient communications.

The development of computer networks is the answer to the urgent need of airline companies to receive and send information quickly and efficiently. This is not like the manufacturing business where a slight delay is tolerated. Most of the time a passenger has a small window of time when it comes to scheduling flights. A minor error can turn a vacation into a catastrophe in terms of missed flights and missed opportunities. In this regard there is a need for a more sophisticated IT infrastructure that can help airline managers and employees make the right decisions.

Get your 100% original paper on any topic done in as little as 3 hours Learn More Robert Thierauf explains it this way, “Today’s worldwide marketplace provides not only more customers, suppliers, and competitors but also increased complexity for the decision-making process. The speed of communication simultaneously makes the environment less stable and predictable and reduces the available time for examining business information, knowledge, and intelligence” (Thierauf, 2001, p. 65).

An Intranet is one of the best tools that an airline company can use to increase its efficiency and therefore reduce costs. This in turn will allow them to evolve from an airline characterized by conventional methods into a low-cost airline. This company can only become a low-cost carrier by slashing costs. This is where the Intranet comes in.

The Intranet is basically a network that is limited to internal usage within the company. This is its limitation because the system can only be used by the employees and all the staff that works in the said organization. However, the upside to this arrangement is the significant savings that it can bring when it comes to their communication needs. Aside from that the flow of information is significantly enhanced.

This company can learn so much from looking at the Intranet model developed by Ryanair. This company is based in Europe and is an industry leader. In 2005 Ryanair invested in what they call their Cable and Wireless high-speed network. This system was worth £1.3 million to build but Ryanair said that they can easily recover their investments.

This assertion is based on the assessment of Brona Kernan, the airlines IT head who said that it is because the system is user-friendly. It is also because of its speed and capacity (The Sunday Times, 2005, p.1). Kernan also pointed out that the whole system is run by a staff of just 16 IT professionals (The Sunday Times, 2005, p.1). Kernan also added another feature of the Intranet that explains why the company saved a great deal of money and she said:

By using the Ryanair intranet, pilots, cabin crew and check-in staff carry out a range of activities from booking annual leave to obtaining the weather reports needed for each flight. Engineering staff can get the details needed to maintain the aircraft … The crews come in , use the self-service terminals to print off everything they require, such as fuel reports, go to the aircraft and fly (The Sunday Times, 2005, p.1).

This is an efficient system indeed. However, it is severely limited when it comes to scope because the customers cannot access it. Most of the time an Intranet uses computer terminals and computer networks within the company headquarters. It can also be accessed from a satellite offices or branches, however, it is still a closed system because only employees and staff can use it. This is the reason why the Extranet was developed.

We will write a custom Essay on Information Technology and Low-Cost Airlines specifically for you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Extranet The number one challenge for modern management information systems is the creation of a seamless IT architecture that can ensure an error free e-business (Cox, 2007, p.20).Shifting needs, rapid changes in technology and the increasing sophistication of hackers are the major reasons why developers and creators of a company’s IT infrastructure are having a hard time dealing with external threats.

If this company decides to use an Extranet then it has to be protected from hackers and corporate spies (Flouris